The Hoodwitch: Weekly Horoscopes 5/10-16/2017

Artwork by Victoria Siemer

Artwork by Victoria Siemer

Written by Jessica Lanyadoo

Witch Tips

It's Full Moon time again, kiddies, and this week is likely to bring hella chaos, so get ready! 

The Moon will be full at 20 degrees of Scorpio on the 10th at 2:42pm PST. Expect feels to be at heightened levels of intensity leading up to this event. It’s is a dangerous time for building up resentments, developing grudges, or obsessing on your ex, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Scorpio is the sign of death and regeneration, healing and destruction; whatever happens with this Moon, it isn’t likely to be chill. You’re going to want to get deep, and that can be complicated if things do go your way, which I’m sad to say they probably won’t.


On the 10th fierce and combative Mars will form a Square to idealistic and devotional Neptune (in transit astrology you can think of the Square aspect as a bit of a curve ball or sucker punch). While the high point of these vibes will be felt on the 11th, you can expect it to intensify the psychic and messy nature of this Full Moon. The best way to manage this is to rely on your spiritual values and tools for staying in alignment with yourself, both emotionally and in your actions. Mars wants to have its energy be known. It wants power, revenge, and validation. Neptune couldn’t care less about any of that; it’s the planet that governs the interconnectedness of all things, or on the dank side, checking out and giving up. The danger here is that your feelings will be so scattered that you end up more overwhelmed than you can handle. The best advice I can give you for these next few days is to hold yourself accountable to the same standards that you hold others to and vice versa. Don’t be a martyr, and don’t think that you’re owed more than anyone else. Thinking that you’re the worst and thinking you’re the best is kinda the same problem – it’s thinking too much about yourself.


The jittery, restless Mercury conjunction to Uranus is still active until the 12th. This means that we all run the risk of gabbing at the mouth about every paranoid theory and defensive feel we have – so watch out! If you can, wait until after the 15th, when Mercury moves into stabilizing Taurus, to draw your conclusions. From the 11th-13th, activating Mars will give butterfly kisses (that’s a Trine aspect for bb astrologers) to expansive Jupiter. This can be great for getting things done in a major way, or it can just make it easy for you to run with le cray much farther than you otherwise would. Be willing to check your entitlement this week, lovers, or you may end up putting something into motion that you can’t stop.


PRO TIPS for A World Gone Wonky: 

1. Breathe

2. Align yourself with reliable emotional resources

3. Connect to and honor your spirituality


Life is complicated and beautiful; be here for it all.





March 21-April 19

If you can accept that you’re not in total control of most things, your work gets a lot clearer, this week. The Full Moon on the 10th is an opportunity for you to release something or someone that you’ve been clinging to that you know is no longer right for you. Sometimes your task is to heal, and others you need to make a call and walk away. If you stop trying to fix things that aren’t broken you can start unpacking what you need to let go of, my love.




April 20-May 20

Not everything that hurts is bad, and not all dynamics that feel good are healthy for you. Your relationships are an organism – they live and breathe, needing sustenance and care. If you ignore them or mistreat them, they can grow in gnarled directions. Take stock of how you’ve been showing up with the people you’re closest to, Taurus. The first half of this week is an opportunity to have compassion for the people in your life, even if you have to assert some potentially painful boundaries.




May 21-June 21

It’s not enough to know what you are, you’ve got to know what you’re not, Twin Star. This week you’re in for a major lesson in boundaries. The trouble is that it’s hard to know what’s enough, too much, or not enough, when you feel wonky about your own value. Prioritize getting grounded in your worth so that you can make the right calls in love and work. Know your rights and your responsibilities and act in ways that reflect them. There’s so much to be gained from setting sustainable expectations, sweet one.




June 22-July 22

Something that’s been bugging you and tugging at your insides is about to come to crisis, Moonchild. If you’re committed to situations that don’t really serve you, you can expect to have stuff come up this week that requires you to deal with them. Be especially careful of being passive aggressive - if you’ve got something to say, spit it out! If you’re asking someone to be humble about their part, lead by example. While you have the right to your feels, you’ve also got to own your part.




July 23-Aug. 22

Expect the Full Moon on the 10th to kick up some family drama, Leo. You may have some old feels from the past come up with surprising strength, or perhaps a new emotionally intense situation will emerge. The key in either case is for you to show all the way up. If you’ve been acting in ways that aren’t true to you, it’s time for you to own up to them. It’s OK to say you’ve changed your mind, or that you’re wrong. The thing you shouldn’t do is to defensively try to rewrite history. Step up.




Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Be careful what you say, Virgo, because you’re likely to spend the first half of this week brimming with feelings that scramble your brain. It’s important that you honor the yearnings of your heart so that you don’t project them out and make mountains out of molehills. It’s easy to weave a narrative to match your feels, but that doesn’t mean that you’re telling yourself a true story. If you slow down and take the time to investigate your heart, you’ll able to figure out what’s really going on for you.




Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Don’t let your fear of conflict distract you from the central issues in your relationships, Libra. You don’t need to be defensive in order to defend yourself, and things don’t need to be terrible in order for you to stand up. This week your ego is gonna get triggered, and it’s on you to not shut down or act out. Be here for honest conversations, even if they’re super awkward and hard. Place authenticity over accommodation, my love.




Oct. 23-Nov. 21

The Moon is only full in your sign but once a year, when it’s time for the rest of the zodiac to see what it’s like to live with such intense feels, Scorpio. Take an actual break from the busyness of your life and do a real check-in with yourself. If you’ve been holding it together, it’s OK to fall apart for a minute. Don’t wait for something to trigger your feels before you take care of them. Show yourself a little love this week and place your emotional wellness in high regard as a form of self-care.




Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Things are likely to get a little murky this week, ‘Tarius. Your feelings are likely to be all over the map and while that doesn’t mean that they’re unreliable, it does mean that you need to allow space for things to play out before you jump to conclusions. It’s not just OK to have limits - it’s essential, but it’s also really important to be informed. Breathe through your reactions so you can figure out what you really need to reach towards, and what you need to let go of.




Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Where do you belong, Cappy? You’re ready to be more involved with community or group ventures, but you’ve got to be choosy about where and with who. This week’s Full Moon on the 10th is going to bring up all kinds of feelings about your place in the world. This is a fertile time for letting go of past entanglements and attachments, and for seeing things as they really are. This is the first step in a process of feeling more connected to others in a way that gives you life, instead of drains it outta you.




Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Where are you going, Aquarius, like really? This week’s Full Moon is an opportunity to get real about the track you’ve set yourself on. If you’re not happy with the choices you’ve made in recent months you’re likely to feel the weight of it now. It may be tempting to check out and lose yourself in daydreams and distractions but that would be a waste of an opportunity. Challenge yourself to make healthy decisions, even when disassociating seems easier. 




Feb. 19-March 20

You don’t need to take on other people’s dramas as a way of showing support. It’s not on you to know some magic solution that works ideally for everyone; all you need to know is what’s right and healthy for you. This week your mantra gets to be: “those are not my monkeys, and this is not my circus”. Manage your own sweet self, and let others do the work of figuring their own selves out, Pisces. Know your limits and honor them, my love.




Written by Amelia Quint

Moon Void of Course Times

Saturday, December 3, 5:16 am, Moon void in Capricorn

Saturday, December 3, 2:44 pm, Moon enters Aquarius

Monday, December 5, 6:23 am, Moon void in Aquarius

Monday, December 5, 11:31 pm, Moon enters Pisces

Wednesday, December 7, 9:05 am, Moon void in Pisces

Thursday, December 8, 5:16 am, Moon enters Aries

An illustration of lightening from planet Venus

An illustration of lightening from planet Venus

Moon Phase: Waxing

Under the waxing moon, work magick that grows and increases. Venusian magick, like glamour and money drawing, is especially potent now.

During these signs, the following Venus-inspired spells work most effectively:

Capricorn- money drawing, Attraction

Aquarius- healing, Clarity

Pisces- glamour, Come to Me

Aries- lodestone (magnet), Fire of Love

Photo by Bri Luna//The Haitian Tarot Deck featuring: The Empress, The Star, The 5 of Swords

Photo by Bri Luna//The Haitian Tarot Deck featuring: The Empress, The Star, The 5 of Swords

Venus in Aquarius in the Tarot

Venus in Aquarius corresponds to the Five of Swords. Most representations of this card show three figures, one of which is leaving the scene of a battle with an armful of swords and a smug look, the other two dejected and walking away towards uncertain weather. I like to call this the “tainted love” card. This card appears to alert you to dishonesty: In the pursuit of victory, either someone has been dishonest with you, or you haven’t told the whole truth to someone else.

When you look at Venus and Aquarius separately in the tarot, a path to healing begins to form. Venus is symbolized by The Empress, and Aquarius by the Star. Both represent nourishment: The Empress provides physical and emotional sustenance, while The Star pours out intellectual and spiritual refreshment.

All together, Venus in Aquarius represents a difficult experience that can open you up to healing you didn’t even know you needed. Details for how your sign can integrate that trauma are in the horoscopes below.


You’re not self-centered, you’re just clear on what you need out of life. That philosophy serves you well, especially on Wednesday, when the love goddess, Venus, slides into your eleventh house of groups. Venus in Aquarius is a double-edged sword: On one hand, you don’t want to become so emotionally detached that you can’t relate to people you want to get to know. On the other, keeping a level head comes in handy when you’re the darling of your social circle. Make sure people are who they say they are before letting them into your inner sanctum.


