Artwork Devany Wolfe x Bri Luna

Artwork Devany Wolfe x Bri Luna

"The naked awareness of the Dark Goddess is to see the destruction and death of the old and joyfully embrace it as a sign of imminent renewal.”

The Moon's transit through Scorpio is a time of death and rebirth (not necessarily physical death).Intensity, extremes, and heightened sensitivity are important themes as the watery sign of Scorpio represents deep emotions and desires. This is a good time for  rituals pertaining to psychic work, and release. As sensitivity is heightened,  we may experience a shift for an open channel of new information to flow. I find this to be a wonderful time, where I feel the Goddess most intensely, especially the Dark Goddesses.


During Scorpio Moon, opinions and feelings are intense and penetrating. Strong desires, especially sexual yearnings run deep. Pay special attention as emotional resentments from the past can surface and block your heightened creative energy. Fight urges to be suspicious, secretive, and moody.

This is the time for regeneration and cleaning out old debris from the previous month. There is a great energy that will support you in completing things and focusing on certain areas that you've found yourself too scattered to finish or deal with in the previous cycle. Take the time now for sexual exploration, and relaxation.

" I invoke the energies of Scorpio. I know these dark, unredeemed places within me; the fear, the pride, the misue of energy, the desire for power. I seek the light of my higher nature. Lifting up these lower tendencies to the transformative light of the soul, I ask that they be reedeemed." - K. Johannsen


This is a time to breathe. Inhale and take in the new breath of life, then exhale and release the past and old energy that has outlived it's purpose. As always, time will heal all wounds, For now, you can mourn your endings and celebrate your journey to new beginnings ahead. 



While most of us welcome new beginnings and the start of something new, we tend to find endings more difficult. This is partly because of the way we are taught to see life, as something that progresses from start to finish. However, an ending is not something that is final but another stage in the infinite cycle of birth, growth, decay, and rebirth. Death is a transition from one stage to another, and it's important to acknowledge endings, because this helps us to move onto the next stage of the soul's journey.

Here is a simple guide to creating a remembrance altar for our loved ones who have transitioned on.

A remembrance altar can be made using the following items:

  • Photographs of the departed
  • Candles: White candles represent purification and peace. Use any colors that feels symbolic for you, and the person.
  • Incense & herbs:  Copal, Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender, White sage, Hummingbird sage, or any purifying blends.
  • Fresh flowers in a vase
  • A keepsake of or from that person.
  • Letters
  • Offerings of their favorite foods/drinks.

We highly advise that you construct your altar in a portion of your home or work space that will not be disturbed by small children, or pets. Candles should never be left to burn unattended or around areas with highly flammable items.

Please remember that creating a remembrance altar is an affirmation on the person's life rather than a continual mourning for a loss.

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