The Realms of Truth and the Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius


By: Lisa Stardust


The Strawberry Full Moon, occurring June 17th, offers us a time to connect to our inner truths on a deep level. The past and upcoming week’s cosmic energy is intense. During this luminary, we will have a momentary reprieve from the confusion and power struggles that have been permeating our auric fields and allow ourselves to evolve our thoughts.


The Sagittarius Moon will align with the asteroid Ixion (who rules over futurity) and softly connects with passionate asteroid Eris. Fair minded Juno and lovelorn Sedna (two other asteroids) will both form a frustrating aspect with the Moon. All together,  this means that we will be cosmically tasked to assert our will and fight for our dreams—no matter what obstacles stand in our way. The only caveat, is that Neptune, who is extremely active in the sky, may create confusion around what our truest visions are. This also can mean self-deceit, which may create inner conflict, as we are not being honest with ourselves. However, there’s hope for us to reach our most idealized potential.


The degree of the Full Moon sits on the Galactic Center, which will help us understand and manifest our innermost desires. The Galactic Center falls in the middle of the entrance to the Milky Way. Sagittarius, who is the protector of our galaxy, stands on all fours at this celestial point with a bow and arrow ready to shoot at any given moment. As the defender of the galaxy, Sagittarius is touted as the high minded philosopher known to understand all worldly truths. This is because it’s important for the armed sign to know when and how to sling its arrows. The Galactic Center is a degree and place of insight. It’s the transmitter of “Divine Consciousness.” It’s a place of freedom. It’s where our hearts soar and where we can be the purest form of ourselves, with no restrictions and judgements.


Under the Strawberry Full Moon, in the sign of honorable Sagittarius, we will use smoke scrying to connect with the “other” world and find our inner truths. We will be able to decipher and clarify what we want as individuals. Only then, can we fight for our dreams.


*The Full Moon occurs June 17th at 1:30AM PST and 4:30AM EST.




Directions for Smoke Scrying


  • Meditate on your goal or intention.

  • Take a smudge stick and light it.

  •  Place in a bowl or cauldron.

  •  Let the smudge stick burn.

  •  Follow the smoke with your eyes as it fills the air.

  •  Watch the smoke dance in the air and its shadows on the wall.

  •  Make note in a  journal about the messages are receiving messages from spirits.

  •  Interpret the images once you receive them from the universe.

  •  Use the images to help understand your truest intention and objectives to manifest under the Full Moon.


Emotional Healing Under the Cancer Full Moon


By: Lisa Stardust

The Cancer Full Moon occurs less than 24 hours after the Winter Solstice, illuminating the sky with light right after the darkest and longest day of the year. With the juxtaposing energies at play, we will experience spiritual and emotional awakenings as we honor the rebirth of the Sun and the Full Moon at the same time.

The line between the spiritual and psychical world will be thinned, as the Moons glow will enlighten us all to the secrets of the universe, allowing us to see clearly, without hesitations. The veil between realms will be thinner than usual, turning on our intuition and raising vulnerabilities to psychic attacks, emotional meltdowns, exhaustion, and anxiety. The most sensitive tipping point occurs at the exact time of the Full Moon, which is why emotional healing and protection is essential during this particular luminary. The Grand Water Trine occurring the day before the Full Moon (during the Solstice) will make us extra absorbent, by picking up the energies of others (by way of sentimental Venus and delicate Neptune).

The Cancer Full Moon gives us the opportunity to mend loose ends and close chapters in our lives, as we head into new season and year. As the second Full Moon in Cancer this year (the first one occurred January 1st) we are emotionally releasing all the upsets, grief, anger, and pain we have felt since New Year’s Day 2018, giving us the strength to enter a new season and new year with a clean slate.

Creating a purifying salt bath (to purify our aura), filled with eucalyptus (to aid in healing emotional ailments), lavender (to help us relax), rose quartz (to mend our hearts and confidence), amethyst (to revive and treat our emotional upsets), and moonstone (to evoke the Moon Goddess in balancing out our best emotions) will boost our auric field and attune our inner vibration, allowing us to release old sentiments by cleansing our body, mind, and sprit under this luminary.

