Letting Go: A Ritual.


When we do a ritual, we are both enclosing ourselves in the place between the worlds and we are entering the worlds to celebrate to heal and to make change.This is a simple candle ritual for letting go when it's time to say goodbye to the people, and habits that no longer serve our highest good.

Write on a piece of paper, in red ink, all the things that you want to let go of, the things that you keep in your life because of ego needs. Draw a circle, and call in your guides/helpers. Cleanse the circle by incense, salt, or sage and light a red candle. Calling on your higher self to hear what you are asking. Light the paper from the red candle and visualize yourself as completely free of the old conditioning that is holding you back.  (You will need a fire proof dish or shell to place the burning paper in.) In addition to the color red being the color of the base (root) chakra and the color we think of as pure energy, where do you think the color got that reputation? the blood we shed each month, the blood that is shed when we are born. What could give more power? what could symbolize better, the re-commitment to a new life that is totally different. A birth emerges from the red of power. Feel that color coming up into your very being, with energy and renewal of spirit. Blessed be.