Astrology by Lisa Stardust


Welcome to Autumn as we enter a new season, we are shedding past drama and embracing our truest passions. The road to happiness and self-fulfillment will be rocky this week; however, we can overcome personal conflicts and issues as long as we believe in ourselves. We will get through the intense energy of this week together and become stronger as a result. 

We start off the week with Saturn, who has been moving in retrograde motion since April 30th in Capricorn, turning direct on the 18th. We will be karmically tasked to learn lessons from the past five months and to accept responsibility for our actions. It’s time to reap the consequences of the past and move forward with a deeper understanding of ourselves. The following day, on September 19th, Mars, who’s in analytical Virgo, and Pluto, who’s retrograde in pragmatic Capricorn softly connect. The 19th will give us the motivation to take action and make moves around manifesting our dreams. The Third Quarter Moon in Gemini creates a T-Square with Jupiter and Neptune retrograde. The best advice for the 21st is to avoid making any major decisions because Neptune retrograde May cloud our judgement on matters. The 21st brings the last Jupiter and Neptune square of 2019 (the first occurrence was on January 13th and the second occurrence was on June 16th). Jupiter is currently in philosophical Sagittarius and Neptune is currently retrograde in imaginative Pisces. When these two planets collide, we can expect escapism and confusion. We’ll all be lost in the rapture and unsure of our next moves. Mercury, who’s in diplomatic Libra, gets heavily activated by Saturn and the Nodes of Destiny on the 22nd. We will all be anxious and feel temporarily “stuck.” Breathe through the 22nd to alleviate inner stress. Be gentle on the 22nd, especially with others, because frenetic energy is contagious. The autumnal equinox on the 23rd will break up these anxieties, as the Sun enters Libra and starts a whole new journey with fresh possibilities. The 24th rounds off the week optimism and joy, when Mercury and Jupiter link up, giving us all hope and support to move forward. 


March 21 - April 19

Change is in the air for you this week. You’re finally able to move forward with plans, after feeling “stuck” for weeks. The caveat to your newly found autonomy, is that you’re conflicted about whether or not you would rather hold on to the past, or let go. The autumnal equinox will push you to cut the cord and end relationships that are no longer serving your highest good. Before you decide to rid yourself of toxic people, make sure you are ready to say goodbye. Ask yourself if you feel valued and respected by others before you make decisions. 


April 20 - May 20

You’ve been hiding under a rock for a while, trying to escape taxing and frustrating mundane activities. Although keeping a low key profile has been calming, it’s time to step up your game and be active. Connect with Mother Nature and the Earth. Meet new people who will elevate your mind. Have intellectual conversations with others. Now is the time to be open to new possibilities and relationships. The cold weather hasn’t set in yet and you will have plenty of time to hibernate (again) then. Meanwhile, enjoy the current seasonal festivities. Be one with your body, mind, and spirit.


May 21 - June 20

You’re on the path to creative and professional success. However, the caveat to your tentative fame and glory is fear. Your anxieties and doubts are surfacing causing you to feel unsure and uncertain of yourself. You are even contemplating throwing your hands up in the air and quitting. Don’t submit to these trepidations. Instead of panicking, take a few deep breaths and a walk outside to clear your wind. Give yourself a moment to calm down and regroup. Being present within your body will allow space between you and your inner fears, which will help you to focus better.


June 21 - July 22

After experiencing a romantic whirlwind (for nearly five months) and riding on the emotional roller coaster with your heart, you’re realizing that you need to take a much needed break from love. This doesn’t mean abandoning or ending a relationship—it’s just time to focus on your needs. Remember you? It has been a long time since you’ve checked in with your heart and given yourself time to evaluate your emotional needs. Take a warm bath with pink Himalayan salt and mediate. Place a rose quartz crystal on your heart to heal past wounds and clear your energy to gain clarity. 


July 23 - August 22

You’re learning a thing or two about loyalty this week. Friends will come and go, but the ones who are worth your time and love will support you no matter what. Let go of those who have proven themselves unworthy. Instead of arguing your point and trying to mend fences, conserve your energy on growing deeper relationships with those who have given you the attention and respect you deserve. Don’t hold on to the past. Give yourself the closure you need to move forward and not look back. The future is bright and limitless with kind  friends by your side. 


August 23 - September 22

It’s time for you to take back your power and embrace your amazing qualities—even if you find it hard to do. Practice positive affirmations this week while looking in a mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are (inside and out). You can even add your personal and professional desires to your affirmations to ensure success in all avenues of life. Not only will it boost up your confidence, but this daily practice will help bring your dreams into fruition. You will motivate yourself by bringing your subconscious goals to light and reality by creating the life you want. 


September 23 - October 22

Always one to play by the rules, you’re slowly learning that sometimes you have to be a rebel in life. The first step towards becoming the trailblazer that you are is to embrace your dreams. By accepting your truest passions you’ll be able to become the top innovator in your field. Do not let yourself stay in a restrictive or stifling role. Speak and stand up for yourself to be a pioneer in your field. Others will marvel at your courage and fierce tenacity. You’ll be proud of yourself for sticking to your visions and spearheading a movement towards reformation. 


October 23 - November 21

Romance is in the air this week, but you’re unsure if you want to open your heart again. Recent setbacks have caused you more pain than happiness, causing you to turn your back on love. On your path to healing, you can still embrace current romantic opportunity, as long as you are honest with your feelings. Let the interested party know how you feel. Have a conversation about your emotions and how much energy you can realistically give to them. You may realize that with compromise you can make this budding relationship work—just take your time and go slow.


November 22 - December 21

Mindfulness is key this week—even instrumental towards healing. It’s been a long time since you’ve been able to live without burdens. For months you’ve felt emotionally restricted and unsure of your next step. The end of this week shifts your emotional energy and allows you to see clearly (for the first time in a while). You’re finally able to get out of the self-imposed rut you’ve been in—which is a blessing. Before you run wild making future plans, give yourself a moment to reflect and make amends with others. This will serve as the final step to the inner redemption you crave.


December 22 - January 19

You’re a hard worker and make your laborious efforts look effortless. Your friends, colleagues, and family marvel at your tenacity and strength. While they may put you on a pedestal, you have a hard time embracing your inner awesomeness. This week, you are cosmically tasked to take a good hard look in the mirror and give your critical heart a break. When you stare at your reflection, honor your amazing body. Smile at yourself knowing you are successful, beautiful, kind, and rich in love—which is all that matters. Let all the negative thoughts in your brain melt away. Love yourself. 


January 20 - February 18

You’re thinking about your actions and deciding if you’ve made the right choices. Regardless of whether or not you have, you need to learn that you can’t rewrite the past. The only realistic approach is to embrace your current situation and try not to make the same mistakes twice. Understand the karmic lesson and make sure you are strong enough not to make similar choices in the future. Most importantly, give your tender heart a break. Don’t be too critical of yourself and don’t dwell on things that can’t be undone. Move forward with knowledge, love, kindness, and insight. 


February 19 - March 20

Your friends have become the focal point of your life. You’ve recently given a lot of time and energy to those in your friendship circle. Now, you are craving boundaries with your core group of peers. It may be hard to create space, without explaining your needs. Before you disappear into thin air, let them know you’re taking time to refocus your energies on yourself. Let them know you’re giving yourself extra TLC and that means temporarily disconnecting from others while you ground yourself. Not only will your energy improve, but a break from others will help relax your mind.