*The Cancer Full Moon occurs December 22nd at 9:48AM PST and 12:48PM EST


-Moon Water

-6 drops of Eucalyptus Oil or Eucalyptus Leaves

-4 Lavender Oil or Fresh Lavender

-Rose Quartz

-Amethyst Crystal


-Himalayan Sea Salt, Epson Salt, or Kosher Salt


-Place rose quartz, amethyst, and moonstone in a cup of water. Charge a cup of water under the Moon’s glow during the day. You can leave the cup by the window sill to absorb the lunar energy.

-Run a warm bath.

-Put a cup of salt in the bath.

-Place 6 drops of eucalyptus oil or leaves in bath (the number 2 is the numerological number of the Moon, therefore, we are using even numbers to honor the Moon Goddess).

-Place 4 drops of lavender oil or flowers in bath.

-Add the rose quartz, amethyst, and moonstone to water.

-Enter bath and close your eyes, meditating on the stillness of your mind and the warmth of the water.

-Put on soothing music, lay in the bath. Let the water heal your mind, body, spirit, and heart by washing away the pain and frustrations you feel within.



 Written by Jessica Lanyadoo 


On the 7th there is a powerful New Moon in Scorpio that delivers deep healing potential. This New Moon brings with it a powerful intensity that can shine new light on old problems or simply bring something to the surface that you’ve been avoiding. Don’t shy away from intensity; it’s exactly what you need to feel in order to heal. New Moons happen when the Moon and Sun meet in the sky at the exact same degree, and they happen once per year in each sign. When it comes to the Moon, the only way out is in, so stay with whatever comes up for you this week instead of trying to explain it away or ignore it. Scorpio is a deeply emotional sign. Expect to be confronted with feels that you’ve had shame around or on topics that are somewhat taboo. It’s good to look at your shadow, even if it feels bad. Your shadow is a part of you, and only by accepting and owning it can you transform it. That’s exactly what this lunar shift is here to help you do.

Be willing to use your feelings as information. Here are some questions to explore, as honestly as you can. Now is the time to heal your wounds.

New Moon Homework:

- What have I been avoiding?

- What people, situations, or attitudes am I holding on to that I know aren’t working?

- What am I willing to release in efforts to be more whole?

- Where have I held others or myself to excessively harsh standards?

- Can I give myself permission to make mistakes? Furthermore, can I commit to a living amends?

As Jupiter, the planet of luck and benevolence leaves Scorpio on the 7th and enters Sagittarius, we have the potential to let go of some of the pain that the past year has unearthed. Beginnings and endings are irrevocably linked up with each other. The healing that Jupiter provokes tends to be quick, but it may not be thorough.

Jupiter is in its native placement in Sagittarius, and it’s here for the first time in twelve years. This shift is a powerful one. It opens the door to strangers, it opens minds, and it yields an increased potential for understanding others, especially those who have cross-cultural experiences. This transit will last about a year, and it marks a time of increased growth. The only trouble is that not all things should grow. The downside of this energy is that it can compel you to jump to conclusions, to sacrifice common sense to your impulses, and to err on the side of extremes. While this can help us to better understand each other, it can also lead to cross-gendered mansplaining, aka soapboxing. If you’re in a rush to convince others of your views, you may not be doing a great job of listening. This is a period where we can find new ways of communicating and learn a ton, but this will require listening at least as much as you speak. If you feel called to teach or travel over the next year, it’s likely to be an expansive experience.  We are moving into a time when you get to rewrite your story. If you do this at the expense of the truth, justice, or fairness, you will find that you are restless and hungry. You are not better than anyone else, and you are not worse. When your version of the truth justifies cruelty or condemnation of others, you’ve veered off a dangerous edge. We still have the heavy hitters of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus, so it’s not sunshine and rainbows quite yet, my friends. Beware of the pitfalls of extremism; if your version of utopia is at the expense of other people’s wellness, then that vision is at the expense of both the collective and your own Soul. Confront your shadow with kindness. Shine light into the darkness, and don’t recoil from what you see. Embrace yourself so that you may heal, and then use the resiliency of your own healing as a resource that you can share with others. Good intentions, thoughts, and prayers are only the first in the many steps needed from each and every one of us.



