Astrology by Lisa Stardust


This week starts off with a bang! February 13th brings warrior planet Mars and explosive Uranus together, both in the sign of fiery Aries. When these two planets unite, expect sparks to fly. Impulsive decisions and sparky sentiments will create exciting energy. The last time these two planets connected, was nearly two years ago on February 27th, 2017. These two planets align at the anaretic degree of 29 Aries, which will bring unexpected endings to situations and partnerships. Be prepared for the unexpected on the 13th, as it’s certainly an unpredictable day!

Mars enters earthy Taurus on the 14th, making Valentine’s Day extra sensual. Mars in Taurus will bring practicality to all matters, allowing us all to achieve our goals through hard work. Action planet Mars will take a passive stance on matters in Taurus, forcing us to make love not war until March 31st.

The 17th adds romance and lofty visions, as Venus, who is currently transiting in pragmatic Capricorn, softly touches sensitive Neptune, who is in emotional Pisces. This transit brings artistic visions, spirituality, and desires to a high, as both planets tenderly caress each other.

The last day of Aquarius Season brings much planetary action our way. First, the Aquarius Sun and Mars connect on February 18th, heightening passions. Followed by tender Venus and austere Saturn link up in sensible Capricorn, limiting our expressions of love, money, and self-esteem. Healing asteroid Chiron reenters Aries on the 18th, taking us back to April 17th, 2018, when Chiron  first entered Aries. Chiron, known as the “wounded healer, who could not ironically heal himself,” takes on an assertive energy in Aries, forcing us to put our needs first, above others until April 14th, 2027.

The 19th welcomes Pisces Season! As the Sun swims into Pisces, our imaginations and emphatic feelings will take flight, encouraging us to express ourselves sensitively and lovingly. Mercury and illusive Neptune link up, heightening our imaginations. Be forewarned, Mercury and Neptune can both be tricksters, disallowing us to see situations and truths clearly. Don’t overpromise or take others for their word on the 19th. Right after Mercury aligns with Neptune, Saturn anchors down the dreamy energy, allowing us to manifest our desires. Mercury enters its pre retrograde zone on the 19th. Pay attention to the story that starts today, as it will be our Mercury Retrograde story (Mercury Retrograde officially starts March 5th). February 19th also brings a Full Moon. The Supermoon, occurring in Virgo, brings divine wisdom our way. We may be encouraged to embrace our romantic side and mend fences with others under this luminary, as the Supermoon will allow us to feel compassion and selflessness within relationships.


March 21-April 19

The 13th brings a once in a lifetime aspect (these two planets last connected almost two years ago, however, not at this sensitive degree), when action planet Mars and “Great Awakener” Uranus link up with your Sun 29 degrees. Known as an anaretic degree, the 29th degree of a planet or sign can bring fated endings to projects, situations, and relationships. The 13th promises to bring uncontrollable explosive change to matters, which may not be bad, as long as you embrace growth. Valentine’s Day flips the energy, bringing security your way, when your planetary ruler, Mars enters your second house of esteem, allowing you to feel more balanced. Healing asteroid Chiron realigns with your Sun on the 18th, right before the Supermoon on the 19th, bringing a surge of emotional energy your way, as you purge out things that need to be exterminated from your life. Although it may seem challenging to let go, you will feel free and let loose from the restrictive changes that hold you back by week’s end.


April 20-May 20

The 13th brings hidden fears out to play, making you feel as though you do not know who to trust. As Mars and Uranus link up in the clandestine sector of your chart, you are given the chance to squash your anxieties by talking things out with your closest friends. Valentine’s Day brings your power back, when Mars connects with your Sun, allowing you to take charge of your emotions and kick those who do not serve your highest interest to the curb, even if this entails being tougher than usual on the 18th. The Supermoon on February 19th reconnects you to your visions, bringing hope and promise to a chaotic week. Your friends will be a pivotal form of support on the 19th, enabling you to heal your broken heart with their kind words and unconditional love. This week serves to heal. Put up a barrier to shield yourself from negative energy and implement much needed self-care, like a rose filled hot bubble bath on Valentine’s Day to melt away stresses.


