Happy Autumn Equinox + Mabon Blessings!

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The Harvest is in

Food stored for the winter

Seeds secreted for Spring

Celebrate the inward journey

Join Persephone as she descends

Mother Earth turns toward Crone

As we dance the last dance

Half is day, Half is night

Harvest Moon, Orange sight

Bless the dance, Bless the rite

Half is day, Half is night

Half is dark, Half is light

Spiral out, Spiral in

Harvest, Death, rebirth again

Goddessselves blessing all wimmin

Who spiral out, and spiral in.

-Ila Suzanne

The theme for Mabon and the Autumn equinox is "Giving Thanks". Mabon is the Witch's Thanksgiving, this is a time where the Sun's path crosses over the equator, traveling south. We now celebrate the darkness as the whole world honors equal night and day. The summer is gone. This was the time when the ancients and our ancestors gathered fruits and vegetables from the gardenin preparation for the winter. this is a time to give away what welonger need. We now must reap what we have sown from the spring equinox. Many people find this to be the perfect time for storing their own fruits and vegetables by canning, pickling, and other storing methods . With the fall comes cooler, crisp air and the dulling of colors. Everything is now turning with the season, there is a restlessness in the air and the harvest moon is round and almost wheat colored, glowing from the sun.

The flaming color of the leaves is a reminder that life burns most intensely just before it dies. Mabon is the time where we can reflect and remember those friends and relatives who may have died in the past year,as we watch the falling leaves. We give thanks for the abundance in our lives, as the sun is about to enter Libra, the cardinal air sign of balance.

"We celebrate the time of lengthening darkness when the night equals the day by putting to rest all the activities of the summer." R. Barrett

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Autumn Altar:

Now is the time for rest and relaxation, celebrate the Sabbat (sabbat means "to rest")  by creating your own autumn altar in grapevines, gourds, cornucopias, and brightly colored fallen leaves.

  • Candles: Brown = Stability, Focus, grounding
  • Orange= Vitality, Energy
  • Yellow= Warmth, Friendship, Creativity
  • Feathers
  • Stones: Smoky quartz, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Quartz, Garnet


Most modern witches celebrate the Sabbats on the exact dates to align themselves with the powerful symbolic and astrological energies that are inherent in each event. However, for others that are juggling jobs and families it means that they may need to plan their festivities within a few days as a matter of convenience. But on the day of the Sabbat it's important to take just a moments out of your busy schedule to honor Mother Earth.  Spend time meditating on what you have accomplished in the past months, and write out a list of all you have to be thankful for. Gratitude is powerful medicine! keep your list posted where you can see, just in case you start feeling "Grinchy" as the coming winter months begin.


Some season questions to ask yourself during the Autumn Equinox: 

  • What is your personal harvest and what have your brought into manifestation this year?
  • How can you honor the Earth that sustains us all? 

"At Sunset say farewell to the powers of the sun. Give Thanks and praise for the heat and light that helped the crops grow and nurtured your body. Think of all you have nurtured since spring. Name what you brought to fruition by the workings of your hands and the blessings of the Goddess. Appreciate what you have and celebrate having tasted the fruits of your labors by dancing, naming, eating, your personal harvest. Let yourself really have it!" - R. Barrett, Dianic High Priestess