March 21-April 19

You can find your best self, inner peace, or the path forward, but it won’t happen by avoiding your stresses or by overwhelming yourself to the point of paralysis. It’s time to take stock of the big picture: look at your goals, and look at how far you’ve come. Don’t be in such a rush to fill in the details that you do so before you're clear about your modus operandi. Believe it or not, you can put some things down now in order to more effectively deal with them later.


April 20-May 20

You’ve got all of the tools you need to get up and make it happen, but right now that’s not the best course forward. This week’s New Moon in your relationship house is a great opportunity to slow down and get grounded, Taurus. Things are changing, and it won’t do you well to have knee-jerk reactions. Take the time you need to consider your past. Commit to learning from your experiences rather than dooming yourself to repeat them, dear Taurus.


May 21-June 21

When things slow down is when you start to stress out. Don’t confuse the space in which to create infrastructure with being stuck. Sometimes the movement in your life is meant to be internal, and sometimes it’s about productivity and action. Slow down and regroup this week, Twin Star. Realign your plans with your circumstances. Be willing to make carefully considered changes based on the information that you have now, my love.


June 22-July 22

This week’s New Moon is likely to put you right in your element, sweet Moonchild. Show up emotionally for yourself and the people in your life. Allow the wisdom of your heart, including all that you’ve learned and lost, to inspire you to hold space for others and for yourself. You’re in a unique position to honor your feels and to support others too. Align yourself with the generosity of spirit that helps you to not only have peace within yourself but to also generate it in the world around you.


July 23-Aug. 22

Letting go is hard work, even when that letting go is absolutely the right thing to do. This week is likely to kick up some seriously sad feels, but that doesn’t mean that they’re bad feels or an indication that you’re off track. Don’t confuse what you’re feeling with a green light or a red light. Your feelings are a response to your situation right now in tandem with the baggage you came here with. Be patient and kind as you work through them, Leo.


Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You don’t need to know what’s coming next in order to be safe. This week you’re likely to feel your control issues are triggered. Instead of taking those feelings at face value, try to investigate them. Why do you want control? And truly – of what? Dig deeper into your reactions so that you don’t end up relocating messes instead of cleaning them up. Even better, try not creating them in the first place. Change yourself before you go trying to change others, Virgo.


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Embrace what you have with both arms, Libra. This week, the power of gratitude will help buoy you along. Take pains to appreciate the air you breathe, the food that nourishes you, and all the other little things that are so easy to take for granted. Finding balance isn’t like finding the perfect pair of jeans. It isn’t waiting somewhere for you; you have to make it happen. Counterbalance the tough stuff by paying greater mind to the abundance in your life.


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The New Moon in your sign on the 7th marks a powerful shift for you, Scorpio. This can be a time when you feel overwhelmed and shut down, or you rise to the occasion by using the tools and inner resources at your disposal. Be your own best ally, my love. Show up for yourself, wherever you’re at, and put into practice your hard-earned wisdom, even if your feels would have you regress back into old habits. You’ve got this.


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Don’t get so caught up looking around for excuses that you check out from the story as it unfolds. You are here now, and you have a part to play in the events of your life. Don’t forget why you’re in it, Sagittarius. Reconnect with your sense of purpose, and let that guide you – not being right, not rushing to the part where you understand the big picture. Get accustomed to uncertainty, and strive to pair it with faith and patience this week.


