Astrology by Lisa Stardust

This week brings intense change our way, as we move forward while sorting through post-eclipse energies. We have survived the first eclipse of the year, and now we are ready to set forth into our new visions. It might not be a cake walk though, as there may be some tears and fears along the road to growth this week. These momentary setbacks may be frustrating at first, but if we choose to let go and run free in the rapture while embracing transformation, we can reach a heightened state of beauty and spiritual development. 


We start off the week with a powerful connection between the Capricorn Sun and transformative Pluto on January 11th. Both planets serve to alchemize the soul together, moving us toward personal evolution. Pluto is the Lord of the Underworld, and known to cause havoc on those are not willing to grow. Pluto asks us to shed any excess we may be carrying, and rebirth our body, mind, and spirits in place of new revolutionary views.


Illusive Neptune is very active this week. Known as “the divine discontent,” Neptune forces us to rely on our spirituality and psychic abilities to navigate us through the fog which permeates the sea air. We all may feel lost, stuck, confused, and extra sensitive while we try to implement our newest visions of self. This may be challenging on January 13th, when insightful Jupiter (who is traveling in philosophical Sagittarius) clashes with dreamy Neptune (who is surfing in the Piscean seas), causing us to rethink our goals. The flip side to this transit is overconfidence. Our dreams will be tested against reality three times this year: January 13th, June 16th, and September 21st, giving us many chances to see if our fresh insights will stand the test of time in 2019.


Winged messenger Mercury and authoritative Saturn connect in Capricorn on January 13th, asking us to proceed into the future with caution. The following day, on January 14th, Mercury and Neptune softly kiss under the First Quarter Aries Moon, letting us contemplating options to expand our imagination, hopes, and aspirations.


The First Quarter Moon on January 14th resolves the residual energy from January 5th’s solar eclipse. However, it also starts the story of the lunar eclipse occurring January 20th PST and January 21st EST. As one chapter ends, another begins this week.


With all the Neptunian energy floating around us, it’s essential that we take proper care of ourselves. We may be the victim of psychic attacks and projections, as we're more vulnerable in absorbing the negativity of others due to Neptune’s energy. Try to carry rose quartz and amethyst for protection. Take Himalayan salt baths to rinse your auric field, and smudge personal spaces to banish any toxicity in the air.




March 21-April 19


This week stirs up mixed emotions for you, Aries. Known as the warrior of the zodiac, you often assert your power to win your desires and January 11th will have you doing just that. When the Sun and Pluto align in the career sector of your chart, you will hit the pedal to the metal and use your ferocious energy to achieve your goals. Brace yourself though! Just two days later, on January 13th, you may encounter some obstacles on your journey forward. Expansive Jupiter and illusive Neptune are causing inner anxieties to rise, possibly creating personal setbacks due to trepidation. Expressive  Mercury and austere Saturn connect the same day, forcing you to commit to your new professional vision, even if you are feeling lost in the fog. You will find the answer to your personal quandary on the 14th, under the First Quarter Moon, when you are given the opportunity to incorporate creative visions with your work (due to the compromise Mercury and Neptune make together). The cosmos are allowing you to manifest your dreams into reality. Channel your inner warrior and don’t let fear hold you back. The only one who stands in your way, is you.




April 20-May 20


Past circumstances  may have  left you feeling as though life has been an uphill battle. You've learned a lot of life lessons until this point and now have the inner dynamism to take a stand, particularly on the 11th, when the Sun and mighty Pluto strike back against those who have caused you harm. However, think twice before expressing your feelings, as your words may hurt rather than heal relationships. While you want to let your hurts be known, it may cause others more pain than you realize, which will only bring your tender heart more anguish. Don't despair sweet Bull, the 13th brings support through close friendships! Never underestimate the love that comes from community. You'll be in the mood to surround yourself with positive people. However, you  will have to work on building the right boundaries with your peers, in  order to ensure mutual respect. With your phone buzzing non stop, it’s important to implement such perimeters. On January 14th, be sure to set aside some quiet time to contemplate the dramatic events of the week under the First Quarter Moon. Mindful meditation throughout the week will help mend your wounds and restore inner peace.




