Here Comes the Sun: Honoring and Manifesting with the Summer Solstice


Written by Lisa Stardust

June 21st brings a seasonal shift to us. As we say goodbye to Spring, we welcome in Summer. The Summer Solstice, Litha, is here. Known as the longest day and shortest night of the year, the Sun reaches its highest power and potential, making us appreciate its beauty and awesomeness. The Solstice gives us a chance to reflect and pay tribute to the ultimate giver of life, the Sun. Under the radiant solar glow, we celebrate life and give thanks to the Sun for granting us abundance and pleasure.    

During the Solstice, we honor all four elements (earth, water, air, and fire) to manifest our new seasonal intentions. We decorate our altars with green and red ribbons and flowers to ignite growth in our lives from the earth. We even wear garlands of St. John’s Wort to protect our visions and ward off evil entities. Charging water under the Sun will create a potent and powerful blend of energies that we can use in the future for magic work. We connect to ourselves by meditating on our inner desires to spark inspiration for the new season. We light candles (or, ideally a bonfire or fire) to pay tribute to the Sun’s fiery energy.

Midsummer is also a great time to access our inner yang energy. During this time, we can cleanse, heal, and refresh our root chakra with crystals. Carnelian, Sunstone, Citrine, and Tiger’s Eye are preferred for the Solstice, as they ignite the luminous vigor of the Sun. Carnelian will help boost our confidence, Sunstone will serve to bring in positivity, Citrine will allow us to receive abundance, and Tiger’s Eye will give us the strength to strive for our dreams. Under the Solstice Sun, place all the crystals on the ground surrounded by rose petals and strawberries (which are both seasonal earthy delights). Let the crystals charge and absorb all the solar vitality of these essences. When the crystals are done charging (which should be after sunset), place the crystals on the root chakra and let the body soak in the healing qualities of the solar vibration. Our minds, bodies, and spirits are now ready to enter a new season revived and refreshed. The slate is cleaned. Anything is possible, as a new season filled with unlimited possibilities has begun.