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Your fears are likely to catch up with you this week if you’re not careful, my salty friend. Instead of losing yourself in a soup of what ifs, start with accepting where you’re at, including the parts that are yet unknown. You can only make plans based on the information you have, so start there. Don’t overwhelm yourself by taking on too much. Dont' try to cultivate a long-view when so many details are blocking your view. Do only what you can today, and handle tomorrow when it comes, Cappy.


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The New Moon on the 7th may fill you with a sense of purpose, or it may highlight that you’ve strayed from having one. You may have to take a slow road forward, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t get there. Find strength in your vulnerability and a purpose that can propel you to whatever comes next. This week is bound to reveal something that you’ve been trying to avoid dealing with, and while it’s not fun, it was really a matter of time, Aquarius.


Feb. 19-March 20

You seriously need a break, Pisces. You are likely to have people around you with lots of demands this week, and it’s on you to articulate and honor your own limits. It’s not true generosity when you don’t give it with an open heart. Saying no to a person is not the same as denouncing them; give yourself the same latitude as you would offer to others. You get to do what works for you in a healthy way, even when it’s a bit complicated. Prioritize self-care, my love.

Happy New Moon In Scorpio 2018


Blurred Lines: Manifesting with the Scorpio New Moon


Written by  Lisa Stardust


The Scorpio New Moon, occurring November 7th, serves as a time to heighten sensations, allowing us to swim in the deepest depths of our souls imaginable, through the magical power of the orgasm. Tantric Magic can help us manifest our dreams through the flow of energy.

Scorpio is a transformative sign, with  a restorative vibe, which can allow people to heal and transform under its influence. Use this luminary to open your mind through Tantric Magic. Alchemical power is transformational. There’s no better way to elevate our magic and mind than through sexual experience, which according to Tantra is a heightened state of sacred-spiritual awareness, by opening up our heart, sacral, and crown chakras.

Let’s talk about sex, bb!

Sexual energy is the source of life and Tantra is a vehicle that may be used for cultivating and transforming it for personal, spiritual, sexual and non-sexual healing and growth.

Tantra allows us to clear our minds and rid our bodies of emotional pain, fear, shyness, and feelings of inadequacy. Tantra can help us liberate, “rewire,” develop, and learn to control our chakric energies, allowing us to open to heart-centered love and be the recipient of sexual healing. 

Tantra has the potential to transform and expand our perception of and relationship with ourselves, our lovers, and the universe. It opens the doorway for more self acceptance, love, connection with universal energy, and a broader, fuller, deeper experience of life. Being at one with our bodies and minds will help guide our intuition and clear your chakras, which allows us to be more connected to the spiritual plane, thus, heightening our magical powers.

Before we begin with the two Tantra exercises, think about your intention. Mediate for a few minutes on what you wish to bring into your life under this luminary. Also, think about what no longer serves your higher good. Once you have envisioned your desires, you can begin the techniques below. With your intention in mind, start these exercises. Then, when you are done, with your intention still present, you may pleasure yourself. Your orgasms will be bountiful, and you will have a pleasurable correlation between your body and New Moon intention, allowing you to achieve your goals.

These exercises serve as a way to detox the body by engaging the powerful sacral chakra, through the tingling sensations of an orgasm,  which will allow personal healing and transformation. This newfound clarity will purify the body. By achieving a clear mind, your inner vibration will rise, allowing your highest self to radiate in your magic.

Spinal Cord Breathing vitalizes the spine, increases flexibility, improves natural flow of cerebrospinal fluid, stimulates the adrenal and thymus glands and relaxes the back so you can sit more comfortably in prolonged meditation. This technique may be practiced standing with a straight spine or sitting with a comfortably straight spine in a hard, straight backed chair without leaning against the back of the chair.

- Exhale and relax.

- As you inhale, gently arch your lower back, tuck in your chin and bring your fists to your shoulders. Let your chest and ribcage spread open and as you push air out of your abdomen, retract your shoulders and fists, bring your shoulder blades together, press your neck back and gently clench your teeth.

- Exhale as you push and curl your lower back and head forward and arch your back like a cat as you bring your elbows forward, your forearms together, fists to your chest (fingers facing your chest) and try to touch your chin to your chest.

