Goddess Of The Week: Diandra Rose

Name: Diandra Janelle Rose aka Fairy Thug Mother

Location: Earth for now  I float about. My spirit visits people unknowingly in their dreams and in the astral realm. Literally have had thousands of people message me telling me that I have come to them in various forms and sometimes not even knowing who I am. I AM omnipresent. I exist in all places at all times. My body however can be found anywhere from this coast to west coast. Most of the time my physical body is somewhere close to Philadelphia but native to Baltimore originally. I’ve lived in the cities, to Amish counties, to the middle of nowhere middle of the mountains North Carolina.

Astrological Sign/rising: Aquarius Sun. Sagittarius Moon and Rising  

Occupation: Entity. Demon Slayer. Ghost Buster. Life giver. Body Snatcher. Healer of mind, body and soul. Spiritual Advisor. Medium. Artist, Writer, Poet, Painter, Crystal Healing Jewelry Designer. Singer and Model, Luckily, I have created a life where I get paid to just live. In the process, I help other people live. Permanent Inspiration is my occupation

I mostly would identify as a sorceress, in the purest concept. I deal with source energy. I deal with balancing the karma in the lives of other people, altering the course of their existence, even healing people physically as well as the etheric body. 

Which Goddess or Goddess Archetype do you most identify with and why?

Kali for surely. I have come to peace with my ability to destroy just as I have the ability to give and nurture life. Destruction is necessary chaos in restoring balance to this world and universe. If we do not see our power in ridding our existence from toxic harmful energy by any means necessary, what kind of world will we exist in? I believe many of us have not yet learned that WE very well can embody the principles of karma and justice with physical action, accountability, hexes or even a swift punch to the chest. 

How do you get in touch with/unleash your inner goddess ?

When I forget who I am. I take DMT and meet myself where I come from. Sounds trippy but I figured I would give the most honest answer hahah. But really, much of my life is about other people. When I get the chance to astral project or have an out of body experience I take it. I have to see myself in my truest form. I’m sparkly and purple with multiple arms. Makes me feel a lot more kick ass than being down here in my skin suit. For the longest time, I couldn’t even identify with my own body. I would stare at myself in pictures and not understand who or what I was looking at. On a shallower level, I like to spend time completely submerged in nature. Toes in the mud, hiking alone. I’ve been in the middle of a deer stampede, had foxes play around my ankles, and even been chased by a bear in the Blue Ridge Mountain ranges of NC. Nature makes me feel alive, invigorated and connected to all of that power that largely goes untapped into.


What is your Goddess superpower?

There is NO THING I feel that I cannot do. I would say the best gift is being omnipresent, but it can be a curse as well. I am constantly between worlds, literally walking different dimensions every day of my life. It’s wonderful when I am reconnecting loved ones to passed family members, even physically making them appear to people, it’s great when I am able to change lives pulling information that not everyone always has access to, but there are times that same super power is not so great. For instance, sometimes I have uncontrollable astral projections, most recently as I was at a spa getting a facial, I left to go lay next to this woman that was dying by the side of road…those are the times that omni presence is not so fun. You see it all, even the things that make you uncomfortable.

I also see my happiness as a super power. As a super power we all have, because when we live authentically, when we generate our own genuine joy, IT SPREADS. It is a life changing gift to others, when we make ourselves happy. People are dying to be themselves, and having no clue how to be, or even afraid to be. So being able to be DIANDRA is the coolest fawkin super power to date.

What is an empowering quote and/or some important words of wisdom that you'd like to share with other Goddesses out there? 

As I am sitting here staring at this lovely full moon, I am unable to pull a quote out of my fairy azz. However, I totally will share a smidgen of wisdom. Do NOT allow anyone to put you into a tiny little box, because they don’t know how to conceptualize your grandiose existence. Do NOT dim your light for people around you because they don’t shine as brightly and if this is the case I suggest you make new friends. DO NOT be afraid of your own potential or your own power. BE BOLD, be very bold. Say all those things that other people say that you wish you had the balls to say. Remember, that your voice is capable of breaking barriers, boundaries, and shattering illusions. Share your stories and your struggles because that’s a MF testimony that someone else could surely benefit from hearing. You can save someone’s life with a smile. Your biggest enemy in this world will always be you, until you do some heart to heart shadow boxing. NO ONE is more beautiful than you are, stop comparing yourself, we are all a different kind of wonderful.




YouTube: Diandra Janelle Heaven Rose

IG: @diandrajanelle