Ink & Water by Alberto Seveso

Ink & Water by Alberto Seveso

Horoscopes By Jessica Lanyadoo


Black Tourmaline is the premier stone for psychic protection & grounding. Buy  HERE

Black Tourmaline is the premier stone for psychic protection & grounding. Buy HERE

This week is gonna be hella intense, so grab your grounding stones (Black Tourmaline is always my fav), and your centering practices, and get ready to work!

Mars is the planet of war, fornicating, and the ego, and it’s lit up like a house on fire this week. On the 22nd Mars will form a square to transformative, obsessive, and vengeful Pluto. You seriously don’t want to F with Pluto/Mars. Tempers and defenses will be on high alert, and it would be easy to get into fights. The healthier your boundaries are, the easier it’ll be to know what you can engage with in a healthy way, versus when you need to walk away. Expect this day to be consumed by some agitation, and if it comes for you, approach that tension with grace or try to acknowledge the gift if it skips you over. The 23rd is the only day I’d recommend signing contracts or having heart-to-hearts this week, so if something’s gotta be said and it can’t be said around this day, wait till next week (and thank me later).

The Solar Eclipse on the 26th will trigger themes that came up with the last Lunar Eclipse (on February 10th). Between the two of them, we have an emo Eclipse sandwich that we’ll basically be chewing on until the next big Eclipse in August 2017. Solar Eclipses are New Moons, which are generally times ripe with potential. We can call in our energies and start a new cycle, have new perspectives, and bring magic into our lives. The intensity of an Eclipse creates unstable and unpredictable energy – which can be either fantastic or a shit show, depending on where it hits your chart. This week’s partial Solar Eclipse is in tender Pisces, the sign of compassion, empathy, idealism, and escapism. This eclipse, like all others, will kick off a cycle of approximately six months of development, so show up for whatever emerges – and emerge it will! During the Eclipse, Mars will be sitting on top of strong-willed and explosive Uranus. This will totally change the expected vibe of a Pisces New Moon into a more edgy event. Watch out for battles to prove or maintain your independence; these are more about pissing on your territory than expressing your needs. Embody your truth without shoving it down other’s throats, no matter how tempting it may be.

It’s not enough to know what you are; you need to know what you’re not, too. The 27th brings us our final kick in the fanny from the Red Planet as it sits opposite from expansive Jupiter. Jupiter is a gambler, but Mars hates to lose. The thing that Mars needs to get is that the only way to really lose is if you don’t learn. Growth happens through struggle and strife as often as it comes from falling in love or being healed by the cuteness of cats.

Be here for all of it.



March 21-April 19

Pick your battles wisely, Aries. This week starts and ends with some intense energy that will make you feel defensive if you’re not careful. Make sure that you’re acting with integrity; just because the other person is being a jerk doesn’t mean that you get to be. How you handle your affairs during a Solar Eclipse is extra important, so don’t go blaming your circumstances or others for how you behave. This can be a deeply healing time if you’re strong enough to be humble, my love.



April 20-May 20

Thinking you’re the worst is the same as thinking you’re the best; it’s thinking too much about yourself. A well-adjusted ego requires that you know this: you’re not better or worse than anyone. You may be better or worse at things, but your value as the person that you are is big and beautiful. You’re likely to get the exact trigger you need to help you heal the blocks to your self-worth this week. Don’t miss out by obsessing on whether or not you’re good enough.



May 21-June 21

Get out of your own way, Twinny. The Solar Eclipse is the kick in the pants that you’ve been needing to get to the next level with your career. There’s energy for you to innovate some next steps, but it’ll be easy for you to get distracted. Don’t waste this opportunity! If you’re honest with yourself, you know that you’ve been stuck. Don’t let your fear of change stop you from taking much needed risks. Create the plan you need to live the life you want to be living.



June 22-July 22

Beware of le cray, Moonchild. This week will bring up lots if explosive energy, and it may come at you in the form of people on a rampage. Circumstances are pushing you to change, but that won’t happen if you get so embroiled in conflicts that are more about vibe than substance. If something really upsets you, make sure that you take stock of what that means about your own self first and foremost. Don’t let your desire for peace inhibit your need for change. 




July 23-Aug. 22

Sometimes the best way to hold on is to let go, Leo. This week’s Solar Eclipse marks an excellent time for beginnings, but for you it may be important to get clear about what isn’t working and confront what needs to end. Dismay has played a huge part in how you’ve been handling something that you care very deeply about. It’s time to confront your fears and get in the game, Leo style: if you’re in it, stay in it to win it, sweet one.



Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You don’t need to know the answer to chose a path forward. It’s simply not possible to be perfect, but what you can do is try. This week is intense and likely to make you super emotional. Instead of hiding out and avoiding human contact, try going the other direction; reach out to people, Virgo. Try to connect with others in a heartfelt way, even when you’re scared or insecure. The past is not guaranteed to repeat itself, especially if you do your part differently.



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

When people come at you demanding attention, it’s easy to want to bolt, but it’s not always wise. This week, you’ve got to be accountable to your actions, Libra. Make sure that your actions line up with your intentions, even if it feels easier to react defensively. You can placate or blindly guard yourself, but neither of those actions come from an authentic place within you. Take the emotional risks necessary to stick around when the going gets rough.



Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This week is likely to bring you the unexpected, and it’s not clear if that’s a good or a bad thing. Don’t expect the status quo at work; people are feeling riled up, and if you put yourself in the middle of dramas, they’ll stick to you. Let situations play out and people reveal themselves to you, Scorpio. If a situation feels unproductive and chaotic, you are free to excuse yourself from the room. Channel self-control when others are losing their cool, no matter how tempting it is to throw your hat in the ring.




Nov. 22-Dec. 21

When you freak out, you act weird, and when you act weird, it makes other people freak out. This week there’s enough stress to go around, so don’t make matters worse by obsessing on everything. Your best move is to slow down, ‘Tarius. If you rush to fix things, you’re likely to make them worse. You don’t need to analyze and understand everything that’s happening in order to handle it in a healthy way. Tend to your feelings before you try to fix yourself or your relationships, my love.



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

You have every right to be mad. It’s what you do with it that’s up for debate. This week will bring you challenges but also the tools to cope. When you’re overwhelmed with emotion, it’s easy to let yourself act out or get paralyzed, but neither helps your cause. Let your feels motivate you to get organized, Cappy. Make a list of the things that are upsetting you, and for each item on that list, write a corresponding action you can take daily or weekly to improve your situation. Now’s the time, Kitten.



Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Gossip will bite you in the fanny if you dish it out, my friend. Everyone is on edge, and this is not the time to talk trash about people, even if it feels innocent enough. More than anything, you need to manage your anxieties, Aquarius. This isn’t a great time for repressing your fears because there’s just too much going on. Find three constructive things that you can do to yield greater calm in your life this week that don’t require you to totally check out.  



Feb. 19-March 20

This week can mark a magical time for you, Pisces. The New Moon Solar Eclipse is happening in your sign, making this an especially fertile time for you. Invest serious inquiry into what you want, even if you feel locked in to where you are. You’re always allowed to change your mind; in fact you may just have to in order to get where you want to be. This is a time to keep focused on your big picture best interest, because that’s where your happiness lives. Don’t let the sacrifices you need to make today stop you from creating the tomorrow that you desire.