When it comes to guarding your territory, you dig in your heels, but could you benefit from a more aloof approach to securing your reputation? On Wednesday, the love goddess (and your ruling planet), Venus, slips into Aquarius, your tenth house of fame, giving your no-chill sign an air of cool as it relates to your career and public persona. Don’t loosen your grip too much and lose sight of the business practices that got you to where you are, but know that projecting less avaricious looks good on you. Transmit like the starseed you are, and you’ll be good to go.


You feel most alive when you’re chasing down your fantasies, but is there such a thing as too much adventure? You’ll know on Wednesday, when Venus dances into your ninth house of personal exploration. It’s exhilarating to have the love goddess lavishing you with attention in places you never knew existed, but Aquarius excels at the art of playing hard to get, or at the very least, being the observer. Survey the situation from an aerial viewpoint before you move forward, and once all the information is in place, stay curious.


Your sign feels things more strongly than most people do, but eventually, it gets exhausting. On Wednesday, Venus makes herself at home in Aquarius, your eighth house of boundaries, helping you restore any depleted energy reserves you’ve lost to drama, emotional entanglements, and complicated business arrangements. In the meantime, channel Aquarius and adopt a nonchalant attitude towards people who would attempt to rile you up. As winter approaches, picture yourself as a bear going into hibernation. Be slow and steady, warm and relaxed.


Leo gets a bad reputation for vanity, but it’s only because you want your performance to be top-notch. On Wednesday, Venus enters Aquarius, your seventh house of partnerships, shifting the focus onto your life’s supporting cast. There’s two ways this can play out: First, you detach from your own wants and needs to be closer to the people around you. Second, you stay neutral as your lovers, colleagues, and rivals finally show their hand. Don’t give into fits of passion in the name of artistic inspiration. The icier you can be, the better this will go.


Your service-oriented sign will go to the ends of the earth for others, but this week, you show yourself the same devotion. On Wednesday, Venus enters Aquarius, your sixth house of health and habits, reminding you that in order to achieve your full potential for intellectual athleticism, you must take care of yourself. Balance your base chakra with red food, stones, and clothing, while drawing on the Aquarian ability to plan ahead for months, years, even decades at a time. If there was to be a problem here, it would be hypochondria. Don’t use Doctor Google!


As a cerebral air sign ruled by Venus, your romantic options are limited only by your ability to imagine them. On Wednesday, when Venus enters Aquarius, your fifth house of pleasure, a little fantasy could be exactly what you need to lift your spirits. On the other hand, don’t let your ideal situation get so lofty that it’ll never be fulfilled. Your sign embodies the elevated, unavailable cool that admirers can’t resist, but what’s the point in having admirers if you can’t make a connection? For best results, visualize what you want, and let the cosmos do the rest.


The thing about being a Scorpio is that you’re never not digging. This Wednesday, Venus enters Aquarius, your fourth house of origins, tempting you to put the shovel down and live above ground for a while. You’d do well to accept her invitation. There’s only so much psyche excavation you can do before the sediment and debris starts to cloud your vision. Let the dust settle and allow your vision to clear. That’s where Venus in Aquarius really excels. After your short sabbatical, you’ll know more about the roots of your problems than you did when you left.


Sagittarius people are true citizens of the world and want to believe that every person they meet is a kindred spirit. It’s a pleasant notion, but the truth of the matter is that you won’t like everyone you meet, and not all people have your best interest at heart. On Wednesday, the love goddess, Venus enters Aquarius, your third house of community, to show you places where you can truly belong. The third house is also communication, and with Aquarius in play, don’t take anything too personally. The more logical you can be, the better this goes.


For a sign as supposedly traditional as yours, you thrive when you’re pursuing entrepreneurial ideas with a rebellious spirit. This is especially so on Wednesday, when the love goddess, Venus enters Aquarius, your wealth-building house. Lucrative ideas strike like lightning, and you’ll want to act on them as soon as you can, before Mercury retrograde begins in a couple weeks. Apply your sign’s sensible approach to your plan, you’ll be good to go. If there was to be a problem, it would be people trying to get in on your ventures without offering anything in return. Shut them down.


When the love goddess, Venus, enters your sign on Wednesday, she exposes your best and worst qualities for what they really are. Your natural insouciance, your distant sex appeal, your hyper-intelligent ideas, and cosmic soul are all magnified by a rose-colored lens, causing existing fans and followers to swoon even more than usual. Still, your biting sarcasm and ability to detach emotionally (and not in a good way) come out as defense mechanisms when things don’t go your way. If you feel yourself falling into one of those patterns, see if you can flip it into something more positive.


When the love goddess, Venus, enters Aquarius on Wednesday, she’ll take up residence in your twelfth house of secrets. The twelfth house corresponds to your sign, so this is familiar territory! With Venus here, two things always come to mind. The first is a clandestine romance, perhaps not an affair, but one that must be hidden away for some reason. Yes, it’s mentally stimulating, but Venus in Aquarius asks, “Is it worth it?” The second is sex magick, which can be done alone or with a partner. Again, you must choose your intention wisely.