Written By: Lisa Stardust



“Conquer your passions and conquer the world,” is a Hindu proverb that rings true this week. We have the drive to achieve our goals. However, we have to be careful on how we assert our will by choosing carefully how we pursue our passions in the real world.


We kick off our journey with the innovative Aquarius Sun softly connecting with expansive Jupiter on the 7th, insisting us all to reach for the stars. The same day, Mercury (who is wandering in Aquarius) aspects Mars (who is in sparky Aries), energizes our minds by allowing us to run towards the dream that is budding within ourselves.


The 9th is another action oriented day, as Mars squares off with the North Node of Destiny on the 9th, forcing us to attain the unattainable at any cost. The 9th is an emotionally charged day. We must all choose our battles wisely, opting to use the higher energy of the transit which can result in harnessing our inner power and growth. Later in the day, Mercury and Uranus (who is in Aries),  push us to rebel against the norm, and allow us to see situations from a different perspective. Events that occur on the 9th are very fated, and they will shift our perspectives and perceptions, as well as change our lives. 


Mercury enters dreamy Pisces on February 10th, giving communication a psychic spin, as we will now be able to feel without words and understand others energetically. The only downfall, is we may not see situations and people clearly, as Pisces fog may cause miscommunication and misinformation to play tricks on our minds. 


The First Quarter Moon in Taurus on February 12th will allow us all to implement the dreams we manifested during the New Moon (which occurred February 4th) into reality. We are ready to make changes and move in the new direction of our lives this week.


With all the fiery energy in the air, it’s important for us all to practice impulse control. Take a moment to think before confronting others. Think before speaking, in order to avoid disagreements. Most importantly, we must not lack faith in ourselves or others—only offering inspiring words to help the collective attain their dreams.


Action planet Mars  is extremely active this week, in independent Aries. We may feel impatient, provocative, desirous of autonomy (at any cost), and independent minded. This may cause us all to hit the ground running with new innovative ideas, without thinking of the future. The flip side, can conversely result in arguments within relationships as we all want to break free from the constraints that hold us back. If we use the higher vibration of Mars, we can achieve the impossible dream. If we choose the lower energy, it can manifest in power struggles with others.


Ready, set, GO!




March 21-April 19


You’re now able to see the intimidate possibilities available to you, especially on the 7th and the 9th, as Mars reawakens your innermost passions, pushing you to go after what you want. However, the 9th may bring issues your way, as you will be at an emotional standstill, when you are forced to make a moral choice—one that may not align with your personal beliefs, thereby causing inner frustrations to come to a head. The annoyance comes from the pushback and resistance, which Mars is not accustomed to, thereby causing anxieties to rise. Meditate in a hot Himalayan salt bath to unwind and detox your sacral chakra under the First Quarter Moon. Recharging your batteries will help you repair ego hits caused earlier in the week, as the First Quarter Moon awakens desires from within and serves as a catalyst to change old views.




April 20-May 20


This week allows you to reflect inwardly, as you look for answers within yourself to make sense of the past month. During your time of introspection, away from the demands of others, you will spirituality grow and become more attuned to your inner voice and intuition. The 7th starts your inward journey, leading you to resurface emotions buried within on the 9th. Your previously lost dreams and visions re-emerge from your subconscious on the 10th. The First Quarter Moon serves as your monthly personal New Moon (as it aligns with your Sun). You have the opportunity to refresh your spirit by implementing the divine knowledge you’ve unmasked during your recent vision quest. The 12th allows you to clear out the darkness in your subconscious through rapid spiritual progress, allowing you to transform through heartache—making you stronger and more resilient than ever.




May 21-June 21


This week allows you to shift the focus from others back on to you. While you have been lost in the collective, trying to find your footing and place, you have lost sight of the most important person—yourself. The road to discovering your most authentic self will force you to stop caring what others think, so stick to your convictions, and serve to boost your self-esteem. Not only will your confidence be salvaged, but you will become a better friend, encouraging  others to revel in their uniqueness. The 7th and 9th both serve as a reminder to honor yourself. You will start to feel the shift on the 10th, when your planetary ruler, Mercury, switches signs, allowing you to feel the change from within. The First Quarter Moon shifts your conscious desires, making your personal development seen on the 13th. Like a caterpillar transforming to a butterfly, you are undergoing a metamorphosis.




June 22-July 22


This week brings out your fierce proactive side, as your desire for success is switched on. A lover of safety, your drive for success is motivated by your yearning for security. The 9th motivates you to use your magical skills to help gain power in gaining control over testy situations, allowing you to be the recipient of financial prosperity and professional success on the 13th. The First Quarter Moon serves as a reminder of your goals, as you are able to evoke your dreams, by manifesting them into reality. Your force and toughness will elevate your social standing this week, through vision boarding and meditating on your objectives. By using the law of attraction and positive thinking, you can attain your goals fast. Abundance is on its way, as long as you maintain an optimistic attitude. The world is your oyster—just believe in yourself!




