The Vajra- Seattle's hidden jewel.

The Vajra  is a lovely hidden jewel located in the colorful neighborhood of Capitol Hill in Seattle Washington. Clouds of Raj laxmi incense can be smelled burning from about a street away. Once inside you are taken into what feels like a life sized altar. From the Goddess statutes, crystals,  tarot decks, and a bountiful supply of high quality essential oils. The Vajra is just so much more than a metaphysical store, it is a local beacon of light with some of the kindest, and most genuine women I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with. Tarot readers, astrologers, and practitioners from all walks of life are what make this place so special.  Each Monday, The Vajra  offers workshops ranging from  healing with the tarot to dream circles, astrology, guided meditation, and crystal healing.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Rachel Townsend the owner of The Vajra, as well as artist and one of my personal favorite readers, Michelle Bloom. For more information on the Vajra be sure to check out their website  Michelle offers Crystal & Tarot insights at