Deep Healing With A Dark Mother: Working With Tantric Goddess Chamunda


Written by Alicia Katarina

Some pains are tame. They can be soothed by soft and tender things. Some pains feel like giving birth to a grave yard, a grave space and the water of a tender hug or a tender word cannot quench the ashen taste of the mouth for you feel as if you have been burned past the bone and into the soul. There are many kinds of initiation of one’s spirit and this, this kind of pain with Plutonian essence says parts of you are dying and you will be reborn.

There are quite a few Dark Mothers’ each with their own tone of working with deep healing. Chumunda (aka Chamundi) is one of the oldest known tantric deities. Her face is sunken in, her body skeletal, blood on her teeth, wielding a bloody scythe and a severed head (either representing ego or demon or both depending on your perspective), and her vehicles are either an owl or a corpse. Her violent image is a reflection of tragedies be they on a large scale, personal or both. She also looks nasty to reflect when we are sick and tired of being sick and tired of being tread upon. When experiencing ravaging tragedy call on Chamunda and her vibration can fly you out on the corpse of your tragedy (cuz you assert that it’s over) that elevates your spirit into your next best direction.

Chamunda isn’t about positive affirmations, a pat on the back or a gold fucking star. The  meme “Being spiritual doesn’t mean always being positive. Fuck out my face while I balance these energies” is right on time with this Mama’s vibe. Love and compassion are not always docile manifestations. When it is time to be very present in the depth of your state, to be intimate with your pain, it is not about wallowing but acknowledging in a very deep way so that this kind of presence is a catalyst for a radical healing. Chamunda vibrates to transforming present tragedy into a higher vibration without covering it up with scented markers and glitter. Call to Chamunda by chanting her words of power/mantra. As a mantra is repeated it travels through the body eventually changing an individual’s vibration to match the vibration of the essence of the mantra. Chamunda is sometimes depicted with a scorpion above her navel further expressing a Pultonian resonation.

A magickal tool, the sound that your own voice creates and the magnitude with which it creates a change, is subtle yet powerful. Mantras are mystical formulas. They are sacred invocations of power and they turn your body into a cauldron of creation. Chamunda’s mantra operates as a cleansing and balancing tool clearing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of fear or sadness or of outside influences treading on your vibe (Oh. Hell. No.). Her mantra is a potent protection formula as well a blessing for success, creativity, self-confidence and an uprising of joy.

Mala beads are utilized as a kind of spiritual abacus. 108 beads are present as there are 108 major nadis or specific energetic channels throughout the body. Once a mantra is repeated 108 times the vibrations have penetrated the major nadis, moved into the chakras via the “sacred heart” and therefore transform the energy into a usable state. Your energy has begun a change and embodiment is on its way. We attract what we vibrate to. As with lots of rituals more than one day is needed for a complete change. Try once a day for seven to eleven days. If you feel the inspiration commit to a month. Those who are familiar with mantra practice may desire to commit to a longer period of mantra discipline with more repetitions per day. This kind of work is subtle so you may not experience immediate relief but stay with it. If you want results commit to your magick.  If you feel uneasy in any way during your practice, stop for a moment, breathe and let your energy adjust. Then come back to it. If it feels golden then keep going with it. The Big bead at the base of the mala is called either Meru (Mother) or Guru (Teacher) bead. When you chant on the mala never cross over this bead. If you choose to do another cycle turn the mala around to restart. This pushes the energy into the Meru bead and is also a sign of respect. Mala beads are easy to come by these days which is a bonus. You can also make your own. You don’t need anything fancy. String up 108 of whatever works for you. What’s important is how the mantra affects you.

  • Chamunda’s call is: Om  Eim  Hrim  Kilm  Chamundayei  Vechei  Namaha
  • And it sounds like: Ohhmm  I’m  Hreem  Kleem  Chah-moon-dah-yay  Vee-chay  Nah-mah-ha
  • Write down the mantra both in its true form and phonetically so you have it with you.
  • Summed up it means: “Om and salutations to She who is radiant with power and wisdom”.
  • The Seed Sounds (Bija) resonate with dispelling negativity and activating Shakti or pure divine Goddess force.
  • Repetition of the mantra may take anywhere from 20-10 min.

Say it, chant it, you can even sing and dance to it if you want to. Get in tune with the vibration and let the power of the sound work in you, for you.

Ritual is not imperative for the mantra to be effective, but if you love the mystical satiation of ritual I have added a simple one down below. Feel free to add onto it if you’d like. One of my favorite things about being a human is that I recognize that we are ALL cosmic artists. We can create with the Mystic in any way that we please to draw the Mystical into the physical.