May 21-June 21


Love is a battlefield  this week, Gemini, as issues within relationships come to a head and erupt with passion. You are being taught major relationship (and life) lessons by  transformative Pluto on the 11th, followed by Mercury and task master Saturn on the 13th. This cosmic nudge is just what you need to cut the cord on relationships that no longer serve your highest and truest self. It’s always hard to move on from people you hold dear, and the 13th brings such challenges your way- as Jupiter and Neptune may have you romanticizing the past. The First Quarter Moon on the 14th helps you connect deeply with your intuition, allowing you to see who you've outgrown. Use this energy to harness your strength to cut ties, it may be hard at first, but you'll ultimately become independent of the constraints which hold you back. Your heart may ache, however, you are evolving and moving towards your higher self.




June 22-July 22


This week calls for extra self care. You may  be provoked to give your counterparts, frenemies, or even enemies extra attention on the 11th. Shortly after, you'll want to curl up into a cocoon. To avoid feeling triggered, take a step back from the drama and reapply focus to yourself. Direct your energies on the most important person in your life—YOU! The solution is simple— find a new way to approach any situations that are rocking your boat. This may entail changing your attitude and adjusting your emotions through achieving a higher, more attuned mindset. Never underestimate the importance of positive thinking! It will lift you up and reset your attitude, it even softens the blues. The First Quarter Moon on January 14th may stir up residual emotions for you. With your heart and mind connected, you will only feel love for yourself, no matter how many sticks and stones are thrown your way. You will emerge stronger and tougher, ready to take on the world.




July 23-Aug. 22


Frustrations in the predictability of day-to-day activities force you to reconnect with a forgotten dream. Your innermost desires are coming out, making you lust after a vision you once held dear while letting go of any illusions you have created for yourself. As the Sun (your planetary ruler) links up with powerful Pluto on January 11th, in the house of daily affairs, you're asked to let go of past idealized goals, and replace them with new attainable visions. January 11th is a life changing day for you, Leo. You are not only releasing some serious emotions, but also learning to live your truest life on your own terms. You may begin to realize the dreams you thought you wanted, don’t align with who you are today. On the path to personal evolution, your job is to break down psychological roadblocks, which may prove to be challenging on the 13th as you may be tempted to indulge your sentimental sweet tooth. Try to muster the strength within to move forward and embrace your higher self under the First Quarter Moon January 14th and all will be well, little lion.




Aug. 23-Sept. 22


Shakespeare wrote “all the world’s a stage” and we are all “merely players” in this game of life. The 11th allows you to slip out of your daily persona and become the most extreme version of yourself. Good or bad, you will apply  flair to attaining your goals, as you step into the role of a lifetime—the most authentic version of yourself! The Sun and Pluto collide, sparking a passionate love affair with yourself. It's a great time to include some sex magic to your repertoire, to help manifest your goals. The 13th brings confusion and delusion your way, as you are caught between two juxtaposing energies throughout the day, potentially causing your confidence to take a dive. While Jupiter and Neptune add doubt, Mercury and Saturn help anchor any clouded views that may have come into play, allowing you to see through the fog of self doubt. Look out for the 14th, as the energy may compromise your mind, leaving you confronted with hard inflated  truths about yourself. The First Quarter Moon elevates your spirit to embrace these different elements of your life. Remember, you are taking on a new role, which may be challenging; be extra gentle with yourself.




Sept. 23-Oct. 22


Last week’s eclipse may have hit you in the jugular,, causing heartbreak. You may still be shell shocked from all the changes thrown at you. Unfortunately, this week isn’t much different. The Sun and Pluto connect on January 11th, bringing transformation and growth to you. However, you will only be able to move forward if you choose to revamp your innermost convictions. Jupiter and Neptune will cause you to question your desires, just  as Mercury and restrictive Saturn challenge your blossoming soul on the 13th. Your faith may be tested, however, you still come out on top with a little cosmic help on the 14th. Use  the First Quarter Moon energy to submit to a higher power, and allow yourself to experience and move through growing pains on your way to self discovery.




