Sexual Healing with the Scorpio Full Moon


Written by  Lisa Stardust

The Scorpio Full Moon April 29th is prime time for magic. Scorpio is the sign of sex, death, and taxes. The death aspect of Scorpio pushes us to shed old skins so that we can make ourselves ready to achieve our purest and truest goals. The Scorpio full moon serves as a time to connect our with our physical and spiritual bodies. With sex magic we are able to access both planes, so that our bodies and our souls unite, taking us to new heights of experience.

The famous occultist Aleister Crowley believed in using specific rituals before orgasm or after to “see” visions through eroto-comatose lucidity, due to blood rushing through your body to enhance connections with the spiritual world. Crowley believed it’s your choice to charge  your talisman to create “magical children” to carry out ones magical work for them. However, in this exercise, we are using visualization and manifestation to connect the mind and body—activating the subconscious to create one’s own personal inner magic.

On the physical plane, endorphins released during sex make us feel good. Allowing good vibes to reign for a period of time, in the midst of the full moon in a sign as deep and healing as Scorpio, triples what we can refer to as a chemical effect.

The impact of your body’s response to sexual pleasure can be greatly enhanced using a few simple tools chosen to unite the body and spirit seamlessly under the powerful full moon.

One of those tools is the power of symbols. Unlocking your subconscious with sacred symbols while in your heightened state of blissful consciousness will allow you to make positive connections to the higher powers in the universe. If chosen carefully, using these symbols in the right moment, they can help you to eradicate what holds you back from manifesting your dreams.

What follows is a recipe for manifesting those desires:



●     To set the mood, light a pink candle for love and/or a red candle for passion. Red is more intense.

●     Write out your intention on paper.

●     Take out the vowels from your written intention.

●     Connect the letters to create your own sigil.

●     Take several deep breaths to de-stress your body and calm your mind.

●     Run a warm Himalayan salt bath to purify  and relax the nervous system.

●     Play some sensuous tunes to get you in the mood.

●     As you pleasure yourself and you reach a heightened sensitivity, focus on your sigil.