Written by Jessica Lanyadoo


It’s all about boundaries this week. On the 6th both the planet of your thoughts and attitudes, Mercury, and the planet of identity, the Sun, form a challenging square to spiritualizing Neptune. When you see the potential in a person or a situation, it can feel like love, kindness, or faith, but what about when the other person doesn’t want that same potential for themselves? It’s important that you listen to what others are telling you about themselves. Whether it’s their actions or their words, people are always revealing themselves to you, and it’s your job to listen. Trying to change others, even if you truly believe it’s for their own good, will not go well for anyone. The key is acceptance. Only when you can accept what you’re being shown can you determine if you want to consent to it. It’s time to take stock of your boundaries and stop looking to others to manage your needs. At the end of the day, you can’t control people – and that includes trying to show people, unsolicited, how to be what you want them to be. What you can control is what you’re willing to participate in and for how long. This is a rough time for assumptions and projections, so put the tarot cards down, and use your common sense. If you have questions, ask, and if you don’t have enough comfort or trust to have honest conversations, take ownership of what that really means.


On the 12th Mercury moves into emo Cancer, which may result in you feeling more self-protective. Crabs move sideways, and these Cancerian energies can inspire you to go about things in a roundabout way, even when the truth is right in front of you. This transit may coincide with a greater concern for your family (chosen or otherwise). It may also increase your sensitivities and find you feeling more introspective. Just remember that you're likely to find evidence for what you seek; if you focus on the negative, you’ll see lots to be negative about. Keep it constructive, lovers.



March 21-April 19

You're going in a fantastic direction, but it’s different and change can be hard. How you handle your own attitude is really important. It may be too easy to convince yourself that you’re entitled to acting in ways you wouldn’t want others to. It’s okay to take a seat, Aries. You don’t always have to be on, and you don’t always have to be in the right place. Let things develop in their own time, even if that makes you a little crazy this week.


April 20-May 20

You’re being guided, Taurus, and the only way to get it wrong is by ignoring your own truth. Events are testing your ability to stay strong without slipping into egotistical behavior. The difference really has to do with empathy. Are you considering your needs and the needs of others in concert with each other? Are you allowing others to have their own perspective, even when it’s different from your own? Consider your wants and needs within the broader context of your life this week.



May 21-June 21

Resistance is futile, Twin Star. You’re at a kinda magical place where you can heal and be healed. Or not. This week is all about the choices you make when no one is forcing you to do anything. You can show up and do your utmost; you may alternatively find yourself really checked out. There’s no doubt that real stuff is going on for you. How you handle it is a reflection of your willingness and ability to be present in your life. Do your very best, even when you feel your worst.


June 22-July 22

Instead of pushing yourself to go harder, take a minute to slow down, Moonchild. You need to be able to rely on yourself when the going gets tough. If you don’t, you’ll end up creating insecurities that run deeper than just the situation you’re in. Sometimes the kindest thing you can do for yourself is take a nap, drink a tall glass of water, and then follow through on your most annoying commitments. With kindness, do what needs to be done this week.



July 23-Aug. 22

Life is like an organism; it grows and changes, and as it does, so should you. If you get too fixated on your version of who and what you are, you’ll stop exploring, asking questions, and growing. It demonstrates strength to be able to change your mind and explore your options. Nothing is meant to stay the same forever, Leo. Look into possibilities, even the ones that would require you to make sweeping changes. You’re ready to see things as they really are and from that place, to better envision how they could be.



Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your intuition is an invaluable resource, but you need to be willing to clear your mind in order to access it. It’s time to make a change, Virgo. Your instincts are more reliable than you give them credit for, and troubles arise when you don’t actually listen to them. It’s time to honor your feelings and use them as a resource for better understanding yourself and the world around you. Be receptive, even if it’s awkward or uncomfortable this week.



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

There’s no time like the present, and there’s no force like love. You don’t need to be anyone but yourself, and you don’t need to be anywhere but here. This is not a stable time. It’s hard to grow and keep your balance all at once. Learn from the past without tethering yourself to it. Be daring enough to grow into the person you want to be – not the one you think you “should” be or the one you think others want you to be. This is your life to live; get to it, Libra.



Oct. 23-Nov. 21

It may seem like you’re dealing with setbacks, but they’re more like disappointments than material problems, Scorpio. Just because you don’t know why something is happening or where it’s taking you doesn’t mean you won’t be happy with it in the end. When you’re emotionally exhausted, it inclines you to look for the worst in things. Take care of your feels before you set out to manage your situation. It’s time for a massive shift, my love.



Nov. 22-Dec. 21

When things don’t go how you want them to, it’s easy to get demoralized. If you are looking for answers to the burning question why me?!, you’re looking in the wrong direction, ‘Tarius. Instead of lamenting what isn’t, try to be interested in what is. It may not be clear where you’re going, but the place you’re at on your path right now is what needs your attention. There’s a great deal to be earned from the very things that pain you this week. Don’t allow your ego to throw you off track.



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Worry does nothing more than strip you of energy and deplete you for dealing with real life in real time. It’s time for you to step up and take some risks, Captain Capricorn. Your relationships are shifting around you, and this isn’t the time to hide from how that feels or what it means. Have the difficult conversations; show up, even when it’s uncomfortable. If you’re willing to fight for what you believe in and who you love, then it’ll all be worth it in the end, my love.




Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You’ve got to believe in yourself, Aquarius. If you want true success, it’s not enough to go through the motions. You’ve got to actually be a friend to you. Take stock of the ways that you’ve been phoning it in, and ask yourself why. You may need to make some adjustments, or you may just need a pep talk. Either way, it’s time for you to take active steps to advance yourself and not just your interests. Value your true self this week.





Feb. 19-March 20

It’s not selfish to like what you like, to use what’s yours, or to go your own way. This week you’ll be wise to really consider the difference between taking away from others versus taking what you need for yourself. No matter which side you’re erring on, this is the time to try to come to balance. You can’t always please others or yourself, so if you can let go of that goal, you can get to your real work: strive to be the best, most authentic version of who you are.