Energy Work for Standing Rock: Trance and Vision

Written by Alicia Bello

The emotional experience and impact of our current events is beyond disturbing. For fellow empaths it doesn’t just affect our minds but our entire experience. After reading last night about the water protectors getting blown away by water cannons (a despicable irony) the sensation of despair began all over again. I woke up heavy this morning, filled with sadness and darkness like cloak. Despite the intensity of being an empath I would never trade it in. Those who feel this deeply, I believe, are those who are responsible in healing and transforming crisis. As an empath I also know how very hard it is to operate in life when feeling every single thing that is happening. As witches, healers, intuitives, and energy workers we know how important it is to be awake with what we are creating with our own energy.

So in regards to Standing Rock (or any cause you are moved by. Freely insert that into this/ your practice whenever necessary) what do we do when we get hit with such deep wounded energy aside from donating to the camps and sharing information from the frontlines on the internet? First and foremost, don’t allow yourself to become hooked and overcome by feelings of anger towards the oppressors. This is going to amplify the energy and attract more situations into your life that result in more of that energy. Secondly, acknowledge the wound and transform the energy through trance work. For those unfamiliar with trance workit is actually very easily accomplished. If you’ve ever daydreamed than you already know what it feels like and it’s that simple.


Begin to shift your energy and the energy of your home with sage. If it’s really heavy pile up fresh ground cloves (the fresher the spice, the more oil and therefore essence is present) and garlic skins on a plate. Light the tip and let it burn as you move from room to room. Light your favorite incense as smell affects the subconscious and start bringing in feelings of comfort and pleasure. Put on some music as that will also do the same.

Begin: Method #1

Erect your spin. place your feet hip width distance apart. Slightly drop your tailbone. Pull your spine out of your hips (i.e pulling the top of a bendy straw before the bending part) Slightly tuck in your chin and draw the crown of the head to the sky so the back of the neck is elongated.

Breath is life: Take five full breath cycles with your attention very exact in the moment. You should already feel a shift. Allow your body to begin an undulating movement. You should begin to feel slightly dreamy but still aware (because this is trance to create not necessarily to travel) More specifically,  we want to be in the "in between" space but not fully on to other levels/spaces.

Another one of my favorite ways to get into trance is just the same as preparing to scry (a form of divination).

Method #2

Once seated take the same posture and breaths as mentioned above. Place a crystal on a dark matte cloth. The lighting should be very dim. Place a soft gaze on the crystal (not a forced stare). If you need to blink that’s fine just let it flow naturally. If your vision starts to get hazy, let it. You may notice that the crystal starts appearing cloudy. This is good and you should feel when you are in the "in between" space.

There are many ways to enter into a trance state and these aretwo of my personal favorites. Once you feel the trance state create the feelings of change inside of your body as well as the visualization. Speak words as well if it feels appropriate. Visualize the protection and victory of the water protectors and the Souix Nation as if it has already happened. See everyone at the camp well fed and warm. See everyone healed as if it has already happened. See all the positive changes as if they have already happened. See it and feel it. The visceral creation is equally important. Whatever you are creating let it be in the positive to create more of the same. If you work with certain deities or spirits and you want to call in their presence for assistance even better (of course, always with respect and appropriate offerings).

Photo: Alicia Bello

Photo: Alicia Bello

Endeavor to do this as often as possible and as long as a you’re drawn to it. If you do it every now and then, you’ll always be starting from square one instead of building upon the established energy.

Not only will this take you out of the wound state but it is taking action as an empath by transforming the energy that is coming into you. I can’t help but think of the old cartoon Captain Planet when he says “When our powers combine…”! Well, when our powers combine, we effect change. Peace, healing, and love to this sacred Earth and all who gather to protect her.

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