July 23-August 22


Your eagerness to learn and elevate your mind will lead you towards new insights this week, allowing you to shift your perspectives and beliefs. Mindful mediation will help calm your anxieties, as you are becoming aware of the connection between body and spirit. Learning to heal yourself through mindful meditation will bring you to a higher level of consciousness, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of yourself.  The First Quarter Moon will reinforce your sense of purpose in the world, allowing you to gain clarity on your visions. The 12th helps you self-actualize, by centering your mind and supporting your strengths. By the end of the week, you will be able to put together a plan, focusing on personal development, enabling you to manifest your dreams.




August 23-September 22


Your magical powers are stronger than ever this week, especially on the 7th, 9th, and 13th. With all this extreme magical energy at your fingertips, it’s time to create your own Book of Shadows with your coven (or yourself). Keep track of your progress this week by magical journaling. Not only will journaling help you become more powerful, as you can edit and revise rituals and spells, it will give you deeper insight into yourself. Also, allowing you to connect and bond with your coven as you list recipes, chant lyrics, herbal lists, important astrological dates, and ritual outlines—it will also help you understand where to focus your energies. The First Quarter Moon will revitalize your spirituality and faith within your skills, leading you to new magical heights and capabilities, as your faith in yourself has blossomed and grown, due to your craft.




Sept. 23-Oct. 22


For the past 7 years, Uranus has been awakening the relationship sector of your chart. Uranus will be switching signs in a month. Don’t get too excited—things will not quiet down in the next 30 days! The 12th is an extremely potent date for you to watch out for. Passions will soar, as you assert yourself and stand up for your beliefs within partnerships. These romantic earthquakes are occurring in order to allow you to see your worth. While you may be off-centered and unbalanced, Mars is pushing you to take action and transform your heart, allowing you to decide who is worth your time, and who is not. Your intuition will be strong on the First Quarter Moon. Trust your gut. Cut the cord on relationships that are not helping you evolve into your higher self.




Oct. 23-Nov. 21


Deepak Chopra believes holding on to resentment can cause suffocation, as pain can tear us up on the inside, causing heartaches and anxiety. The only way to move forward is to release grudges and to forgive. As you have recently discovered, forgiveness is hard. It’s not easy to love those who have dishonored us. It’s even harder to forgive ourselves. This week triggers feelings of guilt and remorse—particularly on the 7th and 9th. While you cannot go back in time to change the past, you can transform the way you feel about yourself in the present. On Sunday, Mercury harmoniously slides into the creative sector of your chart, allowing you to harness your feelings into art, by creating beauty from pain. Expressing your emotions through art, dance, music, and drama will mend your heart, allowing you to feel connected and inspired from the depths of your soul.




Nov. 22-Dec. 21


You certainly do live a life less ordinary, swift archer. Like a bolt out of the blue, this week brings ups and downs to your love life and wallet, mostly due to your unique style of making money and romance. This week brings contradictory actions your way. The 7th permits you to sweet talk your way out of any extreme issues, even making false promises (which at the time may seem true). While your courage is commendable on the 9th and 13th, try to gamble on the minimum to avoid the scourge of losing all you hold dear. Meditate on the Wheel of Fortune tarot card on the First Quarter Moon, as a reminder of change. Nothing lasts forever. Every high is followed by a low, while the wheel of fate keeps turning. Think thoroughly and carefully before you leap.




Dec. 22-Jan. 19


Recently, you’ve been longing to find yourself, dear sea-goat, which may be causing you to have a semi-existential crisis. Don’t surrender to the malaise of the daily grind. Try to find your passions this week, no matter how lackluster you may feel. Like an onion, peel back the excess layers and shed old and outdated views on the 7th and 13th. Connect to the past to find yourself on the 12th, which will in return release fears that are holding you back. Be your own best friend this week. Seek meaning and purpose, think about your truest desires, silence your inner critic, and most importantly, be kind to yourself. Don’t only color in the lines, draw all over the page—embrace all of life’s merriments and opportunities. The only way to truly “find yourself,” is to allow yourself to get lost. Take the road less traveled this week, in order to discover your true self.




Jan. 20-Feb. 18


You’re mind is quicksilver this week, leading you towards revolutionary thoughts and ideas. In the past, you may have suffered from inertia around achieving your goals. Now, you are motivated more than ever to put your best foot forward by taking  steps toward building your empire and blossoming your dreams. The First Quarter Moon will rock your world, allowing you to clear out past barriers and insecurities from youth, releasing doubt that has been buried in your subconscious for years.  Use a Road Opener spell on the First Quarter Moon to get rid of obstacles (blocks from within, as well as criticisms from others) to empower yourself to attain your desires. The 12th adds determination and charisma to your mind, pushing you to achieve the unattainable. You will fly full speed ahead, as long as you don’t let anyone or anything hold you back.




Feb. 19-March 2


Swimming through life wearing rose colored glasses may have its creative perks. However, it often forces you to not see people and situations clearly. Being the sensitive sea creature that you are, you are able to absorb the sentiments and energy of others—sometimes causing you to feel lost in emotions and confused. This week gives you the strength to energetically detox from the negative vibes of others. The 7th opens your eyes, allowing you to see unhealthy power dynamics in relationships, leading you to take your power back on the 9th and 13th. On Sunday, Mercury connects with your Sun, forcing you to become a lusty siren—a strong person who is in control of their own life. Under the First Quarter Moon on the 12th, light a black candle to detach from the drama, clearing out blockages, and reconnect to your inner spirit while reclaiming your power.