The Hoodwitch: Weekly Horoscopes for November 4th, 2016

Astrology by Amelia Quint


Moon Void of Course Times

Sunday, November 6, 5:00 AM Moon void in Capricorn

Sunday, November 6, 8:55 AM Moon enters Aquarius

Tuesday, November 8, 8:59 AM Moon void in Aquarius

Tuesday, November 8, 4:46 PM Moon enters Pisces

Thursday, November 10, 6:16 PM Moon void in Pisces

Thursday, November 10, 8:45 PM Moon enters Aries


Moon Phase:

Under the waxing moon, work magick that grows and increases. Road Opening and Crown of Success spells are especially potent now, as are rituals to increase psychic sight.


During these signs, work magick around the following:

Capricorn- business, money, focus, setting goals

Aquarius- long-term vision, aspirations, finding a mentor, becoming a leader

Pisces- dreams, divine guidance, cleansing (especially baths)

Aries- physical strength, ego boost, personal power



You’re up to your old tricks this weekend, when Venus in your exploration zone links up to Uranus in your sign! If you have your eye on someone, it’s a gold star day for love magick (especially candles), or a saucy conversation. If you don’t have anyone in mind, Uranus has a way with surprises, so go somewhere new and see where the night takes you. On Monday, the sun in sexy Scorpio aligns with Pluto in hardworking Capricorn to turn things in your favor. Not feeling particularly spicy? The same aspects also work beautifully for a creative project or business investment.


On Wednesday, your ruling planet—Mars—moves from full-on Capricorn into nonchalant Aquarius. For best results, you’ll want to dial back the intensity over the next month and take a more aerial view of situations before acting. Mars will be in your eleventh house of friends, groups, and leaders, so think about what the people you admire would do. Yes, you can be hot under the collar, but maintaining an icy cool exterior has its benefits.


You might be the most down-to-earth sign, Taurus, but on Saturday, Venus and Uranus align to elevate your consciousness. Venus in your psychic sector syncs to Uranus in your soul zone, unlocking a level of your mind you weren’t aware of previously. It might be sudden, and it with fire signs involved, don’t be surprised if you feel some righteous anger at what you uncover. On Monday, the sun in your relationship house kisses Pluto in Capricorn, the part of your horoscope associated with exploration. Consider using your newfound knowledge to help you face the dark parts of your relationships with confidence.


On Wednesday, Mars enters your tenth house of career and honors, giving you the boost you’ll need in order to pull off any big professional schemes over the next month. You’ll go far, but you’ll need more hydration and sleep than usual to avoid burnout. Remember that your tenth house is Aquarius, the weirdo of the zodiac, so don’t be afraid to be seen as the magickal being that you are. Be yourself, and everybody will love you for it.


Call up your coven and get ready, because this Sunday the stars are aligned for some incredibly fun witchery! Venus in your relationships zone syncs with Uranus in your friendship sector, so there are a couple of ways this could play out. First is Practical Magic midnight margaritas, and who doesn’t love that? The second is you and your squad working some magick to find each other the perfect partner. Either way, expect the unexpected, as Uranus rules surprises. The stars will keep you on your toes!


On Monday, the sun in your health zone conspires with Pluto in your secrets sector to help you banish any lingering burnout you’ve been fighting behind closed doors. Later, on Wednesday, Mars enters the house of your horoscope associated with exploration, and your innate curiosity skyrockets. Follow your ideas down the rabbit hole, but if you feel your grip on the real world loosening, don’t forget to come back up for air. Those insights are only valuable if you apply them.


Cancel your plans, because this weekend, you’re going to need some serious alone time to recharge. When Venus in your health zone syncs with Uranus in your home sector on Saturday, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to give your soul all the soft, cozy nourishment it’s been craving. This is a good aspect, but Uranus can show up as unexpected events, so be prepared! On Monday, when the sun and Pluto align in your houses of romance and relationships, an opportunity for love presents itself. If it feels like destiny, it probably is.


On Wednesday, Mars enters your eighth house of taboos, so it’s possible whatever arises on Monday could be off limits in some way. Or, does it just feel out of reach? Do some soul searching and space clearing around boundaries, sexuality, and your own psychic abilities. Mars will be in Aquarius, so take a more rational approach than you’re used to. Use logic instead of emotion, and you’ll be just fine.


Circle this Saturday on your calendar, because it’s one of the best days I’ve seen for you in a while! Venus in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries will align with your sun to form a Grand Fire Trine, bringing you unexpected delights in love, money, fame, and more. The only downside? Venus has a flare for luxury, and the fire signs don’t know when to stop, so be careful not to overdo it this weekend. Remember Icarus’s flight towards the sun. Don’t do that. Instead, enjoy your sunny spot by the pool.


On Monday, the sun in your home sector sends good vibes to Pluto in your health and habits zone, helping you fine tune your personal regimens. After all, you’ll want to look as glamorous as possible when Mars enters your relationship sector on Wednesday. Glamoury, anyone? Mars will be in Aquarius, so you seduce with an aloof glance, but the fire is still simmering underneath. This will also be excellent energy for any business projects in the works. If you have a launch coming up, this is a great omen!


If you’ve been thinking about having a sexy night in, Saturday’s your day. Venus in your home sector sync with Uranus in your sexuality zone to set the mood for a weekend spent mostly in the boudoir. At their heart, these energies are all about your emotions and psyche, so this is really all about self-love. By Monday, the sun in sensual Scorpio and Pluto in hardworking Capricorn conspire to give you a major mood lift. They’ll activate your communication and creativity houses, so perhaps you’ll end up writing about your adventure.


