NEW MOON in Leo August 14th, 2015

With the new moon in Leo comes some dramatic happenings especially concerning emotions and being the center of attention. This is a moon of exuberance, vitality, and the best time to successfully work out issues with people who are in authoritative positions of power. Now is the time to take the direct approach and assert yourself. It is high drama with this moon, as she is going to step out onto the stage to entertain us once again. You may be tempted to act out the “drama queen” aspect of yourself, or you may simply just want to be romantic. Either way, this is a time of vital energy, affection, and again romance. A fiery Lion extravaganza! “Everybody is a star” and everyone will be recognized for his/her particular Goddess within.

You will want to spend money during this moon transit as it’s a bit hard to recognize limits when the moon is in Leo. This is also a time for power issues to ERUPT! Who will be the center of attention? Ambition + leadership can become very important issues as we are all well aware that Leo has great pride, which can become extremely evident right now. As our moon moves to Virgo, the ambitious energy of Leo will become unassuming. Try enjoying the warmth of kindness and generosity, excitement and exuberance with parties and celebrations. Renew & invigorate yourself this New moon.

New Moon Self-Confidence Ritual Bath & Meditation

  • Calendula blossoms

  • red raspberry leaves

  • yellow & pink candles

  • A really pretty teacup or your favorite mug
  1. Use equal parts of the herbs and you should have a substantial quantity ( 1 cup of each)
  2.  Combine herbs in a bowl and create an infusion by pouring boiling water over them. allow to steep for 15 minutes.
  3. Strain, reserve enough of the infusion for one cup of tea. You may add the remainder of the infusion into your bath of warm water.
  4. Float a few calendula blossoms into the bath, light the candles, and drink your tea. You may add honey or a natural sweetener.

Leo Moon Meditation:

Sitting in silence, breathe in the sign of Leo and place it in your heart center. As the golden color of the sun surrounds you, allow it to fill your body with courage, strength, and fire. Recognize the power of your individual self. Your will is strong and your calling is to express and illuminate. Choose to express that will with love.

Leo Mantra: "What is it that I have been given to express?"

"How can I do that with an open and generous heart?"