Astrology by Lisa Stardust

Happy Beltane! This year’s midpoint between Spring and Summer will be remembered in years to come, as the the sparks will continue going off throughout the day, due to Mercury’s many aspects.

We kick off this week, on May 1st, which is also the holiday of Beltane, with a seemingly harmonious aspect between Mercury, who is transiting impulsive speaking Aries, and Mars, who is in chatty Gemini. Both planets are currently in mutual reception with each other, and in exact orb. Mutual reception occurs when two planets are transiting signs of the other’s rulership. In this case, Mercury is in the sign of Aries and Mars is in the sign of Gemini. Mars rules Aries and Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Both signs are being controlled by the other’s planetary ruler. This is called mutual reception. Although, they do make a lovely connection in the cosmos, what happens on earth is that Mars will push Mercury to say regrettable things and Mercury will make Mars take swift action. Usually, this tends to become an argumentative energy, as both planets are feeding off of the other’s energy. However, the flip side is that we may be motivated to make plans for the future and pushed to complete tasks. The only caveat, is to think before speaking, as we may put our foot in our mouths. Later in the day, Mercury squares off with Saturn, who is retrograde in steady Capricorn on the South Node of Destiny, and the Nodes of Destiny, making us feel somber about the past. We may receive news that will alter our current decisions and change the course of events in our lives. May 2nd brings another tense Mercurial aspect our way. Pluto retrograde back steps it’s way into Mercury, causing inner tensions to flair up. Pluto is moonwalking in the pragmatic sign of Capricorn, pushing Mercury to uncover and discover new facts about ourselves. These are two planets who like each other. Remember, Mercury was the only god that Pluto allowed to enter and exit the Underworld. When these planets collide, we can expect to experience psychological barriers within and with others to be broken. The truth can set us all free and help us to gain a deeper understanding of our subconscious desires. Unfortunately, there are negative side effects, which may include power struggles and false gossip (expect major pot stirring on May 2nd). If we try to evoke the positive traits, such as curiosity and personal development—we will reap the benefits of the transit. Try to stay open minded and rational, even when provoked. The same day, Mercury and Jupiter, who is gliding backwards in retrograde motion in Sagittarius, cross paths. Mercury and Jupiter retrograde will push us to take the higher minded philosophical perspective on the Plutonian energy. Therefore, we can either evolve our desires, or keep arguments with others going throughout the day. The choice is ours. The Taurus New Moon on May 4th synchronizes our bodies and minds with the earth, alchemizing us to the spiritual world. May 5th (Cinco de Mayo) brings an opposition between Mars and Jupiter retrograde, bringing us courage and determination to move forward and carry on with our dreams. Venus, who is in fiery Aries, is busy making decisions around love and money on the 6th, by squaring the Nodes of Destiny. We will be cosmically pushed to think clearly and carefully about ALL the partnerships in our lives (as well as our relationship with money). Mercury enters earthy Taurus later in the day, on May 6th, blending poetry with our words and meaning to our actions. The week ends with Venus and Saturn retrograde making serious noise around investments and relationships. How we spend our time  will be a crucial matter, as well as who and what we give our energy to. Psychic and energetic vampires will be kicked to the curb on the 7th. Try to add extra TLC to the 7th, in order to feel confident and positive. The asteroids Pallas and Vesta clash throughout the week, while adding stress to Venus. Pallas, is currently backpedaling in fair minded Libra, the goddess of  wisdom and strength. Vesta, who is moving full steam ahead in tempestuous Aries, represents the home (or the heart of the home) and family. These asteroids are making us uncouple and disconnect from unhealthy relationships and situations. Others may fight to keep us enslaved to the past, or we may find ourselves chained to toxic affairs. It’s up to us to shut the door on that which is causing us pain and frustration. Lilith is another asteroid making waves this week, by entering the sign of mystical Pisces on May 3rd, which will add vigor and enlightenment to our magical practices. Lilith was the first wife of Adam in the Garden of Eden. She was cast away because she was more powerful than Adam. In mythology and astrology, she is the voice within us that has silenced and yearns to break free. Through willful independent acts, Lilith brings out our truest desires. Lilith will link up with Mercury on the 6th, allowing us to assert ourselves and create new enticing spells.


