WITCHTIPS & HOROSCOPES ~ 5/29- 6/4 2019


Written by Lisa Stardust


This week brings mystical forces and ideas to the forefront of our minds, as we embark on a new vision and ride the transformative waves toward evolution. We kick off the week with Mercury, who is in logical Gemini, clashing with Neptune, who is riding the emotional Piscean currents, on May 29th. Be forewarned…situations and people may not be as they seem, which will add confusion and uncertainty to our hearts. Venus, who is in lovely Taurus, and the Nodes of Destiny connect on the 30th, bringing money and declarations of love our way—all serving to boost our confidence. May 30th also brings a Mercury and Jupiter retrograde opposition our way. Jupiter, who is moving backwards in philosophical Sagittarius, is offering us a broader mindset on the 30th. The only issue is that Jupiter (even when retrograde) can expand matters, making circumstances seem extreme. Being cognizant of how we express our sentiments on the 30th is important, as it may lead to arguments with others. Tender Venus and austere Saturn, who is retrograde in earthy Capricorn, set boundaries and implement rules within relationships on the 31st. A few days later, on June 2nd, Pluto retrograde comes in and shakes up Venusian desires, which can lead to power struggles in partnerships. The Gemini New Moon occurs on June 3rd and aims to radically augment our innermost beliefs. Mercury enters Cancer on the 4th, which will make all communications more emotionally based for the next few weeks. Try to reach out to those in need, as they may need our help navigating through the fog this week. Use kindness with others to move through the celestial energy. Most importantly, it’s important that we are all gentle with ourselves. Life may get tough, but give yourself a hug and compassion to get through the emotional week ahead.  Love is the cosmic message. 


March 21-April 19

This week brings juxtaposing energies your way, some of which may force you to loose your “cool” with others. Gossip within your work sphere will come to a head, making you rethink who you can trust. The weekend helps you move past such issues and squash drama pertaining to rumors (most of which are half truths). The New Moon allows you to seek higher truths and justice—even helping you see matters from a new perspective. You will laugh off these issues by the end of the week, as the New Moon will certainly let you find humor in these situations. 


April 20-May 20

You will be riding through the highs and lows of your emotions all week. The need to implement boundaries with others is necessary, especially during the beginning of the week. Hope arrives over the weekend, which is why it’s essential for you not to get too lost in your emotions (which will be hard). The sweet spot arrives Sunday, anchoring your sentiments down into earthly matters—also, helping you gain structure to your personal finances and aspirations. The New Moon serves as your cosmic wake-up call, motivating you to heal all wounds and insecurities you may have been feeling all week. 


May 21-June 20

“Pseudo” issues will come to a head at the beginning of the week. The problems at hand may be a manifestation of insecurities and energy absorbed by others, which may cause you to mirror the issues of others. Right now, you are being pushed to an emotional breaking point, which may result in meltdowns and panic attacks. Unfortunately, the New Moon doesn’t offer you much help in grounding your energy. However, the weekend gives you refuge to calm your emotions and to have a reprieve from others, as long as you take time away from the limelight to care for yourself. 


June 21-July 22

It’s ok to feel a little lost now and again. While this week doesn’t send you adrift in your emotional seas, it does make you feel extra confused and bewildered around the direction of your close relationships. Stop asking for advice and listening to others. Reflect on your own sentiments. Don’t let yourself become mystified in the illusive fog; connect to your higher mind and desires. Let your body, heart, and mind connect through mindful meditation, serving  as a catalyst for spiritual growth and fulfillment—which is exactly what the New Moon calls for. Only you can control your destiny. 


July 23-August 22

Your confidence may be a tad shaky this week, as you are letting go of the constraints that have held you back for quite some time. Releasing yourself from toxic situations and relationships will be hard at first, as there’s comfort in the known. However, you must remember that you are evolving and transforming into a new person—one who holds their head high and speaks the truth. The first step towards righteousness is dissolving that which does not serve your lofty views. Once you move away from the past, you can achieve your heart’s desires and passions without a hitch. 


August 23-September 22

You’re being pulled in too many different directions this week, which is causing your frustrations and anxieties to reach a feverish high. While you may not have the resources to take time off from work and away from others, it’s imperative that you at least take a few minutes a day to recollect your thoughts and feelings. Working hard in all aspects of life may pay the bills, but it takes a direct hit on your emotions and can elevate stress. While the New Moon brings more professional opportunities your way, you need to take time off to decompress before you burnout. 


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

After weeks of creating boundaries with others, you are seeing people and situations through a new clearer lens. The caveat, is that you are internally struggling to let go. Moving away from those who have hurt you will cause more tears and heartache than expected, as you may feel that you are standing solo in your emotions. Reach out to others during the New Moon to evade your imagination from taking control of your mind. Call upon those who are near and dear to you for advice, to steer your spirit to a newly defined state of enlightenment and being. 


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Your sensuality and lust for excitement is high this week, urging you to start manifesting your desires under the New Moon. While you may feel inspired this week, you will experience creative roadblocks. The reason being is that you are uncertain of what you wish to generate for the world at large. What you will come to realize by week’s end, is that the only person holding you back is you. You have the talent to manufacture and harvest inventive designs. Start believing in yourself more. Allow yourself to bring your power back to within and trust the creative process.


Nov. 22-Dec. 21 

You may feel as though you are at a crossroads with your professional standing, as you are seeking more satisfaction from your career. Your innermost desires are transforming, allowing you to alchemize new personal goals within. What once seemed like your golden ticket, is now looking lackluster and glum. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself, take a reflective moment to make note of the direction you wish to move your career towards. The New Moon serves as a reminder to focus on your desires and to not let anyone stand in the way of your dreams—even if they seem unobtainable. 


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This week urges you to take a step back to understand how you treat others. It’s not that you are harsh or austere, but you may not be communicating in a fashion that gains you trust with colleagues, friends, and lovers. Being open with your intentions and emotions is a big risky step for you to take, as you tend to hold your sentiments close to your heart. Opening up will help those who are in your realm feel as though they are a part of your world. Not being secretive with your feelings, and expressing them will elevate your heart to new limits. 


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Friends may be draining your energy, forcing you to take protective steps during the New Moon. Rather than slip back into old patterns, take measurements to evade vampirism and keep your energy levels high. Even though you may feel like compromising throughout the week and giving in to their emotional whims, you must maintain boundaries and focus your energy on yourself. If not, you will feel psychically drained and reactive. Don’t let others fool or manipulate your emotions. Connecting to your spirit this week will raise your inner vibration—pushing out all the negativity and only allowing positivity to flow within.


Feb. 19-March 20

Known to wear your heart on your sleeve, your emotions will be at a high this week. Instead of swimming away from the frustration you may feel, face the situation head on. While it may be hard to confront others, the New Moon is forcing you to change your emotional perspectives. You may find that most of your heartache was an illusion, created in your mind based on past upsets. Free yourself from old wounds and embrace a fresh view of life this week. Stepping out of your comfort zone is challenging, but  worth the adventure and risk. Invest in yourself.