Owning Our Power Under the Leo Super Black Moon

Photography by Lucinda Sinclair

Photography by Lucinda Sinclair

Astrology by Lisa Stardust

July 31st brings a Black Supermoon in fiery Leo our way, ending eclipse season. This powerful luminary acts as a catalyst for personal growth and development. A Black Supermoon occurs when there are two New Moons in a month and when the Earth is in close proximity to the Moon, making the luminary more vibrant, bigger, and powerful. 

Sentimental Venus and rebellious Uranus will be in close proximity to the Black Supermoon, allowing us to step out of our comfort zones and into our truest version of self. This is a new beginning for us—a chance to be the person we yearn to be. This luminary acts as  a changing of the guards (so to speak). We are dropping the facade and mask we wear to let the world see our real selves. We are letting go of personal hang ups and honestly asserting our will. We will expose our emotions with no remorse. No more hiding. Several minutes later, Mercury turns direct in Cancer, answering to its planetary ruler the Moon, who is in Leo. This will give us an extra push to state our inner desires and passions to others (as we’ve had several weeks to reflect and assess our purest visions). 

Three asteroids create a Grand Fire Trine in the sky by galvanizing the Leo Sun and Moon. Maternal and seasonal Ceres, healing warrior Chiron (who’s currently retrograde), and moral Varuna will force us to correct our future paths by separating from past deceptions we’ve inserted into our lives and psyches. The malefic fixed star Praesepe acts as a hindrance toward personal evolution. Growth and change is always hard, but we can overcome our fears and transform if we believe in ourselves. The Delta Aquariids and Alpha Capricornids Meteor Showers will be sprinkling the sky with hope. Making a wish amongst the shooting stars for our passions and dreams has a high chance of coming true. 

Understanding our worth will help us move away from toxic relationships and situations. If we look deep within  and ignite the beautiful spark at the core of our being, we will be able to see our value. No more settling. We are seeing that we are better than what we’ve been receiving. We can now fight to be seen, with the aim to boost our confidence. 

This luminary calls for grounding exercises to allow the love for ourselves to grow deeper. Through mindful meditation we can create our own personal checklist to ensure we grow our confidence. This will enable us to connect to our inner needs and speak our truths as we strive to love the rawest and purest parts of ourselves—with no judgement. Only then will we covet our desires. This is the first step to personal empowerment.

*The Super Black Moon occurs July 31st at 8:11PM PST and 11:11PM EST.