Citrine Quartz Meditation

The Sun Card surrounded by Citrine

The Sun Card surrounded by Citrine

Citrine offers us the oppertunity to transmute ego-driven patterns and to learn to embrace our Mother Earth with only the most gentle footsteps. Natural Citrine quartz crystals occur in shades of yellow to rich golden yellow tones. Most of the Citrine we see today is amethyst (violet quartz) which has been baked, turning a golden or reddish yellow. This process resembles a natural process using the power of fire and heat to transform. Lighter shades of citrine promote clarity of the mind, and they are especially beneficial to the endocrine and digestive system. Deeper more fiery colored citrine crystals work to transmute fears on an emotional (or mental) level. Citrine works to release any blockages and congestion of the solar plexus.
Occasionally, Citrine and amethyst can be found in the same quartz crystal. Ametrine, is the name of these crystals and they also make for wonderful meditation partners.

To begin your Citrine meditation, select a citrine crystal that has been cleansed and feels natural for you.


1. Situate yourself in a softly illuminated, quiet room in an upright position. Begin your rhythmic breathing by inhaling slowly through the nose and exhaling slowly from the mouth. As you exhale, visualize tensions, frustration, anger and stress leaving your body in dark, cloudy swirls of energy. Bless yourself, and these discordant vibrations, by affirming that these energies shall be released into the ether to find peace.

2. Now you pick up your citrine crystal in your left hand and begin to gaze upon it. observe the internal elements of your healing crystal, the subtle color changes, rainbows, mist, swirls. Attune yourself to the citrine crystal. At this point, you might be feeling the warmth of the crystal in your palm, hands, or fingers. Allow this energy to surge to your crown (top of head) and down to the solar plexus (navel chakra)

3. Close your eyes, and visualize the color of citrine in a glowing sphere above your head. place your crystal against your third eye (center of brow) or in your navel  (you may even use two citrine crystals for this exercise)and visualize the beam above your head radiating a golden yellow ray from your crown Chakra down the center line of your body, to your naval center. It's good to place your right hand on the navel center, this helps aid in the visualization process. Hold this visualization for 5 minutes or for as long as you comfortably can. When you have a clear vision of two spheres connected by the golden yellow beam, repeat a silent affirmation that will encourage you to feel inner radiance and unconditional love much like the Sun card of the tarot.

4. When you are no longer able to hold the visualization, simply release yourself by breathing deeply several times and then opening your eyes.

Citrine meditation is excellent when you are having difficulty concentrating, struggling with low-self esteem  or when you're feeling heavy, and overwhelmed by worry and responsibilities. This exercise will help you to breathe freely, feel balanced,  and improve your self confidence.

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