New Year’s Eve 2018- Uncrossing Ritual


Written by Valeria Ruelas

In many traditions and cultures, New Year’s Eve is a very important date. Although it is not a significant date in the witches’ calendar it is still a very powerful energetic threshold.

Photo by Valeria Ruelas

Photo by Valeria Ruelas

As witches we can take advantage of this energy to prepare for a more successful new year. Setting intentions is an amazing way to start, but clearing yourself of this year’s spiritual debris requires a little more work!

2018 has been a particularly brutal year. We not only had consecutive supermoons, eclipses and retrogrades, the political turmoil we went through has really harmed us emotionally as a collective. We experienced the first government shutdown in January, hurricanes devastated Florida, the Kavanaugh trial enraged the whole country and that’s only a few of the tragedies we had in 2018.

This type of collective energy can be really hard to deal with on top of our own emotional struggles and it is because of this that we must take it upon ourselves to start the year as fresh as possible. Perform this easy uncrossing ritual to align and rid yourself of all bad luck, negative influence and spiritual problems you might have faced in 2018.

An uncrossing spell is normally used to break a hex. Even if you don’t believe you have been hexed, if 2018 has felt like a negative year, it’s time to kiss the energy goodbye.

Ensure your altar space is cleansed and prepared for this working as it is particularly important to have a peaceful work environment to gain results.

Note: Dragon’s blood and frankincense incense are best for this ritual.




1 Ripe Lemon

2 Black Candles

A bowl of salt and water

A bowl of just salt

Ceramic Plate to Place the Lemon

A knife, preferably a ritual one

Note: This ritual can be performed with a group or coven


After setting up a peaceful environment, ground yourself and prepare to begin your ritual. Light the black candles, and hold the lemon between your hands. Visualize the lemon drawing negativity from you. Do not be afraid to spend a good amount of time on this part of the ritual as it is very important. Ensure you program vivid memories of what you want to let go into the flesh of the lemon. If it is also useful you can visualize black waves coming off of your aura. When you feel you have imparted the lemon with all of your negativity dip your ritual knife into the salty water and then slice the lemon into three pieces.

Say this incantation over the lemon (you don’t have to memorize this but you can if you want)

Through my will

Through my might

I so turn this situation right



Leave me.

With salt and water I am free.

Cut in three

Cut in three

These awful memories may leave me

Lemon, lemon set me right.


Through my will this spell is done.

And so the new me I become.

Take each lemon slice, dip it in the salt and place the slices on the plate. The slices should be left on your altar until they dry. If the fruit rots, the spell must be completed again. Toss the lemon slices out or burn them when finished with this spell. Good luck uncrossing! May 2019 shower you in blessings