March 21-April 19

Your words are powerful, and certainly not meaningless this week. While you may go back and forth deciding the best way to express yourself, the New Moon offers you the chance to assert your views without drama. Owning and standing in your truth will prove challenging throughout the week, as you are pushed to make many karmic choices around professional goals. Deciding which venture is worth your energy is dependent on how valued you feel. Don’t be afraid to ask for more than your regular rate—you may be surprised by what you are offered. The same advice proves fruitful in personal relationships. Asking for more will yield high rewards, as long as you communicate honestly and effectively about your needs, leaving the subject open for negotiation. Listen to others and they will meet you half way.


April 20-May 20

After a mini hibernation, you are coming back in the limelight stronger and wiser than ever. The New Moon pushes you to get back into the swing of things. However, there still is a fine line you must cross this week between working and nurturing yourself. Finding a balance between what you give to others and what you take for yourself will be challenging in the beginning of the week.  Obligations consume your schedule, yet you want to enjoy the merriments of life away from the office enjoying the springtime air. Divide your time 3 ways—split between “you” time, work time, and time with others. This will allow you to find the equilibrium you need and rest before your anxieties take control. A hot calming bath with CBD oil, rose petals, and Himalayan salt will elevate you toward tranquility. 


May 21-June 20
No other zodiac sign knows better than you that words can hurt. While you may be tempted to get one last definitive statement out there to others who have offended you this week, you may want to take a step back and think your feelings through before cutting others down to size. What may feel good in the moment, will wind up eventually hurting you down the road. Before asserting your opinions and hurts on others, write down your feelings on a piece of paper, or send an email to yourself expressing your sentiments. This will help you understand your emotions better and allow you to release the built up frustrations and anxieties from within. If you still desire one-on-one communication, it’s advisable to call upon a mutual acquaintance to act as the buffer to minimize collateral damage.  


June 21-July 22

After weeks of focusing on others, you are finally reclaiming your personal power. The caveat, is that you still may be struggling to loosen your claws away those who do not serve your best interests, as the ups and downs of these relationships have proven to be exhilarating. Unfortunately, this is a false security. While you may enjoy the highs and lows of such partnerships, as they keep you on your toes, it will prove mentally and emotionally exhausting by the weekend. The New Moon asks you to place all that pent up energy on healing yourself, not others. Reevaluating your role in such circumstances and relationships will give you much food for thought, allowing you to rethink your past behavior. While you may be inclined to work out issues with others, put your needs first. Take time for yourself this week, then decide your next move. 


July 23-August 22

Life has been a tad monotonous lately. The same old routines are making you lustful for excitement. Whether it’s your fiery thirst for adventure, or your desire for higher minded pursuits—you are in the mood to battle on all fronts (physically, emotionally, and mentally) this week. However, you are also feeling emotionally fierce and protective, which may inspire arguments to occur. Rather than battle with others, challenge yourself to grow within and use your gusto to break down the restraints of your subconscious mind through mindful breathing. Mindful meditation will help you connect on a deeper level with the self (body, heart, and mind), as well as understanding your feelings on a soulful level. Adding this healing technique to your day-to-day activities (even for two minutes a day) will prove beneficial in the long run. 


August 23-Sept. 22

This week you are cosmically called upon to take a leap of faith—within others and yourself. While you may feel as though you are standing by the edge alone, you must believe in the higher good of those you hold dear. Even if people seem uninterested and busy, you can rely on their support. More importantly, learn to listen to the voice inside your head. Trusting your sentiments may be challenging, as past events have made you weary of your intuition. Don’t ignore your inner-voice. More often than not, it can be a savior from mistakes. Also, make sure to connect with like-minded people who can sympathize with your issues within your community. It’s hard to take risks alone. If your friends are busy,  then it’s important for you to meet others (who are going through similar situations) which can be a solid soundboard. 


