Ocean Fertility Rituals.

This cancer moon energy is an excellent time for those who wish to conceive. Fulls moons that fall in Feminine signs are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces make the best time for workings dealing with fertility, conception, and pregnancy.  Yemaya is the Yoruba matriarch of the sea, women, and fertility. She is particularly sympathetic to those who struggle with infertility. If you would like to  utilize this divine goddess energy you may try these Fertility Rituals to Yemaya as shared by renowned author and witch, Judika Illes . These fertility rituals are to be used  for those who would like to conceive in a consenting manner.  Manipulation in any form by the use of these rituals is unacceptable. The Goddess despises any form of domestic violence and will not send a child into environments that are destructive and manipulative.  If this in any way resonates with you,  Judika says "the child will later be removed from you". The first step to any fertility petition is to completely remove yourself out of toxicity and violence. Request Yemaya's assistance. Allow yourself to be filled with love, and tranquility throughout this process. open yourself to the beauty of the oceans ability to purify and the full moons divine feminine rays energizing and assisting  you  as you begin your ritual.

Yemaya Fertility Ritual #1

  • 1 pomegranate
  • 1 jar of organic honey of the highest quality you can afford.
  • paper  (dioxin free, please)


1. Go to the beach, bring supplies.

2. Slice the pomegranate in half and spread honey over both sides.

3. Write the name of the person who wishes to conceive on a small piece of paper and place the paper between the two halves of the fruit.

4. Bring the halves of the fruit together, making sure that it seals the paper within the fruit.

5. You will then bind the pomegranate closed using a string of seaweed that you find ashore. It is considered to be a good sign if you can find some, but if not you may just press the two halves together tight, the honey should serve as a type of glue. 

6. Make your petition to Yemaya, and send the pomegranate out to sea.


photo by http://divinemoon.tumblr.com/

photo by http://divinemoon.tumblr.com/

Yemaya Ritual #2

  • Watermelon
  • small blue or white candle

1. bring the small watermelon to the beach.

2. Cut a well into the small melon.

3. Dress the candle using fertility oils and herbs of your preference. Hold the candle in your hands infusing and charging  with your desires and  intentions.

4.Insert the small candle into the watermelon and light it, then send it out to sea. Your petition should be made to Yemaya all the while. make sure that your candles are environmentally and eco- safe. polluting Yemaya's holy sea with toxic materials won't earn you any points.

Close your ritual by thanking the Goddess of the sea, as well as your guides.  Spend some time allowing yourself to sit in silent meditation, listening to the sounds of the waves as they are moved and controlled as are we by the illuminated moon in all of her splendor. 

While writing these fertility rituals with thoughts of Yemaya,  I couldn't help but to share a beautiful book I read during my own pregnancy by author and healer Chris Griscom. Ocean Born: Birth As Initiation documents her pregnancy and oceanic water birth . Chris Griscom offers her own Pregnancy and conscious birth sessions through The Light Institute.

  • Water is the element most associated with fertility and childbirth.
  • Hawaiian women were encouraged to sway their swollen bellies in the ocean during pregnancy to loosen the baby and speed up delivery.
  • Underwater births call on water spirits to serve as spiritual midwives.