The Hoodwitch: Weekly Horoscopes 3/29~4/4/2017

Artwork by  WITCHORIA

Artwork by WITCHORIA

Written By Jessica Lanyadoo

Witch Tips

Get out your calendar, Puppies, ‘cuz this week there’s an important shift for you to take stock of. Astrology is all about cycles of development; astrologers don’t look at things as isolated events because we see how everything is connected and exists on an ever-unfolding continuum. Expansive Jupiter will form a challenging square to transformative Pluto, dredging up some deep issues for us as individuals and also as a society. This cycle was last activated on November 22nd 2016 and is happening again this week on the 30th (it’s final pass will be on August 4th 2017). Jupiter square to Pluto wants you to change, but not in a surface way. When Pluto’s involved, you know that you’re on the hook for deep transformation that rattles you to the core. This is a time to look at how you’ve been working around your fears and judgments and whether or not that behavior is keeping you enslaved to them. Jupiter wants freedom, but Pluto is the monster at the bridge, demanding that you pay for it. These two planets together can trigger addictions, compulsions, and ruthlessness. Luckily, the positive potential here is to create big success or to achieve far-reaching healing of something that desperately needs it. Avoid extremism or dogma this week, no matter how convinced you are that you’re right. Say your piece, but once you’ve shown someone the path, don’t try to shove them down it, even if you think it’s “for their own good”. People don’t need to agree with you or share your world view. Tolerate the differences you can’t embrace, or take on the torch of creating long-lasting change – just don’t expect everyone to change while you remain the same, my love.


Clear Quartz Amplifying Set  AVAILABLE HERE

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This is a perfect time to work with Clear Quartz for your woo work; it’s the most common stone in the world, reminding us of our interconnectedness. Clear Quartz is a powerful resource for amplifying healing energies, and it’s said to bring the stars to the soul.


On the 29th Mercury will trine Saturn, which will have a stabilizing effect on your thinking. This is a great time to organize, follow through, and to figure out annoying tasks. This is also an especially good time for signing contracts – but really any time before Mercury goes Retrograde on the 9th will suffice. On the 31st Mercury enters diplomatic Taurus, and on the 2nd Venus moonwalks back into Pisces; all this shifting of signs makes this a fertile time for change. Stay aligned with your values, and embrace the potential for transformation.




March 21-April 19

When things don’t go your way, you can see it as evidence of having a craptastic life, or you can see it as an opportunity to do something new. It doesn’t always feel like it, but the choice is yours. This week will kick up interpersonal themes that were active in late November; if you haven’t created more freedom since then, you’re likely to feel trapped this week. Don’t make rash moves to change your situation until you understand your own hand in creating it, Aries.



April 20-May 20

It’s time to get things done, Taurus! you’re likely to have lots of opportunities emerge this week, and that’s super exciting. The things to remember is that you’ve got to vet them, not sit on them too long or act without foresight. The tricky thing is that what things look like on the surface is not necessarily what they are, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into. This is an excellent time for well thought out action.



May 21-June 21

People love talking about their fear of failure, but what of success? The pressure that doing well puts on you can be so intense because expanding requires you to challenge your notion of yourself. You’re poised for prosperity, but you may also be feeling overwhelmed and like hiding under the covers this week. So ask for help! Reach out to the people you know and trust and who have gotten further than you, and if you don’t know anyone who fits that bill, it’s time to make new friends, Twin Star.



June 22-July 22

There’s a tension between what you need and what you want, and it ain’t pretty. Your task is to be honest enough to know that you’ve co-created the dynamics you’re not happy with, Moonchild. By owning your part, it becomes easier to see what needs to change without defensiveness or guilt. Make changes – even radical changes – this week, as long as you’re down for the consequences, whatever they may be. Put your integrity before convenience.



July 23-Aug. 22

It’s okay to need a break from time to time, Leo. This week you’re on call to come back to yourself, but that’ll require that you’re first honest about how much you’ve been fakin’ it. There’s great wisdom in the “fake it till you make it strategy,” but it’s not always applicable. You can’t always be happy and successful, and feeling cruddy doesn’t mean that you’re failing; the only way to fail is by not learning from your experiences. Get grounded and honor your feels, my love.



Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Freedom can be a fickle friend. I mean, you’re free to do whatever you want, but that doesn’t mean that you‘re free from consequences. It’s time to confront the illusions you’ve been holding about what “should” happen and start dealing with what is. It’s tempting to think that a more perfect understanding will aid you in creating a more perfect life, but what good is all the data of the world when you don’t accept it’s findings? Assimilate, integrate, and challenge yourself to think expansively this week.



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

If you’ve been making compromises that nobody asked you to make, or worse, that nobody knows you’re making, then you may be feeling really frustrated about now. Expect the ways that you’re feeling hemmed in to rise to the surface, and if you’re not confident about the value of what you’re doing, this won’t be fun. Instead of impulsively selling the car and house and stumbling into the woods to finally live off the grid, take a pause, Libra. Adjust your actions to better reflect your truth without trashing things this week.



Oct. 23-Nov. 21

It’s possible that your dreams are screaming at you, Scorpio, so make sure to pay extra attention to them. This week something that you've been keeping tucked in your subconscious is ready to break free, and you’d better let it ‘cause this is one fight you’ll lose. Create space in your week to slow down and listen to what your inner voice is telling you. If you’ve gotten off track, now’s your time to course correct. Take on a little extra work now to have a better life later.



Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This is a great time to make use of all you’ve learned, ‘Tarius. You’ve been working hard on yourself, and if you take the time to reflect on your progress, this week is a good one to solidify your plans. You’ve got some potentially tedious work in front of you, and if you can connect with the big picture, you’ll be able to stay motivated, even when you’d rather channel your energy in a more exciting direction. Secure your motives to help you get on board (and stay there!) with your work.



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Making plans for world domination is kinda your thing, so no one will be surprised this week when you’re caught up with your master plan. If you’ve been driven to have success without exploring how you define the details of it, you may find that you’re working hard but not getting to enjoy the benchmarks of your accomplishments. Align yourself with what gets you up in the morning because this life is yours, and it’s time for you to enjoy living it.



Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Change just for the sake of change is tempting but potentially ill-advised, my friend. This week you have the potential to see things more clearly, but it will require that you explore things without looking for answers – only truth. The difference is that answers are a course of action, and they consider all components of your situation. The truth is often messy, and knowing it doesn’t always make things easier in the short-term, but it’s there waiting for you anyways. Prioritize self-knowledge, and only make decisions based on that, my love.



Feb. 19-March 20

Venus retrogrades back into your sign this week, and that’s a mixed blessing for you. The Venusian issues that you were dealing with January 4 through February 4th are likely to come back up for you, so pay special attention to money, relationships, beauty, and what you value, Pisces. Venus has the tendency to be a people pleaser and to consider the advantages of maintaining diplomacy over all else; don’t fall into her trap, Pisces. Locate your authentic self within those themes, and create a more lasting inner-peace from there.