- Repeat 36 times.

Tongue Extenstion engages the respiratory, pelvic floor, and diaphragm. It oxygenates and strengthens the tongue.

- Exhale and compress your abdomen bringing your navel toward your spine.

- Exhale again, forcing out the residual air and thrust your tongue forward out of your mouth.

- Continue to hold your breath out and extend your tongue as much as possible to the left, up, right and down 6 times while rotating your eyes in tandem. Reverse direction. Be advised, you may feel your perineum located between the genitals and anus moving in tandem with your tongue.

- When your out of breath, inhale strongly. As air rushes in your body, it will also oxygenate and strengthen your tongue and tendons and promote strong energy flow up through the central channel.

*The Scorpio New Moon occurs November 7th at 8:02AM PST and 11:02AM EST.


5. Jung Lee,This Is The End,From the Series ‘No More’,2016,152×191cm,C-type Print.jpg

"A promise to control the tide is always a lie. The resolute is more persistent than the best of intentions."

- Claudia Mauro

A Full Moon that occurs between August 24 and September 22 will be in Pisces. This moon is useful for magic pertaining to:

Expansion of Consciousness


Understanding and exploring dreams



Escapism "getting away from it all"


Healing the feet

Focusing on balancing bodily fluids.

The full moon in Pisces on August 26th  is a  powerful spiritual psychic moon and a great opportunity for divination work: reading tarot/ interpreting astrology. However, Pisces is an inner energy, so focusing on solitary rituals  would be appropriate, or a small, closely knit group of good friends, rather than a large gathering. During this moon's transit there is an awareness and appreciation of beauty and art, as well as strong, heightened creativity.

Intuition is at it's peak in this sign and realization of life's lesson's or truths sometimes are unveiled. It's easy to swim around lose yourself in emotions now, or to escape in books, or other entertainment of a fantastic nature. As the moon starts to float towards Aries, the mood lifts and becomes more cheerful and outward. 




Crystal Bath Meditation for the Pisces Full Moon

 Written  by Lisa Stardust

The Pisces Full Moon, occurring August 26th at 4:56 AM PST and 7:56 AM EST, serves as a wonderfully mystical time to heal the self, as well as deepening our intuition and spirituality.   


Often, we forget to take care of ourselves—which is hard with our daily routines. This Full Moon in watery Pisces may leave us drained, unable to access our personal powers, if we do not take care of ourselves, leaving our batteries empty, in need of a recharge. The Pisces Full Moon serves as an ideal time clean your most important instrument—the body, through a magical and transformative crystal bath. 

Under the Pisces Full Moon, create a healing crystal bath, filled with essences of Pisces—dandelion and wild violet flowers to calm the body, Selenite crystal to replenish the mind, Amethyst crystal to dispel negativity, and Rose Quartz to recharge your spirit with positivity in healing salt water, focusing on both the crown and solar plexus chakras, thus opening up the gates of astral energy in the body, awakening psychic abilities and protection.

Attuning the mind, while connecting the body, mind, and spirit into one harmonious instrument through cleansing your personal energy and awakening your senses and intuition, allowing you to access your inner magic and power.


  • 1 Selenite Crystal
  • 1 Amethyst Crystal
  • 1 Rose Quartz Crystal
  • 1 Cup of Wild Violet Flowers
  • 1 Cup of Dandelion Flowers or Herbs
  • 1 Cup of Epson Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, or Kosher Sea Salt


- In a big mixing bowl, blend the Wild Orchid and Dandelion Flowers and Herbs together, adding in the cup of Epson, Pink Himalayan, or Kosher Sea Salt. 

- Run bath water, adding the ingredients in the bathtub, as the water fills the tub. 

- Place the Selenite crystal in your hand, holding the crystal 5 inches away from your body, start scanning  your at your crown chakra, working your way down to the foot chakra, using the Selenite to pull the negativity out of your energy field, allowing the body to calm before entering the bath. Selenite dissolves in water, be cognizant not to do this step in the bath and leave the crystal away from water. 

