"With Deep gratitude, I accept these powerful energies into my being. "

A Full moon that occurs between July 23 and August 23 will be in the sign of Aquarius. This potent moon energy is for wishes to come true and all (but not limited to) magickal workings pertaining to:

Creating detachment/releasing what no longer serves.


Humanitarian efforts


Expanding your social circle

Healing problems with the ankles


The Aquarius Full Moon says “I experience”. This full moon is dealing with facts, organizing, desires to save the world through social action, connecting with others in social situations, detachment, and  also the need to come and go without restrictions.

This beautiful and powerful Aquarius Moon is a dramatic mood change, major shifts will be taking place, welcome to eclipse season! Mother nature is  kicking off a series of Eclipses and today we will experience a partial lunar eclipse  in the sign of Aquarius .

 Where Capricorn valued tradition and caution, Aquarius’ energy craves anything new, innovative, different or unconventional. Expect extremes of optimism and pessimism but take time to relax into yourself, meditate, breathe, allow for your expansive nature to appear. GROUND YOUR ENERGY! 

The Aquarius moon energy is  detached/rational rather than emotional, and will change only if it’s logical to do so. Freedom is very important right now, so live with as few restrictions as possible, and please be careful  with what you ask for, this lunar eclipse + Full Moon will give you everything in double measure. Take the time to contemplate on your wishes and dreams, write them down.

Lunar Eclipse 

 On Monday August 7th our full moon also brings a partial lunar eclipse to kick off "Eclipse season" where on August 22, we will experience an extremely powerful total solar eclipse called  The Great American Eclipse

A partial lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth moves between the Sun and Moon but the 3 celestial bodies do not form a perfectly straight line in space. When this happens, there's only a small part of the Moon's surface that is covered by the darkest, central part of the Earth's shadow and this is called the umbra. The rest of the Moon is covered by the outer part of the Earth's shadow called the penumbra. 

Full Moon  +  Lunar Eclipse

August 7th11:11 am PDT

August 7th 6:11 pm GMT

August 8th  5:11 am AEDT


Moon Journal Meditation

Sitting in silence, light a blue candle  and burn incense (or oil) of Lavender or pine. 

Ask yourself "How can I use these energies of Aquarius for the upliftment of creation as a whole?" Allow yourself to align with the Universal realm of ideas, by being receptive to new visions, ideas , new inspirations, and new impressions from the spiritual realms that speak to you. With a joyful heart, commit to writing down these ideas to manifest into the world


as an act of service to humanity. 

Affirmation: "Can I hold my vision steady, knowing that I create the world I want by the power of my vision and thoughts?"