May 21-June 21

When fiery Mars and erratic Uranus connect in your house of hopes and friendships on the 13th, two things happen: your dreams are able to manifest into reality, and your friendships become testy. You will be able to see who you can rely on and who you cannot, who is taking you for granted and who aids your ideals and visions. Valentine’s Day offers reprieve from the stresses of the 13th, as Mars sneaks into your house of intuition, allowing you to cut out those who you feel are causing you frustrations. The 18th brings an opportunity to heal relationships, as Chiron reenters your house of friendships, allowing you to seek forgiveness and apologize for your wrongdoing. Your planetary ruler, Mercury, and altruistic Neptune link up in the healing sign of Pisces on the 19th, pushing you to mend fences under the Supermoon. While the week starts with big blow-ups amongst your peers, it ends with a deeper understanding and connection between you and your friends.


June 22-July 22

Your professional life will take some unexpected turns on the 13th, when Mars and Uranus blow up the career sector of your chart, bringing unique professional opportunities your way. The 14th pushes you to  use your finely tuned networking skills, which will serve to elevate your status, due to Mars’s charismatic charm. The 18th allows you to define loyal partnerships, as loving Venus and responsible Saturn connect in your house of relationships, helping you align with those who will heighten your social status. The downside to this transit, may leave you feeling a tad isolated and restricted, as your recent workhorse tendencies have left you feeling more lonesome than ever. You  will desire more TLC and amorous pleasure from partnerships. The lesson to be learned this week, is to seek balance within all areas of life, in order to achieve greater success in relationships. The Supermoon on the 19th, helps to connect you with like minded people, who offer you reprieve from daily stresses and a spiritual center, as well as offering you company and solace.


July 23-August 22

The 13th pushes you to seek initiative in implementing dreams. The first step in achieving your goals is to experiment with your visions. Also, stop selling yourself short. Even if things seem bleak, remember, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel which will lead to your aspirations and success. The following day, Mars runs into the career sector of your chart, allowing you to reach new limits and manifest your goals, offering you the determination and faith to believe in yourself. The Sun shifts into the powerhouse sector of your chart on the 19th, allowing you to reach higher goals and plateaus to achieve greater opportunities. The Supermoon on the 19th helps you overcome any obstacles that stand in your way externally and internally, inevitably ridding you of doubt and fear. Shoot for the stars this week, Leo! Always believe in yourself! As long as your inner faith is high, you will be able to  open up endless possibilities in your life.


August 23-September 22

Get ready to rumble, Virgo! This week you will have to fight for your beliefs, especially on the 13th, when Mars and Uranus unlock your secret powers. Your self-control and willpower will be tested, as your desire to conquer others and expose injustices is strong on Valentine’s Day. You are drawn to understanding the deeper meaning of life, and asserting your own philosophical beliefs, which may differ with others. The 19th brings lofty visions of love your way. As Mercury and Neptune align in your house of partnerships, the urge to transcend and connect with your beau is strong. Just be forewarned that you may be overly optimistic about your relationship, due to Neptune’s illusive energy, forcing you to see your partner through rose-colored glasses. The Supermoon on the 19th provokes your passions, encouraging you to manifest your Full Moon visions through sex magic. With your personal magic stronger than ever, let your body bring your desires into action on the 19th through the power of orgasms.


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

The 13th brings major changes to partnerships, as Mars and Uranus push you to express your frustrations within relationships. Conversely, you may experience surprises within relationships, as Uranus brings unforeseen circumstances your way. One thing is for sure, the 13th is an unpredictable day, bringing relationship matters to a head. Although it may feel like others are against you, the reality is that you are asserting your independence within partnerships. Known to be relationship oriented, the 13th is the day you strike against the grain in search of unorthodox and free-spirited activities. Valentine’s Day serves up your passions, as Mars awakens your sexual desires. Perhaps a lovely Himalayan salt bath for two on Valentine’s Day will help clear out anxieties felt on the 13th. The 17th and 18th bring peace and harmony to your domestic life, allowing you to rest and unwind during the Supermoon on February 19th.


