Our First Mercury RX Of 2016


From January 5th, 2016 to January 25th, 2016 We will be experiencing the first Mercury Rx of the New Year, hooray! We all just survived 2015, so let's show this retrograde how mentally prepared we are (kinda). Be open and receptive to the lessons our lovely Mercurial teacher has in store for us by being mindful of the usual stuff.

• Don't sign legal documents and/or major contracts

• Expect travel delays, give yourself some flexibility in your travel schedule. • Be open to subconscious messages (the truth ALWAYS comes to the surface).

•Tell your ex you're still not interested (pesky ex's love making appearances during  retrogrades) • Go inward: truly use this time for deep introspection: grounding mediation, journaling, painting, resting. release & explore all of your emotions in a healthy creative manner. 

'We're all familiar by now with the dreaded Mercury Retrograde post, but life isn't about hiding from the difficulties or setbacks that may take place during retrograde. The Universe gives us very deliberate lessons for our personal growth, and healing.  Let's try to keep our thoughts positive and our vibrations raised high! we are setting the foundation for the rest of our year. We got this!