- Enter the bath, as you lay down enjoy the warm water and absorb the flowers and herbs in your skin, while letting the essences calm your mind. 

-  Place the Rose Quartz crystal on your solar plexus chakra, located beneath your navel. Rose Quartz will clear out the chakra, unclogging poor self esteem, creativity issues, and anxieties—replacing with self-empowerment, personal innovation, and serenity. 

- Place the Amethyst crystal on your crown chakra, on the top of your head, for protection and relaxation, which will heighten your psychic frequency and intuition. 

- Close your eyes while soaking in the bath for 15-25 minutes, letting your body absorb positive vibrations and let go of negativity. When you leave the bath, you will feel revived and attuned to a higher energetic vibration. 





Artwork by  Manzel Bowman

Artwork by Manzel Bowman


Written by Jessica Lanyadoo

Welcome to Virgo Season! This week marks a time to shift gears from the mishegas of recent weeks into a slightly more introspective time. It's time to check in with your body and ensure that you’re treating it as your BFF instead of a casual acquaintance. If you have more screen-time than me-time, this is the perfect season for a cleanse. Tend to your daily habits, the stuff that's easy to miss in the business of living a hectic life. Slow down a bit and connect to the grounded embodiment of Mercury (now no longer Retrograde, thank all that is good and holy!) that is unique to the sign Virgo. Take stock of how your plans are coming to bear in your life. Make adjustments, follow through, and solidify your ideas based on the data you’ve collected so far this year. Life constantly presents us with new visions and opportunities for growth and change; Virgo Season is a beautiful one for getting serious about what you do and making sure that it’s paired up with who you want to be.

On the 26th, we have an intense Full Moon in Pisces and a compulsive Venus square to Pluto. The potential here is great, but it comes with some risk, too. There is an energetically powerful Kite (an aspect that involves an opposition, a Grand Trine and two sextiles) happening with this Full Moon. Saturn, Uranus, and the Sun are all in a Grand Earth Trine, while the Moon, which is opposite the Sun, will be forming sextiles to both Saturn and Uranus. All of this presents us with amazing potential for seeing things clearly and making plans for your future that are wisely informed by both your past and your present. 

The tricky part comes from the Venus/Pluto transit; these two planets are likely to stir the pot, as they’ll trigger jealousy, vengefulness, and fears of abandonment. Don’t look for evidence that something is wrong; if you’re going to Sherlock Holmes a thing, do it without an agenda, or don’t do it at all. The Pisces full Moon is a chance to let go of illusions that have kept you separate. Connect your thoughts to your feelings, your feelings to your delivery, and your delivery to how others receive you. Understand that you can’t exactly let go of the past. You can let go of your attachment to it, but your past is yours. You will always refer back to it, and that’s as it should be. It’s OK to be imperfect, to not know what comes next, and to have mixed feelings about it. Don’t be so quick to find the answer that you rush past the process. This week you don’t need proof, you need faith, dear lovers.




March 21-April 19

In order to move beyond your own limitations, you must first be confronted by them. This week is complicated, and you can expect the full Moon on the 27th to kick up some surprising feels. Don’t resist it, Aries. If you’re willing to let go of what no longer serves you, you can make way for something new. Yes, you may have to suffer through some grief in the middle, but feelings come and go. Don’t let the tough ones stop you from growing to your full potential.



April 20-May 20

You’re making choices, and even if you feel mixed about them, they’re yours. It’s time to create something that you value, Taurus. What you do now will have roots and grow into something much bigger than you, so make sure that you believe in what you’re doing, or at least leave enough wiggle room for adjustments. You’re pointed in the right direction. Just don’t let your desire for certainty rush you past this very important stage of development, Taurus.



