Valentine’s Day Love Rituals (II)


Written by Michael Cardenas

Love Rituals (II)

Use the following process before proceeding with both rituals. Make sure you will not be disturbed and set the mood with sound, lighting, and scent to stimulate your senses and naturally lull yourself into an altered state of consciousness. Prepare your space with a cleansing herb or resin of your choice to clear out the negativity (I used Copal Oro and Palo Santo). Sprinkle blessed water afterwards to seal in the blessings (I used rose water that I pray over). Center yourself, take a deep breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Envision yourself surrounded by light and ask that your protective spirits be with you. Take some time to set your intention before each ritual and feel your way throughout the process. Let it flow. 

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Limpia De Flores (cleansing with flowers)

In order to create a sustainable love life we need to create a healthy solid foundation to grow from. Spiritually clearing negative energy connected to past or present relationships with self or others is vital to moving forward in a positive direction and creating new or existing lasting love. We hold love in our heart center when it is pure, but sometimes it can sour and we hold our toxic experiences in our stomach area, so concentrate on the these areas when cleansing yourself. 

You will need: one white candle, pen, paper, white flowers, one glass of ice cubes, sea salt (two cups), coconut oil. 

After creating a sacred space and setting your intention take the glass of ice and add three pinches of salt. Set the glass next to the candle and light the white candle. Sit in a comfortable position and prepare yourself. We are going to extract the poison. Bring your awareness to your breath and begin to reflect on your negative past experiences of toxic love. This can be a difficult process so please take your time and allow your emotions to flow freely being as gentle with yourself as possible. In your minds eye see your emotions spilling out of your stomach area like grey smoke clouds billowing out. Ask your protective spirits to clear this energy. When you feel that process is complete take the pen and paper and write a letter to your past. It isn’t necessary to focus on a specific person, you want to focus more so on the experiences themselves. Where is the pattern? Let the pattern know you are done with it and have learned the lessons it has brought to you. When complete take the flowers and hold them to your heart. Take another deep breathe and sit in silence until you can feel your heart beat through the flowers, synchronizing your energies. 

Begin to gently sweep your entire body from head to toe with the flowers intending that they absorb negativity from your aura and chakra energy centers until you intuitively feel your are complete. Place the flowers on top of the letter and place them both next to the candle and glass of ice. Draw yourself a warm bath with two cups of sea salt and a small amount of coconut oil to clear any remaining astral energy. When complete rinse off and dry yourself as you normally would. Wear something light colored to bed. Let the candle burn out as safely as possible and in the morning flush the melted ice. You can burn the list to ashes and when it has cooled down leave the flowers and the ashes at a crossroads. It is done. 

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Covered in honey (Bathing Ritual)

Once you have spiritually cleansed your energy you are ready to sweeten yourself up and call in some love! This can be done to give yourself some love, call in new love, or to improve and existing relationship. In this ritual you are going to worship yourself and anoint yourself in the deliciousness of pure love. 

You will need: one pink candle, a jar of honey (I recommend warming it up in warm water before use), your favorite aroma (perfume, cologne, aroma), champagne (optional if age appropriate) red or pink roses, one goblet, sugar, water, one key. 

After clearing your space and setting your intention take the goblet and add in two spoonfuls of sugar to the water and add the key intending to open up your roads to a healthy love life. Hold the goblet and visualize a bright pink light radiating from within until you can feel the cup pulsate between your hands. At this time you can state your desires out loud. Set this goblet next to your bed. Next take the rest of your supplies and draw yourself a warm bath. If you have decided to use champagne add it into the water now along with your favorite aroma. Light the pink candle and place it somewhere within sight.  Before entering into the tub take the honey and begin to anoint your body beginning with your heart, your lips, your forehead and your pelvic area. As you apply the honey affirm to yourself “ I love you”. Make sure to touch your entire body with a light coat of the honey avoiding your feet. Lick your lips and affirm “I deserve love”. Safely step into the tub but before settling in take the flower petals and sprinkle them onto your body, allowing them to stick to the honey and affirm “I call in lasting love”.  Safely descend into the warm water and allow the honey and roses to melt into it. Begin to wash off the honey and soak in the mixture for 25 minutes or longer. Soak in all of the deliciousness while visualizing yourself receiving your desires. When you feel the process is complete rinse lightly and dry off as you normally would. Wear something light colored to bed. Let the goblet sit next to your bed for 7 days and when complete toss the water onto your front doorstep along with some fresh water. Keep the key as a personal talisman. It is done. 

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