WITCH TIPS AND HOROSCOPES 12/26- January 1 2019

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This week brings an end to 2018, marking the close of an intense astrological year. Give yourself a big hug for surviving the eclipses and retrogrades that made 2018 a year to remember. Before we say goodbye to 2018, are last minute planetary transits and changes left, which will catapult us into the New Year, allowing 2019 to start off with a bang.


Energetic Mars connects with the North Node of Destiny on December 27th, giving us the motivation to fight for dreams and shoot for the stars.


Venus (who is swimming in lusty Scorpio) and Pluto (who is walking in austere Capricorn) softly aspect each other on the 28th, leading to inner revelations, power struggles to surface, and passions to be awakened.


Action planet Mars links up with healing asteroid Chiron on the 29th, making us emotional confused and stuck, as they are both in shape shifting Pisces. Both Mars and Chiron are surfing the sensitive Pisces waves, which may evoke sentiments of belonging, fellowship, and nostalgia. The other side to this transit, may make us all feel like martyrs (and even ashamed) for asserting our innermost desires.  While it may be hard, try not to feel guilty and insecure for asking for what you want. Remember, “sometimes you have to be selfish, in order to be selfless.” Don’t feel bad for putting yourself first. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself, it requires the most care.


December 29th also brings the Last Quarter Moon in Libra, forcing us to find balance within ourselves. The Third Quarter Moon is the perfect luminary to cast a road opener or block buster spell, as the Moon’s energy will help us move through obstacles swiftly, particularly those which are creating disharmony. Also, under this luminary, we may consider our New Year’s Resolutions, as the Third Quarter Moon is an ideal time to manifest for the future.


Mars enters fiery Aries on the 31st, allowing us to put our resolutions into action on New Year’s Day. The visionary spark you create this week will last throughout the whole year. Dream big!


Whether you are sipping champagne, watching the ball drop from your couch, or stumbling to find someone to kiss at midnight, take a moment this New Year’s Eve and reflect over the past year. Take note about how you have transformed and evolved. As well as the lessons you have learned. Think about the goals and visions you wish to implement in 2019. The future is bright and filled with endless possibilities.


Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year!




March 21-April 19


Your planetary ruler, Mars, softly connects with the North Node of Destiny on December 27th, then the asteroid Chiron December 29th. With these aspects falling under the Last Quarter Moon, you'll be assisted in working through any seasonal setbacks you may have encountered. Understanding how you react to criticism and handle personal aggression will be the focal point of the week, and you may find yourself hiding sentiments and feelings to avoid conflicts. Your desire to restrain your emotions is geared towards helping everyone get along. However, all the internalizing for the greater good may leave you feeling too passive, which doesn’t jive well with your spirited persona. When Mars aligns with your Sun on New Year’s Eve, you will begin taking steps to express yourself, while gaining incentive to heal from the past year, helping to implement your passion projects into reality. Under the Last Quarter Moon, December 29th, release any fears or phobias that are holding you back from achieving greatness, which will allow you to grow in the New Year.




April 20-May 20


Wearing your emotions on your sleeve has made you more sentimental than usual, as you reflect on recent events that have rocked your Bullish world. December 28th may have you feeling bittersweet, while you decide what circumstances, situations, and relationships are worth carrying over into the New Year. You may decide to let go of situations or people who have caused you pain on the 29th, and begin gravitating towards like minded folk, even if they seem to be more basic than the eccentric group you usually hang with. The Half Moon occurring December 29th gives you time to honor yourself and embrace your idealistic views. Only you have the power to improve your situation. Quite frankly Bull, you are the strongest constellation in the sky, use your protector energy and transform your own life by healing yourself. Begin by no longer giving to those who don’t deserve your energy and using your inner power to support your dreams.




May 21-June 21


Being thrust into the limelight doesn’t come without its pitfalls. Working endlessly to make deadlines, quarterly reports, and to appease others may have taken a physical tole on your body. Which is why it’s important for you to practice some much needed self care this week, as your exhaustion from giving too much of your energy and time to others has left you feeling depleted. This will be particularly evident on December 28th, when your body craves a home cooked meal and salt bath to decompress. Under the beautiful Last Quarter Moon in Libra, embrace the Venusian lunar vibes and shift that intense ambition towards caring more for yourself. Take a relaxing salt bath with lavender (the essence of your sign) and drops of bergamot (the essence of Libra) to relax your body, mind, and spirit, bringing you into a relaxing state of seventh heaven, which will permit you to recharge your batteries for the New Year.




June 22-July 22


You’ve spent the last few years transforming and fostering relationships, which has helped you understand yourself and your goals. With Pluto galvanizing your house of partnerships, you’ve learned to be more considerate and compassionate of the differences between yourself and others, allowing you to give positive guidance within your innermost circle. This week you feel particularly proud of your efforts, as the North Node of Destiny (which is aligned with your Sun) allows you to be seen and appreciated, with a little help from Mars on the 27th. While the Last Quarter Moon may bring up frustrations, use the healing energy of the asteroid Chiron to laugh off disappointments and annoyances. Being the energetic sponge you are, it’s essential you don’t get bogged down by the emotions of others. Do your side crawl to avoid conflicts, little crab. If others take out their claws, you have a choice to take the high road and not pinch back with harsh words. Remember, not having the last word is the ultimate power and will allow you to enter 2019 with the upper hand.




July 23-Aug. 22


You may have noticed lately that your intuition is turned on and finely in sync with the rhythmic movements of your body. The 29th gives you an opportunity to use your recently attuned abilities to navigate the bridge between heaven and earth, allowing you to heal yourself and those around you under the glow of the the Last Quarter Moon. You are now in one of the most powerful positions of your life, as you make your way out of the darkness and into the light on December 31st. Your personal transformation will give you the chance to heal by helping others. On top of redeeming yourself, you are now capable of guiding those in misery out of their rabbit holes. Lead by example and share your strength, as you have conquered the dark night of the soul and blossomed your pain into beauty, through embracing your inner magic and sorcery.