May 21-June 21

It’s easy to have balance when everything is going your way, but when circumstances destabilize you, that's when you need it most. When you feel inundated this week (as you are likely to), it’s a chance for you to be kind. Choose to take care of yourself by responding to your stressors one at a time, instead of allowing yourself to get overwhelmed by everything. Do what you can at this moment and let the rest wait for you until you’re ready for it, Twin Star.



June 22-July 22

It doesn’t need to be perfect, or even what you think it ‘should’ be, in order for it to be exactly what you need. This week will confront you with a pretty simple situation that feels really complicated. Don’t confuse potential with reality or the past with the present, Moonchild. Accept things as they are in the present moment, and do what you need to in order to grow. Nothing stays the same, nor is it meant to. Actively co-create your life, my love.



July 23-Aug. 22

Love has a funny way of changing a person. This week your relationships will expose an important point of development. If you find that you're unhappy or that your needs aren’t being met, it’s wise for you to pay close attention to that. You’re at a point where the truth of what exists between you and others is being revealed. Receive what you’re being shown and believe it. If you’ve been phoning it in with your people, they may hold you to task. Either way, it’s time to face your relationships, Leo.



Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Find life-affirming ways of being with your emotions. Sadness sucks, but it happens for a reason. If you’re willing to investigate your feels, you can determine what you’re really sad about, but if you can’t sit with them at all, how will you ever know? This week’s full Moon in your relationship house is supposed to be emo, so don’t resist it, Virgo. Show up for the messiness of how you feel so that you can better co-create what you need.



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

When you don’t have what you want, it’s tempting to make negative assumptions about what that means. The truth is that your story is still unfolding, Libra. You are a work in development, and its beautiful and uncertain and yours. Find a spark of desire within you, and then pursue it. You don’t need to be anywhere but here. Do your best with what you’ve got instead of wasting your energy on wishing you had something else, my love.



Oct. 23-Nov. 21

If you’ve taken on too many commitments or too much emotionally, this week’s full Moon is likely to make you feel super burnt out. Try to find a balance between what you need to get done and what you need in order to feel right in your skin, Scorpio. This week is not meant to challenge you to do more at a quicker pace. It’s meant to challenge you to do more things in high quality ways. Let go of control or the desire to prove yourself, and try to find wellness in your process.



Nov. 22-Dec. 21

It can be a fine line between showing up for others and taking on their problems. This week you're likely to be called in to be there for someone you care about, and it may seem impossible to help without getting too deep with them. How you participate is a reflection of your own boundaries. Do your best to honor your relationships, but only give what you can without resentments this week.



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The time it takes to get there may be paved with ‘what ifs’ but don’t let it bother you; you’ve got this, Capricorn. This week you need your ego to help you move your life forward. This requires that it’s in reasonably good shape – not too big and not too small. Work on your sense of entitlement to make sure that it reflects what you actually believe – not your baggage. Peace lives in the place between knowing your value and never placing it over others in order to feel okay about yourself.




Jan. 20-Feb. 18

As you grow, you’re inevitably going to outgrow some people, situations, and things that you’ve been identified with. Things are changing for you, Aquarius, and while it’s not clear what exactly comes next, it’s looking really good. Make the best possible choices based on who you want to be and where you hope to land this month, even if that means spending more time alone or participating in the world less.




Feb. 19-March 20

The Moon is full in your sign on the 26th, marking this as a powerful time for you to do emotional work on yourself. Emotions will be running high this week, but the thing to remember is that this is a time for closure. You don’t need to justify or defend yourself. Believe in yourself enough to validate your own feels and needs, even if others don’t understand it. You’re ready to make some deep changes in your life, but you need to start with you, dear Pisces.






Written by Lisa Stardust

The Capricorn Full Moon on June 28th utilizes both earth and water elements, making it a great time to diligently nurture a new dream while letting go of an old vision that no longer suits you. The Capricorn Full Moon is a time of death, rebirth, and change through hard work. These energies all work together as long as we commit to our higher selves.

The following simple spell blends the elements of the watery Cancer sun and its opposing earthy Moon. This symbolic activity of nurturance will inspire your growth in the moon cycles to come. 


