ARTWORK : Proportions by  @useless_treasures

ARTWORK : Proportions by @useless_treasures

Written by Lisa Stardust


Hello 2019!

 Many astrological shifts are occurring in the stars this week, causing the celestial energy to reach a feverish high. As we embrace a new year full of new hopes and possibilities, we have several transformative planetary aspects, as well as a partial solar eclipse in practical Capricorn, which aims to bring our dreams into reality. Change is already in the air, can you feel it?


The Sun  and Saturn link up in authoritative Saturn on January 2nd, starting a new year long cycle. The 2nd is an ideal time to plant the seeds and start projects, which will yield high profits in the future.


January 4th brings inspiration and fantasies our way, as the Capricorn Sun and Neptune, who is currently swimming in the mysterious Piscean waters,  come together, captivating our minds and imagination.


Mercury is quite active this week, making several cosmic aspects before switching signs on the 4th. During the last few days Mercury is in Sagittarius, the trickster planet connects tensely with the asteroid Chiron on January 3rd, allowing us to feel the sting and pain of old wounds which resurface. In an attempt to heal the past, Mercury links up with Uranus on the 4th, giving an unorthodox view of matters, in an attempt to relive the suffering and discomfort felt the day before. Mercury enters Capricorn on January 4th, adding pragmatism and functionality to travel, communications, goals, and our overall understanding of situations. After the solar eclipse January 5th, Mercury and Mars square off, adding tensions and frustrations in  communications with others. Think before you speak on the 8th, as Mercury and Mars are in the mood to argue.


Venus is wrapping up her tour in passionate Scorpio this week, calming our hearts, vision of self, and anxieties around money on the 4th and the 5th, while sharing a Grand Water Trine with the North Node of Destiny and the asteroid Chiron. Venus enters worldly Sagittarius on January 7th, bringing luck, money, and love through worldly pursuits.


Uranus, who has been moving backwards since August 7th, turns direct January 6th, after a five month retrograde stint, awakening our senses and forcing us to make amends with those we may have projected our inner issues onto.


Not to mention the solar eclipse January 5th.


The solar eclipse in Capricorn January 5th aims to transmute and alter our lives, creating order from chaos. Reflect on the events which occurred under the Last Quarter Moon December 29th. What abuse of power, triangular situation, or truths  were exposed? That story leads us into the solar eclipse January 5th. The eclipse is the reckoning of the story which first developed under the Last Quarter Moon. Over the past few days, we all have been struggling to come to grips with the harsh reality of situations, circumstances, and people, which may have caused disappointments and disillusionment to occur. On the contrary, you may have felt overwhelmed with joy and happiness. The solar eclipse allows us to look at the bigger picture. Truths and injustices may be brought to light, pushing us to transform and evolve. Relationships may deepen or end. One thing is certain, we are letting go of excess baggage and moving towards a place of personal power and authority. Onward and forward. New year, new you!




March 21-April 19


Welcoming 2019 comes with many changes for you, Aries. January 2nd brings professional shifts, which will take you into the solar eclipse on the 5th. While you may assume more leadership roles in the office, expect your goals to change throughout 2019. Conquering the world through stardom may be nice, but isn't your core focus. The eclipse may stir up confusing emotions around the next step of your career, circled by Neptune's cloud and Pluto's drive for success. Saturn is pushing you on the 2nd and 5th to set limits on your work load, causing you to take a step back from collecting more projects. January 4th may add more turbulence to your emotions, which could leave you feeling as though you are having an existential crisis. You may be forced to take a look in the mirror and reevaluate your priorities on January 6th. The 8th will have you pondering the direction of your career, urging you to take your métier to a new level and direction, which will suit your professional goals and calling through 2019. Meditating on your "next big step" and writing a letter of intention for your goals during the solar eclipse, on January 5th, will help guide you towards your next big career move.