Aug. 23-Sept. 22


Balance isn’t a word that you necessarily identify with, Virgo. However, this week you may feel a bit off your equilibrium, as the watery tides wash over your earthy roots. Venus and Pluto are strengthening your desire to partner on the 28th, while Mars and the asteroid Chiron allow you to feel lost and drowning in love on the 29th. The Last Quarter Moon serves to restore logic and reason your way, strengthening your esteem and confidence, but not without some tears along the way. Releasing old wounds on the 29th will bring you into a place of authority on the 31st, as you are ready to make rainbows from the gloomy storms of the past year, just in time for 2019. One word of caution, don’t lose yourself in the emotional sea this week and don’t chasing water falls, use facts to manifest clarity, rather than trying to grasp at illusions.




Sept. 23-Oct. 22


Your demand for perfection may have you feeling stressed, judgmental, scrutinized, and superficial this week. Don’t despair, sweet Libra, this feeling is fleeting as the 28th aids you in taking back your confidence. Don't forget your grace though, as on the 28th your actions may cause others to feel as though you are more boastful and cavalier than ever before. The 29th triggers you to have an idealized version of self, however, the esteem may not reflect your innermost feelings. Things may look perfect to the outside world, but it may not feel that way on the inside. The lesson to be learned this week with the North Node of Destiny hitting the public sphere of your chart, is that you don’t have to project a curated version of yourself for others to see. The world will love the parts of you that you love, while creating an illusion may leave you feeling blocked and judged. The Half Moon December 29th urges you to invest your energy towards showing off the “real” you. The only one judging you, is you. Breaking down any constraints and partnerships that hold you back on the 31st will lead you into the New Year with self acceptance and pride.




Oct. 21-Nov. 21


December 28th has you wanting to assert yourself within your core group, but may cause more power struggles within your relationships than initially intended, and you may feel invalidated by others as your need to be heard is seemingly ignored. Your peers may not understand your emotions and may express judgements over your decisions, which could lead to drama on the 29th. These imbalances may have you wanting to hide away under the Last Quarter Moon. Darling Scorpion, you don’t have to make a mountain out of a mole hill to be seen. Channel your emotions productively and use your creative talents and abilities to aid others in understanding you. To get the validation you crave, try finding unique ways to make your point, such as creating a sacred space with friends and hosting a Moon Circle for you all to say your piece and listen.




Nov. 22-Dec. 21


The universe may see you as a fierce and fiery archer, though recently you may have been feeling more sentimental than bold. The reason being is that you are currently living in between worlds (the spiritual and physical planes), which could be causing roadblocks and creating setbacks in your life. The 28th and 29th offer you the opportunity to support your ethereal views by implementing them into the material world. Tapping into your subconscious will allow you to manifest your dreams on December 31st, leading you to new great heights in 2019. As long as you believe in yourself, expect your dreams to come true- keep the endgame in mind, focus your energy, identify your goals, and persevere. Believing in yourself will go a long way, as long as you keep the faith, it won't matter what the naysayers say.




Dec. 22-Jan. 19


This week brings lingering passive aggressive arguments to a boiling point, as the 27th and 28th has you wanting to be upfront and honest about your feelings, even if others aren’t in the mood to receive blunt feedback. You may have been compliant in the past, as not to upset the flow or circumstances between you and your peers. However, Saturday’s Last Quarter Moon pushes you to let your emotions be known, even if it disrupts the equilibrium on the 31st. Being the victim of indirect or sarcastic remarks will cause you to lock horns and express your truest feelings. Instead of blowing up in anger, swimming away, or running for the hills, try to make an effort in understanding others better. While it may be frustrating, allow your counterpart to be heard. Help them navigate through their emotions by exercising patience, this will allow them to see their faults and help you identify your triggers. There's a good chance you won't win any battles with passive aggressive behavior, but with clear communication you will conquer the war.




Jan. 20-Feb. 18


Venus and Pluto may cause uncertainties to manifest within yourself and your personal magic on the 27th, potentially causing an inability to see clearly on the 28th and 29th. Instead of scrambling to learn or recreate the practices of others in the occult field, stay true to your own form of practical magic in order to see clearly. Create or improve upon your own magical methods, rather than attempting to follow another's spiritual path. If you stay true to yourself, you'll be able to explore inventive new ideas for divination. A sudden stroke of genius may lead you to a modern twist on scrying, creating a new tarot spread, or blending different beliefs together to create a new spell. It's a good time to meditate on your crown, heart, and root chakras to unify the divine with your heart and the psychical realm. On Saturday, The Last Quarter Moon gives you inspiration to access your higher mind beyond the veil to create a unique blend of magic. Release your inhibitions and run wild within the other realms to start your New Year feeling fresh and inspired.




Feb. 19-March 20


On December 29th the healing asteroid Chiron and Mars align with your Sun, under the Last Quarter Moon. Anger and resentments with others or past insecurities may come to the forefront of your life, but your empathy will prevail causing you to use your divine mystical abilities and sorcery to transcend frustrations into beauty.  Art therapy (photography, drawling, and collaging) will help you to channel your emotional pain from sorrow to greatness and prominence. Be forewarned, the Last Quarter Moon may have you on edge, as the cosmic sponge of the zodiac you are more prone to absorbing the energies of others. On Saturday night, cleanse your aura by smudging yourself and your personal spaces with white sage to purify your energy field. This will allow you to create boundaries with others on the 31st, permitting you to start the New Year feeling lighter and free from the burdens of others, enchanting water-witch.