We all know the joys of treasure hunting, either at local thrift stores, antique malls, or just a good old fashioned garage sale, but not many people ever stop to think of the history behind the items they choose to bring into their homes. Just what kind of energy is attached to those  awesome boots you found at the Goodwill?  Most people don't think twice about cleansing or clearing residual energies off the old items they've found secondhand and have brought into their living places. Ideally, if you are cleansing your home you would believe that these items would also be cleansed as well. This is not always the case, as some items will need more attention and focus.  I am going to teach you how to clear and cleanse secondhand items, be it furniture, or clothing. 

When Do You Need To Cleanse An Item

  • Anytime you have been given or have purchased a second-hand item of any sort. Jewelry, clothing, furniture.

There are a few exceptions to this rule and this includes items that have been given to you by a trusted loved one. Someone who's energy you treasure and would like to keep preserved within the item(s). Also by trusting your intuition,  how you feel about the item speaks volumes. If you have purchased or received items and are comfortable with it's existing positive energy, then by all means keep it that way. 

  • Secondhand Items that are currently owned: If you currently have second hand items in your home or workspace and you suspect that they might be holding onto negative energy, it's probably best to clear the items.
  • Items made or sold under exploitative conditions 
  • Items that hold negative associations from your own past.

How To Clear Objects:

Here is a general cleansing ritual that I perform on all of my secondhand finds.

  • Physically wash the item: use natural or environmentally friendly soap cleanser to remove any dirt, dust, or debris from the item.
  • Place a clean white cloth on a table, or floor area where the items will not be disturbed. This works for small to medium sized items. If the item is really large you can skip this step.
  • The cloth and object(s) should be in a bright sunlit room. The sun is a very powerful healing and cleansing aid. The items should be placed in the sunlight anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. (This step is ideal, but for those who find this challenging or impossible for whatever reason it ok to skip this step).
  • Light a bundle of dried white sage: Smudge the object by allowing the smoke to cover and encompass completely. if it is an item that opens and closes, be sure to open any compartments, drawers, or doors to allow the smoke to flow freely.
  • Say a Prayer Or blessing: This is wonderful for setting your intention for the clearing of the items. Please feel free to ask for the divine aid of any spiritual helper you feel comfortable in aiding you in protection, this can be a deity, archangel,  or spirit guide. Ask that any and all stagnant energy and energetic attachments be cleansed and released from the items.  that your items be infused with positive and vibrant light, to assure that these items align with providing your home or workspace with love and all that is of higher vibrational energy. End Your prayer or blessing by thanking Great spirit, God, your angels, or guides, ect.


Cleansing used clothing

To clear  the energy of multiple pieces of pre-owned wash safe clothing add one-half cup of vinegar to the wash cycle. If you're going to dry the items, you can add some drops of sage, cedar, or sandalwood oil on a piece of cotton cloth. Then perform the 5th step of the object clearing method.

Beds & Upholstered Furniture

Cloth fabric is extremely absorbent of negative energies. If you are aware of a tragic event that has taken place on a bed or upholstered item it is best to get rid of the item altogether and replacing it with a new one.

Clearing will work just fine for secondhand items or items that you absolutely love after a break up. Often times after a divorce or break up purchasing new furniture isn't an option, so cleansing the item is important,  reupholstering is also a great option.


Artwork is a direct extension of the artist that created the work. The mindset and emotions of the artist are infused into their creations.  Ensure that you feel comfortable with the energy that is being conveyed in whatever piece it is that you purchase. To cleanse artwork, the previous object clearing ritual can be used.



I once purchased a beautiful  mirror a few years back from a local  antique store.  I took the mirror home with high hopes that it would look wonderful in my bedroom.  Little did I know  that this mirror was going to cause awful nightmares. The uneasiness that this mirror caused in my household was not only felt by me, but by my boyfriend at the time as well. Needless to say, we ended up returning the mirror back to the antique store. Mirrors are among the most mystical objects  as they have the ability to absorb the energy of the situations and environments they reflect. Unless you know where the mirror has been, or have a very good intuitive feeling about it, I would always recommend clearing second hand mirrors. You will repeat the same steps as in the object clearing description (above), except in step 1. you will use sea salt water (one tablespoon of salt to one cup water) and then wash over it again with white vinegar (the vinegar will work as a great glass cleaner).

Don't skip step 3!  just be sure not to start a fire, or blind anyone.

In your blessing  for your mirror, ask your guides to cancel, clear, and erase any old situations, environments, and/or memories that it might hold. and to please infuse it with the light of positivity and love.

Crystals, Rocks, and Gemstones

Special crystal cleansing techniques can be found here


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