Sitting in silence breathe in the sign of Leo and place it into your heart center. Allow the color of Gold, radiating like the sun to surround your entire body and fill you with courage, strength, and fire.  Recognize the power of yourself as an individual. A powerful Leo moon mantra for this meditation to remember is " My will is strong and my calling is to express and illuminate."  express that will with love. 

Moon journal

  • What is it that I have been given to express?
  • How can I do that with an open and generous heart?


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Fire element Incense recipe 

The power of incense and scent has the ability to bypass our conscious awareness and allows us to access primordial realms of our mind. This is a recipe for an incense focused on the fire energy of the Leo moon. The fire element governs summertime, idealism, victory in *just* conflicts, entertainment, love, gold, riches, and all kinds of luxuries and symbols of power and status. 


  • 6 parts frankincense 
  • 1 part dragon's blood powdered resin
  • 1 part oil of cloves
  • A small amount of cinnamon 


A simple candle meditation ritual to enhance creativity. 

  • you will need: straight or votive candles in the colors 
  • 1 orange candle (creativity, enthusiasm)
  • 1 yellow candle (creativity, imagination, and inspiration)
  • Amethyst, chrysocolla, black onyx, and turquoise

Creativity is more than just writing, painting, or music It can be about coming up with a great  innovative concept for a business method, or something as mundane as redecorating your apartment. This ritual is flexible so feel free to adjust wording as you fit. 

Cleanse and clear your space using White Sage , Palo Santo, or florida water.

Light your altar candles  and the incense. Anoint your candles using appropriate oils for creativity. Place the orange and yellow candles side by side and place a piece of black onyx behind the orange candle and the piece of turquoise in front  of it. With your yellow candle, place the Chrysocolla behind the candle, and the amethyst in the front. light the candles, and meditate on the particular reason why you need creativity, you might wish to say aloud something along the lines as simple as: The Universe is filled with endless ideas of creativity. I attract them to me like a magnet. my mind and dreams are open to these ideas. They flow in like a stream of clear water.