Landscape photography by Ty Newcomb

Landscape photography by Ty Newcomb

Astrology by Lisa Stardust


The First Quarter Moon in Scorpio occurs on the 7th, giving us the cosmic push to put our intentions into place for manifesting our dreams. Fortunately for us, this week’s astrology yields good luck and prosperity—which will help us achieve our innermost visions. The Leo Sun softly connects with Jupiter, who is retrograde in philosophical Sagittarius, on the 7th, encouraging us to reach for the stars and express our desires with the world. The following day, Jupiter retrograde links up with Venus, expanding our hearts and minds. Venus, who’s currently in passionate Leo, and Jupiter retrograde meetup on the 8th, which is the ideal time to manifest. We must use the lovely energy on the 8th to our advantage—asserting our truest wishes into the universe. We will be more apt to forgive and resolve matters on the 8th, with the intention of having a completely open heart and mind. Aug 11th is a very active day. Mercury reenters Leo, taking us back to July 26th when Mercury first entered Leo. This is our cosmic redo of July 26th-July 19th. Jupiter turns direct on August 11th, after moonwalking for the past four months. We are retracing our moral high ground from April 10th (when Jupiter retrograde began) and stepping into our personal truths. Uranus retrograde in Taurus begins August 11th, lasting until January 10th, 2020, asking us to re-evaluate our finances and relationships by honoring those who value us the most.


March 21-April 19

You’re getting a big payback on creative visions this week, all of which is expanding your confidence and your wallet. Finally, you’re reaping the fruits of your hard labor. Be aware that while you’re on the road to success, others may try to cut you down and hurt your reputation. Allow yourself to only hold space for those who lift you up, rather than cut you down. Life’s too short for drama and to always be on guard in friendships. Your life is growing and evolving—those who cannot keep up and support you aren’t worth the energy or time. 


April 20-May 20

It’s been a long road towards happiness for you. This week tests your ability to be cheerful, as you are being thrown cosmic curveballs that will affect your energy. The only war to survive is to live and speak your truth. Don’t be afraid to let others know how you feel. Don’t let the fear of reflection rule your life. Standing in your truth is a place of power. It will allow you to connect to your higher self because you are being real. No more games. Just pure honesty. This will help you live your life to the fullest capacity. 


May 21-June 20

Relationships are at a standstill this week, due to clandestine secrets that are coming out of the dark. You may feel that your partner and friends are keeping important facts hidden, which in return is making you feel off-balance. All matters come to light eventually and this week resolves mysteries that are plaguing your mind. While you may want to hit reset on all relationship matters and work such problems out, you have to focus on your self-respect. If someone has hurt you, it may be time to set them free. No matter the outcome, always put your needs first.


June 21-July 22

This week is the ideal time to rejuvenate and restore your energy. The past few weeks have been a doozy, causing major stresses and anxieties to rise. You’re in desperate need of a relaxing and invigorating day full of self-care. All of the tensions within are causing restless nights and emotional meltdowns. It’s time to take care of yourself by meditating and going to a yoga class to decompress. While it may take a few days to get in the zen zone, you will learn to be calm in the moment—which is what your body, mind, and spirit crave.


July 23-August 22

Your professional ideals and goals are changing this week. Instead of moving forward with a new vision, you’re back peddling to manifest an old dream. While this may be your ultimate goal (at the moment) and you feel confident in executing this endeavor, it may be harder to take off and get started than you had thought. Rather than abandoning your dreams, go back to the drawing board and try to revise your plans. You may even surprise yourself by being inventive and creative in your pursuits. Don’t give up! Give yourself the time and patience to try harder. 


August 23-September 22

You’re now walking to the beat of your own drum, which is encouraging your lesser seen eccentricities to come out. You’re embracing new thoughts and experimenting with relationships to find yourself. Let your mind expand through trying out different methods, if only to promote and cradle self-evolution. You’re becoming an individual and veering away from the norms of the status quo (all of which is commendable and applaudable). Accept your unconventional beliefs and lifestyle this week. Don’t hide them from others. Be yourself and others will flock to be near you—because you are being the most authentic version of yourself.


September 23-November 21

Always one to live by the rules and civilities of society—you are now fed up with playing by the rules. You’re tired of seeing heartbreaking news every day and yearn for change in the world. This week, you’ll opt to rage against the constraints that hold you (and others) back. You’re taking a stand and asserting your beliefs on others. You may be met with backlash, particularly from your friends who do not share the same beliefs as you. Stand tall and proud knowing you are living your life the way you want. Fight for your rights. Take a stand!


October 23-November 21

You’re asserting your will onto others with the intention of winning an intellectual debate. While you may feel as though your opinions are not being heard—they are. You are being seen by others. Whether or not your views are being understood is a different matter. Make a checklist stating what you want to express and speak with precision to clarify all matters. You’re a great debater and amazing at playing the devil’s advocate, which is why you will be a victor amongst your peers. The only caveat is that you may become emotional at times. Keep your guard up.


November 22-December 21

You’re always one to seek out the philosophical lesson from personal drama—especially when others are to blame. But, this week you are stuck in an emotional rut because you are seeing that you are the one at fault. Understanding your part may be hard, as you tend to have a high moral bar for others—even yourself. Making mistakes makes us all human—and accepting that we have hurt others is hard, however, necessary to evolve. The conflict within is causing you to not take the moral high road, which is to apologize. Sometimes saying “sorry” is the hardest thing to do.


December 22-January 19

What are your deepest dream? What do you truly wish to manifest? What do you love? These are all the questions you will be facing in the week ahead. The universe is knocking at your door, asking you to make important  decisions about your future. The caveat is that you are being cosmically asked to make a choice that will not only elevate your mind—but your heart as well. Committing to your deepest visions will prove challenging in this mortal coil filled with materialism and pessimism. However, you are getting clearer in honoring your truest self. Keep the faith. 


January 20-February 18

Life is a bowl of cherries this week—full of sweetness and sour times. While you’ve been blossoming into the best version of yourself, there’s been a ton of conflict within forcing you to second guess your desires. Practice positive affirmations in front of a mirror this week to squash insecurities and to build up your confidence. Over time you will see the difference and will be happy to find that you’ve built up your confidence. By encouraging positive growth within, you are opening up your energy to new possibilities and opportunities—all of which will help you transform and rediscover yourself.


February 19-March 20

You’ve been shying away from the public eye, due to your desire to privately deal with personal problems. This week, you’re stepping out and discussing your issues with your friends and family—only to be open with them about the reasons behind your recent strange behavior. You will feel seen and heard by your peers, which will encourage more acts of candor in the weeks to come. Your bluntness and strength will give you peace of mind, allowing you to feel calmer and more confident than before. Your core group of friends will shock you by their immense support, love, and kindness.