Goddess Of The Week: Hasnaa At-Tauhidi

Name: Hasnaa At-Tauhidi

Location: Bay Area, California.

Astrological Sign/rising: Sun and Moon Pisces, Leo Ascendent.

Occupation: Currently I hold several vocations. I work at a non-profit, cultural and wellness center. I teach workshops about specific Spirit based wellness practices. I see clients one on one as a transformational visionary guide. Basically I help people awaken to their life's purpose, their pre-birth plan, and their soul lessons. I educate people about the intersection of karma, fate, destiny, past lives, soul contracts, universal law and how energy and vibration can be used to fulfill our divine plan. I make kits that include tools for vibrational attunement. I have a lot of different mediums but I work mostly with plant and earth medicine. That's the work that im blessed to do. My own pre-birth plan was to incarnate as a way-shower, to help the planet ascend into higher frequencies at this very important time in the evolution of the planet. My focus is on channeling ancient hidden wisdom, disseminating it, making it very tangible and accessible for everyone to integrate into their daily lives. So i'm also a writer.

Which Goddess or Goddess Archetype do you most identify with and why?

I definitely have resonated with Lilith for many lifetimes. Lilith is often depicted as a demon which is typical because there are so many situations where the person who is marginalized becomes demonized when the story is told by the oppressor. The myth of Lilith is that she was the first partner of Adam prior to Eve. Adam wanted her to lay beneath him during sex and she refused. She said, why would I lie beneath you, I am your equal. After she refused to become subservient to him she left the Garden of Eden(or was banished). For me Lilith symbolizes the very nature of Free Will. How despite fate, destiny and karmic bounds we all have agency in our lives, the free will to chose. She also symbolizes our shadow, the part of ourselves that we cast away, banish or withhold love from because it is deemed "unacceptable" by someone else's standards. She has been the goddess that I have worked with the most. However recently I began to resonate much more deeply with Sophia, the goddess of wisdom who is considered to be Gods bride.

How do you get in touch with/unleash your inner goddess ?

In my practice, I channel or invoke various Goddesses depending on the type of work that I am doing. If I am working with a particular goddess for a long period of time I will create an altar in her honor. Because I have my favorites, I have specific rituals that I have found work well with certain archetypal energies. For example if i am doing shadow work I will invoke Lilith. If I am doing creative work I will call on one of the Muses. It all depends on what I am using them for.

What is your Goddess superpower?

I always jokingly say that my superpower is charm. But I actually as a born Empath my superpower is Clairsentience, feeling other peoples energy.


Will You join us in the sacred twerk circle?
Depends on the vibes I suppose : )

Twitter: @thatgirlhas

Instagram : Vibrationalmedicine