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Life has been moving at an accelerated pace for you, throwing your scales off-balance. This week calls for you to take steps to reorganize and revise all sectors of your life. Making lists may be beneficial. However, you need to change your strategy in how you implement tasks. Compartmentalizing and prioritizing will allow you to focus on that which is urgent. Blocking out distractions and vampirism will add more vitality to your day. Your time will free up and your vibe will be high, as a result of disconnecting from those who drain your energy. Also, don’t be afraid to say “no.” Creating boundaries, setting limits, and turning down work can feel freeing. The final and missing piece of the puzzle, to maintain your balance, is to allot more time toward self-care. Indulge yourself as a reward for your hard work. 


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This week forces you to evoke your strategic mind, in order to win big against those who aim to hold you down. In the past, you have lost your temper and fought hard for others to see your views. This week, you are using your mind to allow others to take notice of your splendor. Manipulative games and hurtful words will seem like a waste of time, as you are realizing that you are spending more time engaging in drama than evolving your situation towards greatness. This may result in you draining your energy on nonsense, rather than the endgame. Take strategic steps and alliances that will ensure success. Most importantly, don’t be afraid. No one can hold you back from achieving your goals. Remember, you are a born fighter—don’t be scared to reclaim your throne.


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

As the cosmic doer of the zodiac, you love to manifest new projects and activities. This week, you are inclined to create something tangible, which you can touch and feel in the material world. This may result in a new partnership of artistic or romantic nature (also,, the desire to start implementing grounding exercises into your daily vibe). Awakening your senses will make you feel more alive in the moment. Connecting to earthy delights (whether it be by meditating with your feet firmly planted in the ground or ASMR) will awaken your soul and brighten your spirit—even activating the pleasure center of your chart. The tingling feeling within, will clear out your head and motivate you to feel freer than usual, evoking your passions that have been dormant over the past seasons, in time for your spring awakening. 


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Insecurities may flair up this week, pushing you to take a deep hard look at yourself in the mirror. Squashing childhood trauma can be a life long objective, but this week you are letting go of some pain from the past. Looking your fears straight in the eye, will kill any negative thinking and resentments you have with felt within, lessening the burden you have been carrying. You will feel reborn and renewed by week’s end. Change starts within. Becoming the ultimate version of yourself is a lifelong process. You have the power to transform yourself, as long as you commit to doing the work. What you may find along your path of self-discovery, is that you are already the person of your desires and dreams—you just got lost along the way and couldn’t see yourself clearly. 


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This week is pushing you to evolve your core beliefs, which may involve you implementing alone time under the New Moon to help revolutionize your life. The veil that once blindfolded your eyes is falling off, giving you the opportunity to see situations and people clearly. Recently, you may have been manipulated into conflicts and unscrupulous activities that have proven to hurt your ego, rather than elevate your spirit. This week, you are dropping the facade and allowing others to see the “real” you. Your feelings may be unfiltered and raw, but they are your sentiments and should always be honored by others. Being honest about personal setbacks and triumphs will move you past the fake tough exterior you’ve created, giving others and yourself the chance to connect with the purest part of your soul. 


Feb. 19-March 20

This week serves as your cosmic wake-up call. You may feel as though you have been in a deep slumber for months, as you start to clearly see who you can and cannot trust. Also, you will come to see who will stand by your side through thick and thin. Your friends may not actually be as true blue as you had once thought, allowing you to consciously disconnect and cut the cord from their energy. Letting go is always hard, but in your case essential for your personal health. Toxic connections will consume your energy, cause exhaustion, and anxiety. While you may decide not to confront others (although you will fantasize endlessly about this all week), make sure to cut the energy you give to the situation—only then can you live in accordance with your highest self.