Happy Full Moon In Cancer!

Happy Holidays + Happy Full Moon In Cancer! this is our final full moon of 2015 ! and as I'm sure you've all read the last Full Moon we’ve had on Christmas Day was in 1977, which was 38 years ago. The next will not happen again until the year 2034. The emotional intensity of this moon alone has some feeling as if they'd like to stay hidden inside with a blanket over their heads until next year, but fret not! The Hoodwitch is here!

Understand, that this  full moon in Cancer/ Winter Solstice  is essential for our growth. Like all Full moons, you may wish to utilize this energy for cleansing  ritual tools, crystals, tarot decks, and honoring the Goddess.

Cancer is associated with home, family, and yes of course, intense emotions. Cancer is also associated with the past and old patterns of behavior. We must do the work of releasing old wounds, grudges, or past hurts if we are to move beyond the feelings of isolation and fear that are two common feelings during this watery moon’s transit. Cancer in astrology is ruled by the Moon. With tonight’s Full Cancer moon we have the Mother in all her glory, sailing high in the heavens and asking us to call forth our personal power, and psychic awareness. With our Full moon falling on Christmas Day nostalgia reigns supreme, and this can either feel excellent sharing  with family and close friends or the most isolating and lonely. This is a time where we may need to examine the influence of  Mother. Not just our physical (biological) Mothers, but the mother within, the nurturer, and the caretaker. Whom and what will she nourish? The Full Cancer Moon’s journey is all about moving from isolation and fear to a place of self- compassion and a deep knowing of where we belong.

“I honor my tender emotional nature, my sensitivity, and ask that those energies be lifted up to their highest possible expression within me.”


This practice is to be done in the dark, you can do it either early in the morning or in the evening, but try to find a place of relative darkness. Ensure that you are in a place that you will be undisturbed.

  • Find a seat that is  comfortable for you, whether that is seated in a chair or on the floor on a pillow or folded blanket. Sit somewhere that you can have an unlit candle (a tea light is perfect) in front of you that will be in your vision once lit.
  • First begin by noticing your breath. Take a few deep inhalations and exhalations to bring yourself into the practice. Know that if your mind wanders at any time that you can bring yourself back with your breath.
  • Allow yourself to become aware of the darkness surrounding you. Notice your relationship to the darkness. How does it make you feel? Does it have a shape? A texture? Do you react physically to the darkness? 
  • As you bring a deeper awareness to the darkness, allow yourself to be embraced by it. Feel as though you are wrapped up in the darkness and have become dark as well.
  • As you settle into this space, bring your attention to things in your life you are ready to let go of. These could be thoughts, behaviors, people or situations. They can be things you'd like to release, clear, cleanse or move out of your life. As each one comes to mind, name it. This can be out loud or in your mind.
  • Continue this practice of releasing until there is nothing left. Then allow yourself to sit in the darkness and once again be enveloped by it.
  • After 1-2 minutes in the darkness, light the candle. Bring the candle into your vision allowing your focus to soften and as it does, you might notice that the edge of your vision blurs. Allow yourself to absorb the light of the candle, but also bring your awareness to the darkness surrounding you. Notice both at the same time and have an experience of being aware of both energies.
  • Now focus in on the light. Notice your relationship to light? How does it make you feel? Does it have a shape? A texture? Do you react physically to the light?
  • Sink into the light and allow it to wrap itself around you. Let the darkness drop from your awareness and as you do remain in this space for 1-2 minutes.
  • As you settle into this space, allow yourself to mind your intentions. These can be short term or long term intentions, simple or elaborate. Name each one, either out loud or in your mind. Continue to offer up intentions until there are no more left. Then allow yourself to sit, watching the candle.
  • As you are ready, bring your attention back to your breath. Allow your eyes to close and notice what you feel in your breath, body and mind. When you are ready allow your eyes to open.