Full Moon In Scorpio Wellness

A full Moon that occurs between April 21st and May 21st will be in Scorpio.

Use this moon for:

  • Purging intense emotional matters  such as: guilt, lust, or obsession.
  • Keeping things secret.
  • Solving mysteries and getting to the root of the issue.
  • Concentration, and exam revision.
  • Healing the sexual organs.

Scorpio Full Moon is a time of Death and rebirth (not necessarily physical death), intensity, extremes, and heightened sensitivity. It is good for focusing, being sexual, and also doing psychic work because of the deep emotions and desires Scorpio brings. Since sensitivity is heightened, this moon is a wonderful time to deeply connect and feel the Goddess, especially the dark Crone Goddesses. During the Scorpio full moon opinions and feelings are intense and penetrating. Strong desires, especially sexual yearnings , run deep with emotions at their peak.

Be cautious of emotional resentments, as this is a time where past feelings can surface and block your very heightened creative energy, so fight the urges to be suspicious, secretive, and moody. This is a time of regeneration, and cleaning out of emotional debris from the previous month. There is great energy to complete things and focus on certain areas that you have found yourself too scattered to deal with the previous cycle. Take the time now for sexual exploration, as well as relaxation.


Full Moon in Scorpio (Taurus Sun) rituals are high energy and psychic. The veil is thin between the worlds, so during your Scorpio full moon rituals the Goddesses joins the circle easily. Anything that you can do in the two to three Scorpio days for the region of the sexual organs has a doubly beneficial preventative and healing affect, as Scorpio rules the sexual organs. Anything that puts a heavier burden on the sexual organs and urinary tract has a harmful effect during this transit than any other days. If you are able to postpone surgery or operations on the sexual organs during this time, it is best. Expectant mothers should also be cautious to stay clear of any heavy strain/exertion during this time. As  it is believed that miscarriage occurs easily during the Scorpio full moon.

  • Vaginal steams/healing baths with herbs such as: Yarrow, rose, jasmine, raspberry, holy basil can be used as a healing aid for women during this full moon. Vaginal (Yoni) steaming is effective because the soft tissues of a woman's vagina are extremely porous and quickly absorb the vapors of the steam. The heat of the steam stimulates circulation and blood flow to the pelvic area, and combined with the medicinal benefits of the herbs, will nourish, tone, and cleanse the vaginal tissues and whole pelvic region. *Please do not use vaginal steaming if you are: pregnant, menstruating,  or if there is infection present.
  • Healing baths
  • Meditation and/or releasing ritual.
  • Healthy sexual play

Erotic Bath

  • 4 drops essential oil of neroil
  • 4 drops essential oil of tuberose
  • 4 drops essential oil of ylang ylang

These essences added to the bath or blended into massage oil have been said to put women in the mood, and the fragrance worn on a woman's skin serves to put men in the mood, or whoever you intend to attract.



Light a deep red candle and burn incense of or oil of Myrrh or ginger. Sitting in silence, breathe in the sign of Scorpio and place it in your heart center. visualize the color scarlet surrounding you, and breathe that color into your heart, allow it to fill you with stregnth, courage, intensity, and passion. Honor these powerful energies and ask that they be used to assist in the journey to transform lower nature into your highest good.



Crystal meditation: Selenite


Named for Selene The Moon Goddess,  Selenite crystals appear in many different shapes and color varieties. Clear or frosty, clusters, arrowheads, wands, towers, spheres these are all wonderful aids for meditation as selenite opens the passageway between spiritual wisdom and Earthly comprehension. The pure white light vibration of this stone is  amplified during meditation and elevates the conscious mind, for some even claiming to access  realms beyond the third dimension. Selenite brings clarity of mind, access to angelic consciousness, past lives, detachment of entities and mental clarity to reveal core issues to difficult situations.


Meditating with Selenite

1. Prepare for your selenite meditation by selecting a piece of selenite that feels size appropriate for you. Cleanse and bless your crystal, study the shape and layered formation of your crystal. Feel the inclusions that may be present within your crystal. Affirmations are also good to incorporate before utilizing this meditation, for more information on affirmations to use during your crystal meditations we have some available to you here. 

2. Situate yourself in an upright position in a quiet dimly lit room. Inhale deeply through your nose and slowly exhale from your mouth. As you inhale, visualize golden/white light energy entering your nose, filling your lungs, chest cavity and heart center. allow tension, stress, frustration to be released, leaving your body through your mouth as you exhale. Continue your deep breathing until you feel relaxed. 

3.Pick up your Selenite, place it in your left hand and place your right hand beneath your left hand and cradle your crystal in your lap. gaze at your selenite crystal and quietly attune yourself to the glowing white of the crystal. Slowly raise your selenite crystal to your crown chakra (top of head) allow the white light of the selenite to penetrate into the crown chakra.

4. remove the selenite from your crown chakra, and place it onto your third eye center for up to 5 minutes. While your selenite is positioned here, you may repeat a calming affirmation, or you may wish you calmly lay in silence and allow your mind to journey into light-mindedness.you might experience visions of distant lands, conscious channeling, or you might find yourself traveling through the cosmos or conversing with light beings. Individual results may vary, but for those who are diligent and patient selenite can open the door to enlightenment beyond measure which is why this is one of my absolute favorite healing crystals to work with. 

