GODDESS OF THE WEEK : Danielle Dulsky


Name:   Danielle Dulsky

Location:   Phoenixville, PA

Astrological Sign/rising: Aquarius Sun, Leo Rising, Aries Moon

Which Goddess or Goddess Archetype do you most identify with and why?  


I think I was born a Crone, to be honest, and I speak the language of the hags. The Celtic Cailleach keeps coming back for me in myth, land, and dream-visions. She is the wild wanderer of colder weather, a Priestess of the waning moon and sacred darkness. She stands with one foot at the end of a cycle and the other on the inception of all-things-new, straddling that primordial void and crowning the liminal space with the full force of her mature, sexual power. She is potent medicine for those souls who are strangely at home in a state of longing, for those whose Craft is built upon a foundation of desire as much as wisdom, and I still have much to learn from Her.

I’ve always been all about the destructor Goddesses and death priestesses, those rebel deities who buck at convention and whose faces reflect back to us all our fears about the breakdown, the release, and the dark. Societies divorced from healthy death rituals are among the sickest, I think, and those Crone deities teach us of our true, humble place in the cosmic web. They show us the majesty of the aging body, the lusciousness of the ephemeral flesh, and the beauty of the spiral dance of time in its totality.


How do you get in touch with/unleash your inner goddess ?    

 Starhawk says “Witchcraft is a religion of poetry, not theology,” and I have always found this to be true. When all else fails, when my spellcraft falls short of fruition or my rituals aren’t gifting me with the nourishment I crave, I can always find Her through painting or writing. She will speak through me if I let Her, if I can get out of Her way, get out of my own way, and just permit Her to spill out from my insides. If I’m desperate to connect with Her, I will go into the wilds and see what She has to say. I can hear Her in wounded and haunted places, and my town is full of those; in these sad sort of places where industry has forsaken the land, leaving crumbling stones and acres of cement and iron bars, nature is taking over, wrapping vines around the abandoned, neglected, and lost. Here, I can sense Goddess swelling from below and holding it all, all the grief, all the hope. She is the beginning and the end, the great reclaimer of our stolen wildness.

What is your Goddess superpower?

Word-witchery. Words are small spells in themselves, and I think as I get older, I’m more conscious of how my words hold meaning, how cosmic energies run through our language, how no two words come together to have the same meaning as they held in solitude. Words are much like people; it’s in their relationships to one another that we can truly see their beauty and sense their meaning. In poetry, nothing stands on its own, and even the most intense and potent word will fall short in the absence of context. Friendships, partnerships, blood bonds, soul-to-soul connections; it’s all poetry.

 What are some important words of wisdom that you'd like to share with other Goddesses out there? 


Every woman I’ve ever met has a particular art, a soul-mandated gift that is made more beauteous and more genuine by her lived experiences, by her joys, her desires, her wounds, and her wants. For some, it’s visual or performance art like paint or dance. For others, it’s activism, Witchcraft, crystal-speak, animal communion, or motherhood. Art is infinite, endless, and Goddess-born. Then there are those ecstatic meeting points where these art-forms converge, where a woman weaves together her varied creative modalities with her ancestral inheritance, where her magick becomes her cosmic conversation about the kind of world she hopes the children of the future will live in…. Here, here at these crystalline edges and on these precious homemade boundaries, is where we find one another, where we nod, speak, and listen to each other Creatrix-to-Creatrix, Witch to Witch.


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