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The 13th brings shakeups to your daily routine. Your head will soon when your planetary ruler, Mars, links up with erratic Uranus, causing unforeseen issues to take center stage at work and with colleagues. Perhaps an irregular sleep schedule has forced you to feel restless and out of sorts, making you feel extra sensitive to the demands of others. Yoga or meditation will help calm your nerves on the 13th, allowing you to feel invigorated by nightfall. Valentine’s Day brings sensual delights your way! Your energies will now be focused on romance, as you are in hot pursuit of love. Be forewarned, you may encounter a passive aggressive partner who will make you an active participant in the game of cat and mouse. The 19th is a  glorious time for romantic and artistic pursuits, as the Sun, Mercury, Neptune, heighten your passions and creativity. The Supermoon, which occurs in the morning of the 19th, aligns you with like-minded friends who support your goals and dreams.


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Strange bedfellows may come to your aid on the 13th, when impulsive Mars and provocative Uranus link up in your house of romance and creativity. Watch out for unnecessary drama in love, as both planets can bring their fair share of theatrics to relationships. The desire to create on the 13th will be strong, as artistic barriers and roadblocks will fall down, allowing you to cultivate your artistic visions into reality. The Moon enters the relationship sector of your chart on Valentine’s Day, making you chattier than ever. Known to be independent, you will have the urge to connect deeply with others on Valentine’s Day, even opting to host or partake in a social outing with your loved ones. The 18th serves to boost your self-esteem, however, monetary setbacks may make you feel insecure. Try to elevate your confidence by thinking positively to overcome self-doubt. Facing your fears on the 19th, under the Supermoon, will squash negative thoughts or feelings you may have.


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You may choose to run away from responsibilities and duties on the 13th, when Mars and Uranus unite. Known to be practical and conservative, you will surprise others with your carefree vibe. Your core beliefs are now changing, giving you the motivation and determination to revolt against the status quo. You are even rebelling against past sentiments and convictions. Allowing yourself to live independently from past constraints will prove to be freeing and liberating. Others may think you are acting unpredictable or uncharacteristically. However, you will find your recent attitude to be emancipating. Valentine’s Day brings sexy romps and flirtations your way, as Mars charges through the romantic sector of your chart. The fun doesn’t stop on the 14th! The 17th allows you to escape through matters of the heart, as Neptune ignites your lusty imagination and visions. The 18th brings you back into reality, when tender Venus and responsible Saturn, your planetary ruler, align with your Sun. The Supermoon brings majestic and inspiring dreams your way, through higher minded ideals.  


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The 13th brings out different modes of self-expression. You may suddenly feel as though you must take a day off from connecting socially with others, giving your Instagram and phone a break. Valentine’s Day ignites your desire for low-key celebrations of love, as you opt to have an evening at home, rather than out on the town. The 17th forces relationship fears to hold you back from pursing your heart’s desires, as you feel like you may be rejected by others. The 18th brings you closer with your partner, as you both recommit to your relationship. If you are unattached, you may feel a little isolated on the 18th. Try to keep social to avoid feelings of loneliness. Watch a movie, attend a meetup group, make dinner plans with friends, or treat yourself to a solo date on the 18th. If you prefer to stay in, make yourself a lovely bath filled with roses and lovely tunes to alleviate stresses. The Supermoon will give you the power to manifest your dreams, which may include changing your support system.


Feb. 19-March 2

The 13th gives you the rare opportunity to monopolize on your dreams. As Mars and Uranus link up, you are granted the once in a lifetime chance to make money off your visions. Valentine’s Day gives you the drive and motivation to research your passion project. Your desire to gain insight and knowledge on how to get steady income from this opportunity will lead you to your peers on the 17th and 18th, who will gladly invest in your vision. Perhaps a Go Fund Me account will serve as an optimal startup to fund and manifest your dreams. The 19th kicks off your Solar Return, bringing an inspiring new year filled of possibilities and happiness your way. The Supermoon allows you to partner up on your project. Make sure you are not being taken for granted and seen as an equal in the partnership.