Smoke it Out: Ostara Incense for the Spring Equinox

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Written by Lisa Stardust

Spring is here! With the new season comes new beginnings, dreams,, and hopes. The Spring Equinox marks the rebirth and transformation of the spirit, allowing energetic shifts to occur. As we embark on another season, leaving the dreary decay of winter, it’s time to freshen up  divine  vibrations by purifying and detoxing  the air with crisp  incense.

Ostara, the Goddess of Spring, is welcoming us all on a new journey. Therefore, it’s important to find the right seasonal frequency to transform the stagnant energy into a palate of blossoming  essences to invigorate  and awaken  new dimensions, insights, and promises. Using this floral citrus blend, with lush springtime herbs and floral scents—update your altar, awaken your ancestors, and inner spirit.




1 teaspoon Sandalwood  

1 part Vervain Herb

1/2 teaspoon Rose Petals

1/2 teaspoon Orange Rind

1/2 teaspoon Marigold

1/2 teaspoon Thistle

Pestle and Mortar

Small Caldron or Incense Spoon




Add  all ingredients into the mortar or mixing bowl. 

As you add the herbs and flowers, call out their significance and attribute: Sandalwood to awaken the spirits, Vervain to cleanse the chakras, Rose Petals for love, Orange Rind for abundance, Marigold to create inner peace and wisdom, and Milk Thistle for protection. 

Using a pestle, grind the ingredients together. 

You can also use a big spoon to power blend while noting the 13 Moons of the year, to energize  the incense with cosmic zest.