On Wednesday, Mars enters your health and habits sector, helping you get your shit together. If you’ve been feeling scattered and stuck, Mars gathers up your thoughts and propels them forward. This sector aligns with your sign, so do what you do best. Organize, make lists, and hone in on the details. Your unwavering devotion to ensuring everything is in its right place is an inspiration to us all.


You’re peaceful at heart and prefer when everything goes according to plan, but this weekend, that might not be the case. When Venus in your communication sector and Uranus in your relationship zone link, a lover, friend, or business partner could do something unexpected. Draw on all your diplomatic powers to stay calm, and know this is a good aspect: everything’s going to work out for the best. By Monday, the sun in your wealth house and Pluto at the base of your chart link up to stabilize the situation. You’ll feel much better once you realize what the payoff will be in the long-run.


On Wednesday, Mars enters your fifth house of pleasure. It’s a complicated house, because it’s associated with lots of things: casual sex, romance, creativity, and art. So, what do you make of it when the sex god enters this house? Your creative output increases massively, and your libido will too. Still, Mars will be in Aquarius, so you’d do well to consider how any moves you make during this time fit in with your long-term vision and role as a leader in the community.


If your bank account has been looking a little malnourished lately, Saturday turns things around fast. Venus in your wealth sector and Uranus in your daily grind zone conspire to send you an opportunity to increase your net worth, but it might not be what you had in mind. Uranus has a way with surprises, so stay open. By Monday, the sun in your sign sends good vibes to your ruler—Pluto—in Capricorn, swinging any deals in your favor. You’ll be able to talk your way into anything!


On Wednesday, Mars enters your origins sector. He’s instigating all your issues around your physical location, place of residence, biological family, and early childhood—just in time for the holidays. There’s two ways to handle this. First: Mars will be in Aquarius, so no matter what happens, keep things cool. Don’t overreact. Detach from the outcome. Second: Mars needs a productive outlet to keep from becoming destructive. Exercise, dance, music, art, and sex are great contenders. As long as you have something, you’ll make it through this time better than when you began.


Yes, you’ve traveled almost everywhere, but what if I told you that romance could be your one of your best adventures yet? This Saturday, Venus in your sign sync to Uranus in your pleasure zone, inspiring you to pursue your sensual desires in unexpected ways. It’s also lovely for writers and artists, as Uranus has a way with bolt-from-the-blue inspirations. Keep a notebook handy. By Monday, the sun in your hidden sector sends good vibes to Pluto in your value sector, reminding you that some secrets are worth keeping. A project you’re working on in private could be worth it’s weight in gold.


On Wednesday, Mars enters the house of your horoscope associated with communication and kindred spirits. You’re fired up and ready to let everyone know how you feel, and you want to find other people who share your quirky sense of humor. With Mars, don’t be afraid to make the first move. This is also fantastic energy for writing, media, or publishing. If you need to make a big pitch, now’s your time.


Some of last weekend’s spooky mood may spill over into your Saturday, as Venus in your soul sector syncs with Uranus at the shadowy base of your chart. Any unfinished business between you and your muse, your spiritual guides, or a secret lover shows up in unusual ways until you take the time to resolve it properly. Luckily, by Monday, the sun in your house of long-term vision links to Pluto in your sign to help you see where it fits into the big picture. How has your close encounter changed the way you see the world? Once you understand that, you’ll be released from the ghosts.


On Wednesday, Mars enters your money house. That’s right—if you need to increase your income, now’s your time to seal the deal. It’s an excellent time to find a new job, sell something valuable, or reconsider whether or not you’re being paid what you’re worth. Mars will be in Aquarius, so don’t discount strange ideas or unusual industries. Pay attention when inspiration strikes, because it could be golden!


No one knows better than you that we’re all connected, and this weekend, you get to reap the rewards of having the whole universe as your family. This Saturday, Venus in your friendship zone syncs to Uranus in your kindred spirit sector to connect to you to a powerful new network. By Monday, the sun in your publicity house aligns with Pluto in your secrets zone, confirming that you’ll be admitted to a totally new coven. You’re usually cool and collected, but the signs involved have no chill, so don’t be afraid to express your thanks!


On Wednesday, Mars enters your sign, giving you a month of increased stamina, confidence, and raw power. Sex magick works wonders for you now. When Mars is in your sign, you’re favored to win, so get in the ring and fight. As always with Mars, hydrate, sleep, and give yourself a productive outlet. You’ll flourish when you set a bird’s-eye-view plan and follow it. Now go conquer your kingdom.


I hope you got plenty of partying in last weekend, because this Saturday brings a professional opportunity you don’t want to pass up! When Venus in your career sector syncs with Uranus in your wealth-building zone, an unexpected business idea or offer could come up at the last minute, so make sure you have time in your schedule to hop on it. By Monday, the sun and Pluto in your houses of exploration and leadership position you as the captain of an exciting new mission, should you choose to accept it.


On Wednesday, Mars enters your mystical twelfth house of dreams, spirits, and secrets. I’ve heard this effect likened to steam, and it’s apt: Mars is fire, and the twelfth house is water. Together, they boil and create steam that can either fuel you or dissipate into thin air. Give it a direction, and you flourish. You’re used to being a medium, so it works for you. Mars will be in Aquarius, so you’ll do best if you step back from the situation and consider what it is you’re actually focusing your energy towards. Figure that out, and you’ll be unstoppable.