5. when you're ready to end your meditation, slowly count backwards from 10, to 1. when you reach one, remain SEATED and DO NOT open your eyes. 

visualize your feet as being the roots of a large tree, reaching through the floor and sinking deep into mother Earth. Attune to the Earth, hold this visual of yourself firmly planted and rooted back into the physical plane.Hold this visualization for 3-5 minutes. It is important that we ground ourselves back into the physical plane after our crystal meditations,to allow us feelings of  well-being and security. Once again, slowly count back from ten to one. When you reach one, open your eyes. Breathe deeply several times, inhaling through your nosr and out through your mouth you will feel very relaxed, invigorated, and fully grounded back into the third dimension reality. 

  • NEVER  cleanse your selenite with water, this will cause it to erode and weakens the structure of your crystal. For information on how to cleanse your Selenite  crystals you will find more information HERE


Forgiveness: A practice for inner peace.

When you're holding onto old emotions of heavy resentment , anger, or hatred towards another, its a painful thing to live with. To put it simply, your feelings get stuck. When forgiving someone, the will can't be pressured until it is ready. The intent of wanting or being willing to forgive requires honesty, and self-acceptance. It also helps to have the ability to deal with your emotions. We learn to create kindness instead of focusing on others' mistakes. Forgiveness means letting go of past resentments, and owning up to our own behaviors. It is a willingness to look at our past with humor. Forgiveness has this uncanny ability to bring humility of self, which in turn brings a feeling a gratitude for life. Gratitude is a blessing, which greater happiness can be manifested. "The forgiving state of mind is a magnetic power for attracting good."  by practicing gratitude, we may begin to recognize the goodness of our lives, and when we are in a forgiving state, gratitude will come easy.

As an ongoing daily practice and process, forgiveness can encourage a greater self-love and soothes our relationships with others. Our lack of self-love affects our ability to love others. If we can forgive, our perceptions of events that occur will change. Forgiveness holds the promise of greater happiness by first forgiving ourselves. Often times we blame ourselves for which keeps us from loving others. Forgiveness of self allows for forgiving of others, and releases us from self-hatred while opening doors to faith in life and people. Forgiveness IS the ultimate healing force.

"True Forgiveness is the recognition that the event never happened the way we had perceived it. The miracle is the change in perception. With forgiveness, the idea of separation disappears so the healing is accomplished. We are reunited- or know we were never separated- from Goddess or from each other."

A Forgiveness Meditation:

  • Close your eyes and visualize the person(s) that you have resentment and wish to forgive.
  • Let him/her into your heart space.
  • Feel him/her as part of you, and say to this specific person how you feel: "I forgive you for whatever you have done, through your words actions or thoughts that caused me pain, whether it was intentional or unintentional." Realize that this is a difficult process, so please don't be too critical of yourself if this doesn't come easily. Repeat the above forgiveness affirmation, or create one of your own that you feel touches on your specific situation that needs healing.
  • The affirmation "I forgive you" is powerful in itself being said several times as you envision the person that has caused the hurt. As you do these affirmations you begin the process to open your heart bit by bit. It might hurt, be gentle with yourself let go of the incredible anger, bitterness, hardness, and resentment as much as you can.
  • If you would like someone to forgive you, you can also practice this meditation using the same technique , only asking for forgiveness. Allow compassion, gentleness, and love to enter your heart.

Forgive Others, Forgive Yourself.


Full Moon In Leo Wellness

A Full Moon That Occurs between January 21st and February 18 will be in Leo.

Use this time for matters concerning:

  • Power
  • leadership
  • success
  • creativity
  • determination
  • Healing the heart and chest
"The heart region houses the power of our love. If we do not allow this to unfold, for whatever reason, then in the truest sense of the word we strangulate our heart. We have allowed ourselves to be persuaded that love is a sentimental feeling. It is not. the essence of feelings is their constant variation ; they are merely the accompanying symptoms of other things- thoughts and perceptions. One cannot build on something that is constantly altering like quicksand. Love is the thing that maintains us in life, that inspires us, that is always there- for you and for all of us. But only when it is given unreservedly, without ulterior motives, and expectations. The more one gives of it, the more there is!" - Johanna Paungger

A Full moon in Leo meditation:

Light a gold or orange candle and anoint yourself using frankincense, cinnamon or orange. Sitting in silence breath in the sign of Leo and place it into your heart center. As you envision the golden color of the sun surrounding you, allow it to fill you with courage, strength, and fire. recognize the power of your individual self by repeating the mantra: "My will is strong and my calling is to express and illuminate. I choose to express that will with love".


  • Citrine : abundance, joy, prosperity
  • Carnelian: courage, protection, blood circulation
  • Kunzite:releases blocks of the heart, releases daily stress

Cleanse your crystals using the raw power of this Leo moon, by following our crystal cleansing techniques at Crystal Cleansing 101 or try timing your spells by the moon utilizing this guide here.




Energetic Bridge Meditation

Ensure you are somewhere where you will be uninterrupted for at least 20 minutes. Come to lie on your back, on a bed or on the floor. Make sure you are comfortably supported using props such as a pillow under the back of the knees or a pillow under the head. Also ensure that you will be warm, perhaps covering yourself with a blanket or donning extra layers.

The Integratron

The Integratron is perhaps one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my entire life. I first learned of  the Integratron through some musician friends of mine who had received a sound bath there.  On a recent trip to California's Joshua Tree, we decided to make a quick detour and visit . By now you may be asking, what exactly IS The Integratron?