Happy New Moon In Aquarius ~2017

"Let the forces of light bring illumination to humankind. - Alice Bailey"

January 27/28th our lovely Luna falls into the fixed air sign of Aquarius, the water bearer. She has the gift of holding heavy emotions and holding space for us all. This lunar transit deals with

  • Facts (not alternative facts)
  • Organization
  • Political issues
  • Inspiration from unconventional places
  • Humanitarian & charitable matters

There is a general sense of wanting to save the world through social action and making meaningful connections with others. The Aquarius new Moon can feel like a highly dramatic mood change especially because there may be feelings of extremes, from optimism to pessimism. 2016 was a difficult year for some and a time of major endings, 2017 is now the time for beginnings. The life, death, and rebirth cycle has begun and with that many truths will be revealed. There is a revolutionary energy bubbling to the surface.  In the wake of The United States' post-election turmoil, many people are anxious and concerned with how the decisions being made by those in office will affect the greater good of humanity as a whole, and on a global scale. Yes, friends we are only just beginning to scratch the surface, and can expect with the coming year many truths to be revealed. It is important for us to become acquainted with these energetic shifts, sitting with them,  and making it a priority to check in with ourselves and our needs on all levels: Spiritually, mentally, and physically.  The new moon in Aquarius is an excellent time to take an inventory of just how far you've come, and to start figuring out which direction you plan to start heading. 

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus who is known for shaking up your life and awakening us from the deep sleep of conformity and "comfort". The Aquarius moon ask us to awaken and to shift our perspectives perhaps in a manner that expands our vision to something greater.  

Aquarius new moon tips: Limit restrictions and live with as much freedom as possible. 

Essential oils: Lavender, Rose, Sandal wood, Frankincense 

Stones: Garnet, Black tourmaline, Smokey quartz 

How to create your own meaningful New Moon Ritual 

Aquarius Moon Meditation & Journal 

Sitting in silence, breathe the sign of Aquarius into your heart center. Allow your eyes to relax, and your breathing to deepen. Envision a soft lavender color beginning to surround your entire body. Breathe that color into your heart, and move it upward into your head's crown, filling the eye sockets and slowly moving to the top of the head and outward.  Allow this  illuminating light to fill you with a new vision and perspective. See all of the possibilities of a coming "New age".

Can you hold your vision steady with knowing that you create the world you want by the power of your thoughts and vision?

Allow your mind to recognize our essential unity, our connectedness.

What does equality among human beings inhabiting the planet at this time feel like?  

There is no "right" or "wrong" during this exercise, honor what feelings/emotions  come up for you and hold that vision in your mind's eye. Know that we are ONE spirit, allow yourself to feel inspired.