Name: Call me, Eryn! 

Location: Trilladelphia, or an IG timeline near you.

Astrological Sign/rising: Virgo Sun/PiscesMoon/Aquarius Rising

 Occupation: Momprenuer , self love healer. I hop timeline to timeline encouraging women to become unapologetic vixens for themselves. 

Which Goddess or Goddess Archetype do you most identify with and why?

Maferefun Oshún! Growing into woman hood i’d have to hand my head to Oshun, with a big helping of Erzulie Dantor because of the compassion I embody-BUT I DON’T TAKE NO SHIT, especially when it comes to women and children. Loving me ain’t a thing to take lightly. I believe in the life changing power of love and the expression of that love. I am made up of overwhelming experience and wisdom, that I shower people in. Oshun, the mama of the river that gives love and watches it sail away- pridefully. I give into flow and ebb, what is for me will find me. 

How do you get in touch with/unleash your inner goddess ?

 I stick to myself.  Literally, I masturbate and I set the tone. I am vibrant and alive inside and I surround myself with the light sources that charge that up. Flowers, perfumes, a Goddess likes to not only look good but eat well and give well. I am a gifter- of time, energy, restitution and healing. Only entertaining relationships that give back to that- keeps me charged up to keep the cycle flowing. Love fuels me more than it rules me. 

What is your Goddess superpower?

My spiritual gifts are : Clairvoyance and Prophecy. I've been a seer since i was a young girl, where i have been able to navigate obstacles just by living out scenes I’ve already ‘seen’. As well as , connecting in with people who have allowed me in (energy- dream sharing). i see a lot of shit. There should be no true reason i am alive to this day. I tell everyone, my magic saved me.

In my human form, my goddess superpower would be: Forgiveness. Because love and hate cannot coexist in the same space, and where there is room to grow, there is room to forgive. No, everyone ain’t worth it-and, it isnt always a “fix” it all, but it keeps my heart free of guilt and full of love. I wear happiness a lot better than depression, anyway. #BlackGirlJoy.

What is an empowering quote and/or important words of wisdom that you'd like to share with other Goddesses out there? 

"It is impossible to shame a woman who is unashamed."

Pulled from my first book, woke , It speaks directly to the core of female empowerment. It reminds us women that there is no shame associated with us, expect the ones that we claim. And I don't know about you, but I have enough shit to worry about, *securing the bag*, is my main focus.