April 20-May 20


You start 2019 weighing your own views on morality: right vs wrong and duty vs desire. January 4th may have you questioning the motives of others, while you navigate your own moral center. The solar eclipse January 5th brings such matters to light, which will continue into the next day when Uranus, who is known as “The Great Awakener,”  glides forward through your 12th house of spirituality and awakens your psychic abilities. For five months, during Uranus’s backwards journey, you may have felt gaslighted or kept in the dark by those you trust. All matters come to light on January 7th, when your planetary ruler, Venus), enters your power house and enables you to see the truth and gain clarity. Saying goodbye to others who have hurt you may be challenging this week, however, it’s likely not forever. Taking a break from friendships, relationships, and situations that cause you stress is essential for your growth. Holding on to such pressures will only cause you emotional and mental strain. Choose to engage with those who lift you up, rather than push you down.




May 21-June 21


This week is full of sorcery and intrigue, Gemini. As you shift into a New Year, it’s time to take back your personal power! January 2nd and 4th urges you to re-dedicate yourself to philosophical studies, which will allow you to strengthen your magical abilities during the solar eclipse on January 5th. Taking a trip to the astral plane during the solar eclipse will be beneficial to you, as you will be able to see situations and people from a different perspective, while allowing you to feel more connected with your spirituality. Just be sure to cast a circle of protection around you before flying away into the mystical realms. A fortuitous rendezvous with your coven on January 6th will open doors towards healing on the 7th. Be sure to implement new spells and rituals into your magical routine, which will only strengthen your abilities on the 8th. It's the perfect time to share your magic with others, as your coven will be robust, mighty, and forceful with you at the forefront—leading the way through the veil.




June 22-July 22


This week may be topsy turvy for your relationships, Cancer. First, the Sun and Saturn cement a dream in your house of partnerships on the 2nd. Then, Mercury may have you to endlessly analyzing whether you’re making the best relationship choices on the 4th. Finally, the solar eclipse on January 5th brings light to these matters- possibly causing arguments to ensue, as a result of your emotional needs not being met by others. With Pluto present at the eclipse degree, you can move towards a deeper understanding of yourself and others. However, Saturn could limit your ability to see past the drama, restricting you from wanting to transcend towards a deeper connection. If you choose to use the higher vibration of the solar eclipse, you will be transported to a new romantic dimension, a place in which you and your partner mold together with passion and excitement. Tempers may flair up and down all through the week, with a high note occurring on January 8th. However, arguments can be avoided if you don’t allow your buttons to be pushed, and avoid poking at others. You don’t need to have the last word to win an argument. You can be an all mighty crab by silently taking the high road, which will ultimately serve as a way to reclaim your power and control.




July 23-Aug. 22


January 2nd and 4th may bring inner anxieties out, causing you to feel like hiding under a rock for the first half of the week, in fear your clandestine activities could be exposed. The 4th can help you discreetly make peace with past issues and decisions, as long as you commit to personal growth. Accepting your losses and walking away from outdated beliefs may be challenging, but it will lead you to new opportunities and possibilities. Learning to let go and loosen up the ropes within relationships is important for you this week, Leo, especially during the solar eclipse January 5th, when power struggles and triangular relationships may cause your head to spin. Remember, all of this can be avoided if you make the decision to move towards transformation, which will serve your highest and truest purpose on the 8th.




Aug. 23-Sept. 22


Ghosts of friendships and lovers past may manifest this week (and Mercury isn’t even  retrograde!). January 2nd and 4th bring old relationships back into the mix, giving you the option to make amends or run away during the solar eclipse on January 5th. Whichever road you choose, use the ecliptic energy to express yourself—allow all of your sentiments to be heard by others. This will give you the opportunity to forgive others and yourself under the solar eclipse, while making room for the new. On the 6th, you may feel the sting, making it a great time to use ritual to fast forward through your pain (love uncrossing or candle magic could be a great tool for you at this time). Those who remain by your side are worth investing your energies in, while others who disappear (or show their true colors) are best left behind. Start 2019 out with the old and in with the new, Virgo!