Your Magickal Accoutrements & Such:

  • Mala Beads
  • Modern oblation to Chamunda: red wine and red, orange and/or yellow flowers
  • Wear colors like gold or saffron
  • Crystals: Citrine and Rose Quartz. Citrine, a solar crystal, is connected with/used for clearing. It is one of the few crystals that does not absorb the negative energy that it clears because it breaks down negativity to dissolve it. It transforms the low frequency of fear (and any extension of fear) into the high frequency of joy. It resonates with the manipura chakra or solar plexus chakra. Manipura means the city of gems. When our will is balanced we enter the gate of our shining possibility. All things are possible and we have the power to manifest.  Citrine aids in healing discord. It Enlivens self-confidence. It is also called the merchant stone as it attracts success and prosperity. Rose Quartz, the quintessence of love crystals, is connected with/ used for heart healing, inspiration, compassion, kindness and any form of love. It is anahata or heart chakra crystal and lunar in quality. Rose Quartz helps to soothe anger or aggression of any kind. Anahata means unbeaten or unbroken. As we work with rose quartz the subtle vibrations can assist in resetting our heart vibes to our original state of divine love. In our highest truth when we resonate with our own divinity we are unbeaten and unbroken.

Breathing Techniques:  

If you’re too hot, about to explode and lose control of yourself/your power- Sheetkari breath:

Hissing breath: place the tip of your tongue to the upper palate. Big Cheshire cat grin (okay I added the big smile part but why the hell not). Smile with your teeth showing. Inhale slowly with control through the teeth. Close the mouth and then exhale slowly with control through the nostrils. Repeat. One inhale and exhale is one round. Do at least ten rounds but more if you’re feeling it.  Sheetkari is a lunar breath and therefore cooling. It disperses excess heat and rebalances the energy so that you regain control. This is also a great technique for stress relief. Contraindication: the common cold.

If you’ve blown out your energy and now it feels like you’re groping in the dark for your light switch- Kabalabhati:

Skull shining breath: Inhalation and exhalation is done through the nostrils. The face, neck, and upper body is relaxed. The exhale is produced by a short sharp movement of the abdomen. Force the abdomen in to exhale. Let the inhalation naturally come as you relax the abdomen. As you repeat, the breath should be rapid. Rapid but semi-comfortable. Find your sweet spot because the goal is to push through discomfort but also not to pass out. Do ten rounds and then assess your state. If you can do two solid minutes that would be golden but if not don’t sweat it. Physically this technique expels mucous, removes stagnant air from the lungs, clears brain fog and tones the frontal lobe of the brain. Energetically kapalabhati bombs all negativity from your aura as well as re-lighting your spark and healthfully charging your manipura chakra. Contraindications: pregnancy, epilepsy, rage (try Sheetkari), and high blood pressure.

The Practice:

Cast your circle. Call on your spirit people, ancestors and/ or whomever you feel appropriate to work with to aid and assist.

Find a comfortable seated position.

Take five full rounds of deep breath to start.

Take up one of the breathing techniques listed above that’s right for you.

Make your offerings to Mama Chamunda.

Place awakened attention on your current state that you are working through. No need for an iron grip of the mind just be aware. As you chant let it go or at least have the intention that you are willing to let it go so that the magick can take over.

Begin the formula of power by way of Chamunda’s mantra counting one bead between the thumb and middle finger for each completion of the formula. With your crystals in front of you have the intention that you are sharing the vibration with them.

Lie down for a few breaths to give your physical body the opportunity to integrate the energy.

If you want to add to it great if not great. Whatever works for you guided by your intuition will yield the best results. Just remember that you will be repeating the process for the next seven to eleven days or more.

Be in gratitude to Chamunda, your spirit people, ancestors and whomever else you called.

Close your circle.

Set it and forget it. Don’t obsess about your ritual as to not constipate your magick. Do something non-magickal. Enjoy yourself or others that are on time with the vibes you are creating.

Wear your mala inside your shirt. It becomes imbued with the mystic formula and so it becomes an object of power. Carry your crystals with you throughout the duration of the days you are active in the practice or longer.  

Sometimes when darkness overcomes it’s damn near impossible to feel any other way. Painful and scary circumstances can bind you but they can also transform you if you so choose. When you have this kind of experience you have every right to go deep with it because the cosmic cheerleader archetype isn’t always appropriate. Go deep. It is key to distinguish the egoic voice and the voice of the intuition. Listen. Follow your inner guidance. Call on Chamunda. She will assist you in your brilliant emergence. You are the Phoenix and you will rise from the ashes changed and refulgent.