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Name: Alexandra James

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Astrological Sign/rising: Leo-Cancer Cusp

Which Goddess or Goddess Archetype do you most identify with and why?

Overall, I identify with dark goddesses who embody the Satanic ideals of sexual magick, a bold sense of Self, respect and empowerment. On stage and off, we’ve performed many rituals working with the energy of Lilith. I see her as a partner to Lucifer, a rebel angel, defined by transgression and an exaltation of humanity. I love that she refused to be subservient to any man, in any way, including taking the submissive position under Adam during sex. I love a woman who demands to be on top! Her association with snakes also calls to me-- I adore snakes in all forms, from their association with the wicked woman and Satan, to their true Occult meaning as the incarnation of intuitive knowledge, the divine feminine, the cycles of death, destruction, rebirth and as Li Grand Zombi in Voodoo.

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I have also worked with Babalon, The Great Whore, the Scarlet Woman, She who rides a Seven-Headed Beast. We did a ritual invoking her recently on the anniversary (to the day) of the Babalon working that Jack Parsons did. It was a wild ride- more combustible, volatile, and fiery than I expected, but with the experience came a burning away of many unwanted aspects of my Self. To me, she represents the beauty, unbridled magnitude and power of liberated female sexual energy. Like a fire, she is magnificent, awe-inspiring and magnetic to behold but quite destructive! Being a follower of the Left Hand Path, sex magick is one of my primary magickal practices. Invoking Babalon certainly helped unleash a whole new angle to the workings!

Like many, I also love Oshun. I studied art history in college with an emphasis on African art history and wrote my thesis on Oshun. I love that she was the only woman sent to earth by Olodumare...and after being ignored by the other spirits, she organized all the other women and quickly reminded everyone that when you ignore women, all your endeavors will fail.

If I could squeeze one last in, I would also have to say Baphomet-- who is technically a goddess but also a god, as an intersex deity. Baphomet’s symbolism is so deep, that you could write whole books on it, but succinctly, to me Baphomet  represents the transcendence of binary norms, the dissolving and coming together of the Self, the ability to hold sublime paradox, and the highest ideals of humanity.

How do you get in touch with/unleash your inner goddess ?

I find sex magick to be an incredibly powerful way to commune with the Self and the absolute (whatever handle you wish to call that, your Holy Guardian Angel, your higher Self, etc). For hundreds of years, patriarchal rule has policed, shamed and oppressed the nude body & sexuality, particularly women’s bodies. It saddens me that when we post images of our art or magickal practice such as Baphomet with “female” nipples, social media corporations step in and remove them, limit their reach, or punish our accounts. How is this different from posting images of a bleeding Jesus, nailed to a cross, wearing only a tiny loin cloth? We understand that this image serves as an extremely powerful symbol of faith and spirituality to many, but if you look at it on face value, its a nearly nude man displaying two very prominent nipples, undergoing very violent and painful torture.

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Beyond sex magick, I also find that practicing magick skyclad (or nude) is a profound and deeply important part of my spiritual practice. There I am free of all earthly trappings, including the various masks I wear on the physical plane, and the clothing I use to perform my various Selves. It represents all of our inherent equality before and within the totality, and when freed, the uncloaked body lends a profound sense of power to the workings. It also feels like an important opposition to the ingrained shame and hatred of our physical body that society promotes. Non serviam!

What is your Goddess superpower?

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Knowing my True Will, fiercely executing it, using my sword of power to destroy anything that stands in my path, and refusing to serve, to submit, or conform to oppressive societal norms. 93! And of course, after selling my soul to Satan, my superpower is forever having the Dark Lord at my beck and call to fulfil my fiendish desires and wicked ways.

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What are some important words of wisdom that you'd like to share with other Goddesses out there?

“Know thy Self, and to thine own Self be true. In Nomine Babalon, Free the Nipple, Hail Satan!”

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What are some projects you’re working on that our readers can look forward to?

We are so excited to have recently signed with Rise Above Records in London! After our self-released pressing of 666 copies of our debut album sold out, we realized we needed another edition, and are currently working on reissuing the record in expanded color ways & formats. We will also be touring the record both in the US with Uncle Acid & The Dead Beats/Graveyard this March, as well as playing Roadburn Festival in Europe & will be announcing more European dates for April shortly.



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