Connecting to the Self Under the Full Snow Supermoon


Written By Lisa Stardust

Today’s Supermoon is the biggest and brightest Full Moon of 2019.  A Supermoon occurs when the Moon is in close proximity to the Earth, allowing us to see the Moon in all her glory and feel the effects of the luminary on an intimate  level. This Supermoon is in earthy Virgo, in opposition to the watery Pisces Sun. Emotions run deep, as the Moon’s intense glow exposes secrets, truths, and feelings buried within us all.

Typically, a Virgo Full Moon motivates us to make clear and concise analytical choices. We are also given the opportunity to purge the mind and body of that which is not serving our truest visions. However, today’s luminary is extraordinary because not only is it a Supermoon, but the planetary lineup may make it hard to make concrete decisions. Thus, creating inner turmoil within us all.

The planetary ruler of the Virgo Moon, Mercury, is quite active, making it hard to stay grounded today.. Mercury starts it’s pre-retrograde shadow phase. Our Mercury Retrograde story and theme begins today (two weeks before Mercury Retrograde officially starts on March 5th). Mercury also  aligns with illusive Neptune in the sky, causing confusion, melancholy, and exhaustion to override our thoughts. Neptune adds a slippery and distrustful element to Mercury, heightening paranoias and stresses. Known as “the divine discontent,” Neptune (who is the modern planetary ruler of Pisces)  impairs our judgement, blinding us with mist and fog permeated from the sea. Neptune allows us to believe the best in others, even if they are probably going to let us down. Saturn comes in later in the day, adding practicality to dreamy vibe created by Neptune’s emotional downpour on Mercury, acting to anchor down fantasies. Be careful not to drown in the glamour, mystique, and intrigue of today, as situations and people may be as they seem.

The Supermoon illuminates our fantasies, causing frustrations within us all, as we are unable to see beyond emotion and reality. We may replay communications and interactions in our heads, trying to understand past mistakes. Our minds will play tricks on us today, which is why it’s imperative to stay connected, to not feel lost at sea.  With our imaginations heightened, we can use the energy to create and manifest our visions. Or, we can heal the past by purging our hearts and connecting to others and the self on a deeper level.

Splash into the Supermoon energy by  connecting to the inner rhythms of the body, mind, and spirit through an empowering drum circle. Let the sounds of the drums guide us to an altered state of being, where we can tune inward and heal. Embrace the Pieces Sun and Virgo Moon by chanting along with the community, going to the deepest point of consciousness within, while  claiming down the body and nervous system. Going on a Shamanic journey under today’s Supermoon will not only open up the mind, it will help us all make discerning judgements about situations and relationships, enlightening our minds in the process.

It’s imperative today that we are extra gentle with ourselves and others. Even if confusion and drama persist throughout the day, we must try to keep peace and love ourselves. Remember, we are all doing the best we can. Some days are just easier than others. Today may be challenging, but the universe will protect us all.

*The Full Snow Supermoon in Virgo occurs February 19, 2019 at 7:53AM PST and 10:53AM EST.