The recipe that follows incorporates many elemental ingredients. Moon water is water that has been charged with the energy of the Moon, connecting us to the lunar power and energy from the Full Moon which can add magic and power to any intention and spell. Capricorn, being an earth element is related to growth and earthy ventures. The snake plant is the plant represented by Capricorn for its independence, requiring water only every 2-3 weeks. This is good because it will help you can conserve the Moon water month to month. Writing a letter of intention with a clear mind, while visualizing your dreams, and connecting to both elements will help you to truly bring in the new and release the things that no longer serve you.



Snake Plant seeds or any seeds for plants you identify with


Handwritten letter of intention

How to make Moon Water:

Take a glass container or cups filled with water.

Set your intention while holding the water, to get your energy on it.

Under the Full Moon, visualize your intentions and let the light of the Moon radiate its energy in the water.

Let the water sit near the window or outside, so it consumes the lunar energy.

Directions for nourishing your plant:

Make Moon Water to use to make the plants grow throughout the upcoming months.

Write a letter of intention.

Place the letter at bottom of soul in pot or outside.

Place Snake Plant seeds in soil or in earth outside, above or to the side of the letter. Note that you can use any type of seed! Feel free to be creative and find the plant or flower you connect with the most.

Water the seedling as needed, using the moon water to nourish your dreams, and give life to your new hopes while letting go of the past. Allow quiet time to meditate and restructure your visions as you move step by step towards them.

Remember to speak to your plant while you water it and even throughout the day as you do your daily activities. You can even discuss your intentions aloud with the plant as you work to manifest your next big dream!





A Full Moon that occurs between May 22 and June 21 will be in Sagittarius. This moon has many names "Rose moon" "strawberry moon", and of course,  Honey moon. This Moon is helpful in matters of:

  • Understanding
  • Adventures; both mental and physical.
  • Travel that broadens the mind.
  • Expanding conceptual horizons.
  • Long-term planning

The restless and enthusiastic energy of the Sagittarius moon pushes us in the direction of seeking adventure, change, and motion. The Full moon in this sign is a time for philosophy, metaphysics, traveling, studying, and freedom from responsibility. This moon's energy brings the need to feel free of restrictions, and to be spontaneous. The restless and independent nature of this astrological sign is to offer us the gift of exploration. Warm & friendly vibes can make this a good time for seeing new places, encountering different people and relating to a changing environment.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is the best time  hold a group ritual. The spiritual and psychic forces are very evident now and the desire to connect with us is strong.


The Moon in Sagittarius tends to affect the extended vertebrae (sacrum and coccyx) as well as thighs. At this time massages are particularly beneficial and can loosen up sore or stiff muscles. Stiff thigh muscles and deep-seated contusions can be quickly cured with long soaks in Epsom salt and soothing herbal mixtures that smell great and relax the senses. You can even take this soak a step further by lighting a purple candle (the color associated with Sagittarius) and close your eyes for a healing moon meditation (see below)




Sitting comfortably in silence welcome the fiery, passionate, and expansive energies of Sagittarius in. Practice being mindful of the destructive potential of these energies by allowing thoughts of lower nature to come in, and release them out with each breath. At this time,  it is essential that we choose to fill our mental and emotional natures with temperance, silence, and mindfulness.  Only from this place can we find alignment and sense the vision of what is possible. Allow your body to relax completely and focus on using your energy to renounce all obstacles that might be hindering the union of achieving your highest spiritual goals. 


  • Carrying inner silence, can I walk through this day as an observer? Mindful of my thoughts, words, deeds, and of the vision I hold within? 
  • What is my highest aspiration? 


June's Rose moon, strawberry moon, and mead moon is a time for casting spells offering protection, making decisions, personal strength, love and fertility.


 Honoring the full moon can be integrated into parties/groups by meditating together with silent witness to the moon being our center. Ritualized touching/laying on of hands for healing. chant together using syllables or sounds of power.