“Riding with death” by   Jean  -  Michel Basquiat

“Riding with death” by Jean-Michel Basquiat

Written By Jessica Lanyadoo

Love is the point. It’s the way and the reason. When you build security and stability on a foundation of what you love, it can’t help but support you. When kindness, empathy, and generosity of spirit are not part of your motivation, you’re likely to create a rut. We are at a time in society – but also in our personal lives – to reorganize the structures that we build upon. One way or another, change will come, but what’s still unclear is the tone and content of that change. Show up, Kittens. Be present for the feels and for the steps. Find a call to action that inspires you, and follow through. The political is spiritual. The spiritual is a matter of personal wholeness, and you cannot have wholeness without love. In the words of Dr. Cornel West, "... justice is what love looks like in public." We are all in this together, my loves, and the more we can feel into and invest in one another, the better our collective and personal outcomes will be. 

On the 10th Mercury will sit opposite to erratic Uranus, and Venus will Retrograde it’s way to a square with assertive Mars. Around this time, you’re likely to want to do something but will have a hard time picking a lane. This is a time when you’re likely to feel nervous tension, distraction, and irritability, so it’s wise to remember to breathe. The combination of transits lends itself to exploration and experimentation instead of seeking hard and sure answers. The positive potential of this influence is that you’re motivated to find new solutions, to get engaged, and to listen to others. You may find yourself in a situation where you learn something new. Alternatively, you may find yourself running in circles and on the defensive. At the very least, if you’re having a hard time, strive to be interested in the people and world around you. 

This energy will overlap with the square to powerful Pluto by the Sun on the 11th. When you indulge in resentments towards others you only end up punishing yourself. This is the time to let go; let go of the thoughts and attitudes that keep you down. Let go of the story you’re telling yourself that things will always be this hard, and let go of your resistance to your reality as it is right now. Pluto brings about destruction and creation, two forces for change that are intricately linked. 

Beginnings and endings are sometimes hard to tell apart. When you’re at the end of one day, you inevitably find yourself at the start of another. This isn’t the time to focus on the sun setting; it’s time to look towards the dawn. Take responsibility for your choices, thoughts, actions, and reactions. These are challenging times, but even within these challenges, we have great potential and opportunity. Let the things that are most upsetting to you charge the creative flow of your energy. 


March 21-April 19 

You don’t need to know when everything is going to line up or even exactly how, but you do need to know what your needs and limits are. This week will test your sense of self. Everyone inhabits multiple identities over the course of life, and you shouldn’t have to diminish one in order to honor another. For the most graceful process, find your truth before you look for what you’re meant to do, Aries. 


April 20-May 20 

You need a break, Taurus, and there’s nothing wrong with that. This week, try to find balance between self care and your obligations. It’s time to draw some limits, and if you need to, take some time for doing absolutely nothing. Your body and your heart need some TLC, and your only job is to Goldilocks it: find the right amounts of action and recovery time, not too little or too much. Seek just the right balance for you. 


May 21-June 21 

Your fear of the unknown is activated this week, and it’s not cute. Lean into the person you want to be, even if you’re not sure how the 

consequences will play out. You’ve been dancing around change, and if you’re being honest, it’s mainly because of problems with confidence, not vision. Be willing to fail spectacularly in your efforts to succeed. You don’t need to be perfect or fearless. You only need to do your best to be a person you can respect and live a life that makes you happy. 


June 22-July 22 

If you’ve lost track of yourself, emotions will run higher than normal this week. Take stock of your feelings, and seek to find your integrity within them. Some of your strongest reactions are inconsistent with how you really wish to respond, and that’s totally normal. Show yourself patience as you sort through your feels to understand what they’re about. In doing so, you can act in ways that bring forth the most supportive conditions possible, dear Moonchild. 


July 23-Aug. 22 

What other people think about you is not your business. Don’t fear the details of others' feelings about you, Leo, especially this week. If you find yourself struggling against made-up stories, obsessing over ‘what ifs’, and generally assuming the worst, you’ve lost your way. A good rule in relationships: when you’re in doubt, just ask. Whether or not a person (or even a room full of people) likes you does not determine your worth; only you can do that. 


Aug. 23-Sept. 22 

It’s time to be self-reliant, Virgo. That doesn’t mean you need to alienate yourself; it means you need to seek answers from within. Find ways of listening to others that doesn’t require you to make judgments – about yourself, them, or even what they’re saying. Sit with information, and weigh it out against the evidence you have in front of you: your feelings, needs, and the context of the person 

who’s speaking. Take your time as you endeavor to make sense of things, sweet one. 


Sept. 23-Oct. 22 

If you can stay present with your messy feelings, you are that much closer to cleaning them up and moving on. When you willingly bring your presence and creativity to a situation, you can’t help but learn and grow from it. You may be restless for the next phase, but you’re not quite done with this one yet, Libra. Allow room for the murky or sad feelings that tend to come with endings, and be gentle with them. Don’t resist the process this week. 


Oct. 23-Nov. 21 

When you abandon yourself, not only are you being unkind but you also kick off a series of unintended consequences that put pressure on your relationships as well as your own wellness. This week is likely to confront you with some grief or disappointment, and while it’s not fun, there’s value in confronting it head-on. How you cope with upsets says a lot about you, Scorpio. Try to find a balance between asking for help and taking responsibility for your own self-care. 


Nov. 22-Dec. 21 

You may find yourself feeling defensive and weird this week (it’s going around), but don’t take those feels at face value. You’re feeling scared of losing control, and while that's hard, it’s not necessarily as bad as you fear. Be brave enough to name what’s happening for you, Sagittarius, and if it seems appropriate, share it with the people you’re feeling stressed about. No matter what you do now will involve risk, so you might as well dare to be happy, my love. 


Dec. 22-Jan. 19 

When things are not as you’d like them to be, it’s tempting to barrel through in efforts to get it over with. This week you’re meant to take a pause, Capricorn. It’s time for you to take stock of what you want, what you’re doing to get it, and where you’re at right now. If you don’t, you’re likely to find yourself making sporadic, jumbled moves that create more chaos than they clear up. Deal with your feelings, and clarify your path, dear one. 


Jan. 20-Feb. 18 

Your relationships are allowed to be complicated, Aquarius. There’s no rule that says they must always be happy or that they even need to be easy. That said, there’s such a thing as too much processing, too much effort, and not enough flow. Look honestly at what is and isn’t working in your important relationships this week. You may need to do some serious soul-searching about what comes next. Honor your heart and your head, my love. 


Feb. 19-March 20 

This isn’t the time to give up; it’s time to find your voice, Pisces. If you don’t speak up and let people know where you’re at, you’re likely to be very frustrated with where that lands you. The truth is that if you ask for what you need, you still may not get it, but if you don’t try, then you are culpable of your own dissatisfaction. Rise to the occasion despite the millions of reasons you can find not to. The only way to truly fail is not to try, my love.