Oct. 21-Nov. 21


With last Saturday's eclipse energy still lingering in the air until the 14th, you have the majority of the week to harness your investigative mind and understand situations recently revealed. Understanding the motives of those who have caused you turmoil will be the focus of the Sun and Pluto connection on the 11th. This week you may choose to put your communication skills to good use by influencing the public with your powerful voice. One thing is certain, the Sun and Pluto are merging together, heightening your instincts and need for solid facts. Your pursuit of the truth and ability to get to the bottom of things may lead others to confide in you on the 13th, causing relationships to kick up a notch and intensify. The First Quarter Moon brings solace to your mind and wisdom to your spirit, as you see clearly (for the first time in a long time). This energy will enable you to feel empowered and stronger than ever, as you allow half truths to be swept away by the Neptunian waves, refreshing your soul with a welcome dose of clarity and authenticity. Rest easy, Scorpio, while other's may think they're pulling one over on you, your investigative skills will prevail this week and truth will find its way to the surface—even if you have to dig it out yourself.




Nov. 22-Dec. 21


Your stability may get shaken up, as the Sun and Pluto revolutionize your values, compelling you to overhaul preconceived ideals in place of new morals. This may come with challenges that force you to evolve your life, even if you are not ready. You may  feel uprooted, however, try to take comfort in knowing that you are spreading your wings.  The ultimate goal of Pluto is to cause metamorphic shifts, which will only help your personal growth. Winged messenger Mercury and structured Saturn bring refreshing logic to your journey, allowing you to put down your arrows in search of enlightenment. This process will feel easier for you when insightful Jupiter and spiritual Neptune collide, quenching your thirst for divine knowledge on the 13th. The 14th of January awakens your soul, as Mercury and Neptune show you the divine truth you seek, allowing you to disconnect from the material world into an altered state of happiness through spirituality. The First Quarter Moon gives you the chance to let go of fears and seek the inspiration you long for within yourself.





Dec. 22-Jan. 19


The Dark Moon  eclipse on January 5th motivated you to evolve your world through altering  your current circumstances. This week you’re a force to be reckoned with, as Pluto joins your Sun on January 11th, granting you super cosmic solar power! Pluto is rejuvenating your will and values, while lending the potential to transform your beliefs. You are now a chameleon of the darkness, birthed  from the Dark Moon. The chains and shackles which  have held you back, now fall to the floor, as you walk away free from the past and into the future. Mercury and Saturn also connect with your Sun on the 13th, letting you see and run from any oppressive behaviors that are holding you back. However, extravagant Jupiter and illusive Neptune may stop you in your tracks, adding uncertainty and anxiety. Monday’s First Quarter Moon and Neptune’s splashes around  your Sun, with Mercury’s support,, give you the power to implement success, while breaking down barriers and power struggles (with others and yourself).




Jan. 20-Feb. 18


This week fills your loving cup with a new dream, one which will elevate your spirit and change you to the core—starting with the Sun and Pluto healing subconscious fears on January 11th. You are now regenerating your emotional responses by filling your chalice  up with love  for the outside world. This rings especially true on the 13th, when Mercury and Saturn squash negative thought patterns and childhood traumas. Your spirit is undergoing a great resurgence, clearing away blocks of past life karma in one full swoop. You will feel an energetic shift on the 13th, when Jupiter and Neptune square off to dissolve past karmic debt, while manifesting new hopes, visions, and principles. The First Quarter Moon illuminates your ideals, while allowing you to let go of your innermost fears and guilt, moving you towards a place of happiness.




Feb. 19-March 20


Underlying issues between you and the collective come to a boiling point on the 11th, potentially shaking up your friendships. You have escaped frustrations in the past by swimming away from situations and people who have caused you pain, however, Friday forces you to really look at those who you collaborate with as the Sun and Pluto reveal their truest intentions. Some may be wonderful, while others may be seedier than expected. You are ready to release those who do not support you, making way for the light to shine bright on you and those who have your best interest at heart. The 13th will make you feel as though you are ready to start fresh, as Jupiter and Neptune offer hope for the future. Mercury and Saturn ask you to take a break from social gatherings, suggesting solitude as medicine for the soul, as you meditate on relationships. You may feel once bitten, twice shy on the 14th, under the First Quarter Moon, due to Mercury and Neptune’s influence confusing boundaries and exposing phobias. Honor your ancestors this week and lean on them for answers, they will provide you with the insight and guidance you need to move forward.