Meditating With Crystals: Quartz

Regular Meditation is essential in enhancing intuition as it allows you the time to silence and rest  your mind in a chaotic world where we are continuously rushed, stressed and overall in a constant state of dis-ease. The pressures of working, parenting, or attending school can be tremendously draining both physically and mentally. It is essential that we take time out of our busy schedules to focus on ourselves, and toward relaxation. Meditation does not require much time and is available for everyone. The most common complaint I tend to hear many people say is that they don't know HOW to meditate. In this guide, I will discuss a crystal focused meditation exercise that you may add to your current practices or do as needed.

To prepare for your Crystal meditation

  • select a room that is quiet and softly illuminated. Preferably, the room you choose will be the same room you use for each of your meditation periods. If at all possible, try to schedule your meditation time and durations at the same time and at the same time of day
  • Clothing should be comfortable and shoes should not be worn.
  • Select your quartz crystal (a single or double terminated generator is suggested) about palm sized or larger and bless your crystal in advance by any of the methods I have listed here you may even place the crystal in the sunlight for an afternoon.
  • Once you are seated in a comfortable position, begin a rhythmic breathing sequence by inhaling deeply through the nose, holding the breath for three seconds and slowly exhaling from the mouth. As you inhale, visualize cleansing golden/white light vibrations entering your body through your nose, and traveling down your trachea and filling your lungs, chest cavity and heart center with warm, glowing sensations.
  • As you exhale, visualize discordant vibrations, tension, confusion, and stress leaving your body through your mouth in dark, cloudy swirls of energy. Bless yourself, and your discordant vibrations in the name of Spirit or any deity you deem fitting when you seek comfort, protection, and solace. Cast these discordant vibrations unto the ether to find peaceful resolution.
  • Pick up your clear quartz crystal with your left hand and begin to gaze upon it, observing the unique features it has to offer (rainbows, chlorite phantoms, healed fractures, mists, etc) allow your consciousness to merge with your crystal.
  • As you inhale, use both hands to hold your crystal. Feel the transmuted energy, peacefully flowing into your hands. Let the crystal tell you about itself. Your crystal may seem to come alive in your hand, you may experience warm, tingling sensations in your hands. For some these sensations may be calming giving you feelings that instantly make you feel at peace, or this may be a gradual process. Some people like to use affirmations during this time, prayers such as the 23rd Psalm have also been used. You will notice that your rhythmic breathing becomes more and more shallow. 



  • I am patience
  • I am compassion
  • I am wisdom
  • I am mercy
  • I am serenity
  • I am love
  • I am selfless in the light of one.

Your affirmations are verbalized to instill in the conscious mind the precepts of Universal truth, and to merge the conscious mind with the subconscious motivations for peace and harmony. I have found that these very short one line affirmations are ones that will produce the desired as they are repeated slowly as a set three times.

  • Continue your rhythmic breathing throughout your affirmations. If Tingshaw (Tibetean meditation cymbals) are used in conjunction with the affirmations, the Tingshaw can be struck once prior to each affirmation.

Upon completing your affirmations, continue your rhythmic breathing. Allow your conscious mind to be further stilled by concentrating on your rhythmic breathing that is now more shallow. Settle yourself into the stillness and the inner sense of peace. Feel the burden of daily responsibilities lifted from your shoulders. Hear the sound of your heart beating in harmony with the universe.

When you feel ready to return to the reality of your meditation room, simply count backwards from ten to one. At the count of one, open your eyes and breathe deeply several times.

Remain seated, and allow yourself the time required to reintegrate into the third dimension of reality. Enjoy the moments and the vibrations that fill you as you reflect upon your meditation experience. At this point you may place your crystal on your altar space. Making sure that your meditation crystals are cleansed upon the next use. You may need to get up and move around, allow yourself time to journal any thoughts or symbols that may have presented themselves to you. Holding a Smoky quartz or Boji stone gently brings you back after meditation if you're feeling floaty. Another great grounding practice after meditation is to stand outside on the grass with barefeet, and allow your body to become grounded by the earth under your feet. Drink plenty of pure water to regenerate your cells.



Additional information on Crystal Meditations:

Perceptions and depth of meditations will vary, and are dependent upon patience, motivation, desire, and readiness to accept and utilize the principles shared. Every person is capable of learning to meditate, individual experiences and levels of spiritual atonement may be quite diverse, and with that being said one should not get into the habit of comparing personal meditation experiences to the meditation experiences of others. Comparisons and judgements  made about the relative stage of enlightenment and/or the assignment of levels of accomplishment or lack thereof to the experience of meditation serves only to facilitate the maintenance of illusions generated by egocentric drives.

Quite simply, meditation is for everyone. Comparisons are both unnecessary and counterproductive. No matter what the depth or the nature of the experience might be. Try to allow your intuitive wisdom to guide you in the understanding of meditation sequences. whether your meditations are rich in visual references or whether you only experience minor physical sensations. Accept the state and purpose of any given stage of evolution.