Astrology by Lisa Stardust


This week kicks off with major turbulent cosmic energy, when tender Venus, who’s in Libra, squares off with austere Saturn, who’s in Capricorn, on the 25th. Later in the day, on the 25th, Venus shares another tense aspect with the Nodes of Destiny. We are ending relationships or evolving the current dynamic on the 25th, which will bring tears and frustrations our way. The following day, the Libra Sun opposes healing asteroid Chiron, who’s retrograde in Aries, right after Mercury, who’s in Libra, aspects Pluto, who’s retrograde in Capricorn. The 26th is an emotionally tough day, as we may share mean sentiments to others with the incentive of hurting them. The Libra New Moon in September 28th will allow our hearts to soar, as long as we acknowledge the karmic lessons brought to us by Saturn, who will align with the South Node. Venus and Jupiter, who’s in fiery Sagittarius, inspire us to love again and lift our spirits high. We end the week with a tense aspect between Venus and Pluto retrograde on October 1st, which will dredge up power struggles and frustrations from the 26th. 

Please be kind this week—not just just to others, but to yourself as well. Combat the argumentative energy with love. Use your words wisely. Most importantly, speak from the heart. 


March 21 - April 19

This week will bring out your defensive nature. Be prepared to fight for who and what you love. Even if the outcome seems bleak and impossible, with your passions in play you will be able to conquer and succeed at any task. Your dynamic energy will enable you to level up to achieve your worldly and personal pursuits. Light a red candle under the New Moon to give your desires a push forward. Write a clear letter of intention to manifest your hearts desires and you will be cosmically granted the opportunity. Don’t give up hope! Your dreams are obtainable. 


April 20 - May 20

Pursuing a higher minded activity this week will help open your heart to new possibilities. Through mindful meditation or chanting, you will be able to speak your truth and come to understand your innate desires. Love will come to you on a deeper level than before, if you disconnect from past relationships and allow yourself to connect freely with others. While it may be hard to let go (change is hard for everyone), it’s time you gambled on yourself and give yourself the chance to be happy. You are on the road towards healing and recovery—don’t give up on yourself.


May 21 - June 20

A creative venture is proving to be much more time consuming than you had imagined. Instead of running away from the project, try a different technique to achieve artistic success. Perhaps you’re looking at the project from the wrong angle. Try to use the less logical and more intuitive part of your mind to elevate your artistic style. You have the power and potential to harvest your visions into reality. As long as you trust your instincts and look within, success is yours. Meditate on the task at hand to gain insight into the proper direction. The answer is within. 


June 21 - July 22

Your views are shifting now, causing you to change your perspectives on matters. Your newly found charisma will allow you to build your self-esteem and embrace your awesomeness—one step at a time. The New Moon will also force you to call upon your ancestors for guidance, as they can give you clarity on present matters. Look within yourself and to the past for the answers you are searching for. Your spirit and positivity will grow. Most importantly, you will transform the faith you have for yourself and the future. Your ancestors are lighting the way for you to evolve.


July 23 - August 22

Your competitive spirit may be high this week, causing you to say unkind words about a colleague. Instead of working against others, consider working with them to create the ultimate vision. Put your hang-ups aside and be a team player. No more egocentric pursuits, until you learn to collaborate with your coworker. You both have the same intentions and it’s time to put your differences aside. Consider how much more claim and fame you’ll achieve by having their insights on the project. You’ll even finish the task faster than anticipated, opening your schedule up for more work and money. 


August 23 - September 22

Romance is always on your mind these days. Especially since you’ve been riding the ongoing roller coaster of love for months. This week, you are implementing boundaries with your romantic pursuits, as you are realizing you’re giving too much of your time to people who do not value you. Now, this doesn’t mean that your relationship will bring doom and gloom; however, it’s a warning that your head is in the clouds and you’re forgetting to take care of real life situations that require your immediate attention. Focus on your immediate needs and then your relationship to avoid personal issues. 


September 23 - October 22

It’s been a rocky road for your tender heart recently. All the ups and downs have taken a toll on your emotions, leaning you energetically depleted. You’re in desperate need of some R & R. Instead of letting your anxieties consume your mind, try to zen out for at least one minute during the day. Resting your brain for a short period of time can curve stresses from forming and can also give you a temporary energy boost. Also, try changing your breathwork. Alternate nostril and diaphragm breathing can help reduce anxiety and will perk you up in no time. 


October 23 - November 21

You’ve been quiet for a while, avoiding conflict and drama with others. But, this week you are taking back your power and crown as the ultimate force to be reckoned with. You’ve been silently observing others and deciphering who is worth your time, while taking note of their actions. Some people have let you down and others have surprised you with their loyalty. Have an open talk with those who have fallen short of your expectations. Openly discuss  your feelings. Give them an opportunity to show you they can make amends with you before you let go of the relationship.


November 22 - December 21

Connect with your coven this week to celebrate the New Moon. Discuss your relationship goals and set intentions to embrace the current lunar energy. Be one with the universe. You are all stronger together and have the power to manifest your dreams into reality. Embrace the lunar vibrations and speak from the heart in a moon circle gathering. You’ll be able to evolve your perspective and change your narrative by letting go of the baggage that consumes your heart. You’ll also feel supported by your coven and full of love—which will help you to spiritually blossom under the New Moon. 


December 22 - January 19

You are known for your stellar work ethic and determination. While your desire for professional fame is high, you’re not sure if it’s worth the personal sacrifices you’ve made along the way. Stardom is great, but it’s not “real.” You’re longing for deep and intimate connections which isn’t brought to you via paycheck or promotion. This existential sentiment you’re feeling is challenging. It’s making you question your past choices. The best celestial advice for you is to embrace your decisions. You may have regrets; however, it’s never too late to let others know you feel and live in the moment. 


January 20 - February 18

You’re aligning with your favorite feline familiar this week, as you are realizing that you too have many lives in this lifetime. When the going gets tough, you have enough spunk to brush yourself off and start over. Your ability to resurrect yourself out of bad situations will enable the world to see your inner strength and spirit. Change is here and will help you become the person of your dreams (even if it takes time to achieve your goals). Make a list of your passions and desires under the New Moon to ensure success. You can transform your life.


February 19 - March 20

Your intuition is on point this week; however, you’re second guessing your power. Others are gaslighting you and making you think that situations are not as they seem—when they are. Learning to trust your own judgement is challenging (when others make you disbelieve your heart and mind). But, through mediation and journal writing, you will be able to lean into your intuition, as you will be sharpening your brain. Also, try to remember your dreams. Your subconscious mind holds the key to understanding present situations. Ground your energy and live in the present to unlock the divine intuition within yourself.