The Age of Aquarius: Lunar Eclipse Magic to Inspire Social Justice


Written by  Lisa Stardust

The Blood Moon lunar eclipse occurring on July 27th in the sign of Aquarius will bring to the surface a lot of inspired but tense energies, so it is important to fuel confidence while also taking care of ourselves. The Moon will link up with Mars, pushing us all to take a firmer, more public stance on social justice. How will we best use this intense and valuable energy in the outside world? We begin within.

Fiery Mars has the ability to both create and destroy life. The warrior planet fights endlessly and aggressively to protect and serve others. However, during this eclipse, Mars will be moving backwards, during its mid-retrograde motion, which lasts the whole summer. The planet of birth and annihilation is stirring within us, but may make it difficult to exert our passions. With Mars on the eclipse point, expect tension to arise, especially with Mercury Retrograde beginning the day before the eclipse.

An eclipse activated by Mars Retrograde in the sign of airy Aquarius gives us the chance to change the narrative of our story about how we interact with humanitarian efforts, and gives us another shot to move forward if we’ve previously lapsed. With several cosmic players retrograde in the skies, now is the time to actively augment the way we think in order to act according to our deepest beliefs. We know we should all fight for justice in the outside world, but developing the confidence to take action will allow us to engage with our inner humanitarian warrior, and benefits society at large.



The Aquarius Blood Moon eclipse will be the longest eclipse of the 21st century. If possible, make time during the eclipse (1:20PM PST and 4:20PM EST)  to do this ritual, or to do a manageable portion, such as breath work and writing intentions. We will be setting an intention in 8 steps; 8 being the number of Aquarius.

Using an oil made from lime, which is the fruit of Aquarius, for clarity, and cucumber to add a sea breeze fragrance to oil, we will surround ourselves in a circle of light from candles under the eclipse to awaken our confidence and inner strength through breath work and creating a talisman to carry with us at all times as a reminder of our power. We will also, in traditional Aquarius fashion, drink moon water with lime and cucumber, as the eclipse is in the sign of the cup bearer to awaken our inner warrior.


— 2 Fresh Limes

— 2 Fresh Cucumbers

— 1 Cup of Glycol Oil (unscented oil), however, you can substitute Olive Oil, it won’t stay as fresh as Glycol over time.

— Air tight container

— Glass of Water (for Moon Water)

— Blue candles to honor the sign Aquarius, representing inner truth and justice, as well as healing around emotional development, for the circle of light. Since this eclipse is activated by Mars, red candles, representing courage, are the second best choice. However, if you do not have blue or red candles, white or yellow candles work for protection and general manifestation.

— A crystal or stone you feel represents you. Preferably red coral for Mars, or Amethyst for Aquarius. However, if you do not have these, you can annotate your crystal or stone of choice—even a little rock will work.

— A scarf or little fabric pouch

Directions for the Oil:

— Slice the skin of the lime off into small strips.

— Peel off the skin of the cucumber.

— Add the lime and cucumber skin with oil into a bowl. 

— Steep the mixture for 1 hour.

— Pour oil into the air-tight container.

— Do not throw out lime or cucumber, you will need them later in the spell.

Directions for Moon Water:

— Place a glass of water by window or outside under the Moon. The Lunar Eclipse will infuse powerful energy into the water.

Directions in 8 Steps (in numerology, the number 8 represents Aquarius):

— Set the mood. Make a playlist and put on music to help set the ambiance and theme for your intention.

— Create a circle of light around you. Use candles, preferably red for protection when casting your intention.

— Clear your mind through Breathwork. Sit cross legged on the floor, surrounded by candles. Close your eyes and prepare to awaken the 7 Chakras by taking Kundalini breaths.

Sit still and cross legged, align your fingers in Guyan Mudra (in which the thumb and pointer finger touch) resting on knees, and close your eyes. Feel your spine lifting up to the sky, using the Breath of Fire (rapid breathing in and out of the nose) breathing from the solar plexus to clear your mind, releasing and protecting against negativity, and calming the nervous system.

— Set your intention. Once you have cleared your mind, meditate and visualize blockages holding you back. Think about what you want to release to clear your path and what you wish to bring in to fuel your actions.

— Awaken your body. Place oil on ankles, the body part associated with Aquarius, and crown chakra, which represents Aquarius, to help motivate your intentions.

— Anoint the crystals or stone you chose with the oil as you have anointed your body. Carefully rub a drop of the oil onto the stone to infuse it with the energy behind your set of intentions.

— Carry your confidence with you. While confidence is found within, carrying your crystal or stone with you will serve as a physical reminder to the self of your confidence in taking right actions in the outer world.

— Ingest the fruit with moon water. Add slices of the leftover cucumber and squeeze the lime into the cup of moon water. As you drink from the energetic cup, feel the warmth in your body, releasing negative vibes, allowing a transformative inner glow to appear. With this final step, you are healing wounds and gaining inner power, evoking strength and your inner warrior.


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