Full Moon In Capricorn 2017


Use a Capricorn full moon in magickal works pertaining to:

  • Career matters
  • Anything to do with status, establishment of reputation
  • Planning & organizing (focusing on goals)
  • Binding
  • Grounding
  • Healing the joints in your body (especially the knees)

Written by Jessica Lanyadoo

The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 8th, while the Sun sits opposite Pluto, the planet whose motto is "heal or be destroyed." Full Moons are excellent times for clearing emo baggage, but the tender Moon is least comfortable in hard-hearted Capricorn than in any other sign. Face facts and confront the reality of your life as it is in the here and now. Capricorn wants reliable ground to stand on, while the Moon wants flow. Seek out places in your life that are stuck or stagnant, and get real about your role in them. Humility and guilt live on the same continuum, only guilt is a preoccupation with the self, while humility is responsibility without self-obsession.

Speaking of obsession, let’s talk about Pluto. This bish is going to sit on top of the Moon at 11:05pmPST on the 8th, and from the 8th-10th, we’ll be feeling the effects of the Sun opposition to Pluto. The Sun governs your sense of self and your identity, and Pluto is the energy for transformation, healing, and destruction. When Pluto touches the Sun, it tends to bring up shame, obsessions, resentments, and the feeling of being abandoned. This is a rough time for feeling things cleanly – your projections and stored up defenses are likely to color your view of whatever happens around now, and that makes for a seriously intense Full Moon.

Here’s a Pro Tip for making the most of this powerful shift: you’re not alone. We’re all in this together. Pluto in Capricorn is meant to bring about transformations of the powers that be, and that counts for your internal structure as much as it impacts hierarchies and global markets. We’re all interconnected; commit to offering the same latitude to others that you wish for yourself. Allow space for others and yourself to be in process, but know that you are not more entitled than anyone else to be a jerk, no matter how wronged you feel.

Be the change you want to see in your world, especially when it would be easiest to falter. 



Written by Bri Luna

Capricorn moon rituals tend to be a bit harder to get initiated because of the amount of  Earth energy, but once they do they will be liberating, so enjoy the energy of this thunder moon by utilizing an affirmation in your full moon meditation.


Sitting in silence, take a moment to ground and center yourself. Inhale the sign of Capricorn (Ambition and will) into your heart's center. At this time, you may hold one of the following suggested crystals in your hands as you envision the color of deep blue surrounding you, and filling you with a sense of courage and accomplishment.  with deep gratitude, accept these powerful energies into your being. Open yourself up to allow mindful intentions that will help to uplift creation as a whole. 

If you are feeling mentally or creatively blocked during this full moon, working with quartz crystals during meditation can not only deeply healing, but a wonderful way to open yourself to immense clarity. Read our Quartz Crystal Meditation HERE  


  • Essential Oils: Frankincense, Patchouli, Cypress, Rosemary
  • Candle colors: White, dark blue, green, brown
  • Stones: Black Tourmaline , garnet, Tiger's eye, smoky quartz, Citrine
  • Goddess of the Capricorn moon: All crones.
  • Our beautiful Luna is also called The Thunder Moon tonight, as this is the time when thunderstorms are most frequent.


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