Sept. 23-Oct. 22


The solar eclipse on January 5th may rock your sense of security, as your sentiments and fundamental beliefs are prompted to shift. While the 2nd and 4th cement your desire for caution, the eclipse shakes up your foundation, possibly forcing you to question your own beliefs. Evoke your ancestors on January 5th to help guide you through the week. They will offer you advice and protection from others, while helping you see clearly through the Neptunian fog during the eclipse. January 7th lightens the energy around you, as your planetary ruler (Venus) glides into fiery Sagittarius, allowing you to discuss your fears, dreams, and beliefs without judgement.




Oct. 21-Nov. 21


Known for your tough exterior, this week lifts the veil and exposes your innermost feelings. The solar eclipse on January 5th serves to soften your heart and tame your stingers, as you embrace your truest vision of love. While you may have recently pushed your feelings to the side, due to unforeseen daily stresses, you are now ready to embrace cognitive change and sort through your emotions. Although you may feel restricted in your ability to say what you mean, Venus brings a boost of confidence on the 7th, elevating your heart to sing sweet praises and encouraging you to take the leap of faith you so desperately crave. Use this sweet gentle energy to enter into a meaningful partnership, or reach new emotional depths in a current relationship.




Nov. 22-Dec. 21


Your world will transform this week, swift archer! While you may be fearless and adventurous, you also rely on logic and rationality when making decisions. Past wounds could be exposed on the 3rd, as the asteroid Chiron applies pressure to insecurities. The 4th ignites a desire to take unconventional methods towards healing, which may cause inner frustrations to flare. Mercury moves into practical minded Capricorn on January 4th, causing you to make snap judgements or haste decisions that you're likely to rebuff under the solar eclipse on January 5th. Second guessing yourself isn’t something you are used to, however, even the most cunning of us make mistakes. The lesson to be learned this week, is to think things through before confronting others. Look at all sides of the spectrum and situation before acting, as this will serve to elevate you towards the truth and aid in avoiding rash arguments on the 8th. While this all may sound very intense, Venus aligns with your Sun on January 7th, granting you reprieve from a mentally exhausting week.




Dec. 22-Jan. 19


Saturn and Mercury align with your Sun before the solar eclipse on January 5th, creating a new vision of self. The eclipse pushes you to let go of the old image you had of yourself (including professional and personal goals), to make way for the new. Change is often hard, as it requires delicacy and persistence. The first step towards inner growth is to observe situations and people in your life. Decide who encourages and motivates you, what circumstances can sustain through time, and who cares for you unconditionally. You may be evolving at lightning speed, however, to effectively implement growth and avoid feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to take realistic baby steps on your journey towards inner enlightenment. Rushing through self development will cause setbacks on the 8th, and possibly cause your new visions to crumble. Exercising control and discipline this week on your journey towards transformation will yield the most auspicious results.




Jan. 20-Feb. 18


Your loving cup may feel depleted this week, as pressures you have felt at work may build up on the 3rd and the 4th, leading you to an emotional breaking point during the solar eclipse. Your batteries need to be recharged this week, lovely water bearer. You have been placing too much duress on yourself by trying to live up to your own unreasonable expectations. This self-inflicted turmoil may cause your insecurities to rise, as you do not feel up to snuff in comparison to others. The first step to restore harmony within yourself, is to accept that no one is perfect. We live in a world full of imperfections, so it's time to accept your shortcomings. Release any emotions that don't serve your higher good. Know that it's okay to cry, use the release to let your tensions pour out of you. Embrace the things about yourself which are beautiful and unique. Start loving yourself more. You are the only person who can refill your loving cup, be kind to yourself, try to place a higher self-esteem in your golden chalice and drink it up.




Feb. 19-March 20


Saturn and Mercury are giving you opportunities to collaborate with others this week, which will be the focus of the solar eclipse on January 5th. Use the power of the eclipse to harness an artistic vision started on the 4th, allowing it to accelerate and become a life force of its own under the earthy moon. The caveat to your goals may be the lack of boundaries you have within these relationships. Setting clear perimeters in partnerships will prove necessary on the 3rd and the 4th, as you may be seeking more recognition than you are given. Try to have an open discussion before any resentments arise in these relationships. If not, your bitterness may force you to bite back on January 8th, or worse, cause you to swim away from the drama.