The Hoodwitch Horoscopes: 1-11~1-17-2017

Horoscopes by Jessica Lanyadoo

Witch Tips:

Don’t get cocky! This week kicks off with a Sun square to overzealous Jupiter, and it’s effects can go either way for you. Last week brought up hella intense issues, and this week it may be tempting to get self-righteous or defensive about whatever stance you took. Look for opportunities to expand yourself and not just to be “right”. If you waste energy trying to prove yourself, you’re really just being overly concerned with other people's opinions. The Full Moon in emo Cancer hits with a splat on the 12th, and with it comes a soupy and romantic conjunction from Venus and Neptune. Make magic that expands the things you most value! Feels are gonna be hella up, and that can be transformative or exhausting. Avoid making proclamations of love before you know what you’re in for, or worse, lower your standards for like. Themes of boundaries and proportion are in the air, so don’t freak out if you feel hella done and over other people's vibes. This is a bad time for gossip or telling secrets ‘cause things will have a weird way of leaking out. Cultivate compassion and kindness for yourself and the people around you this week, whatever that needs to look like.



March 21-April 19

Don’t be surprised if people, memories, or habits from your past come up in weird ways this week, Aries. There’s a mess of things happening to you right now; it’d be easy to take it all at face value, but that’s only half the picture. Take stock of your reactions and what they say about you. There are so many ways that you can choose to handle your relationships, and whatever you decide will reflect on you more than anyone else. Step into your future instead of replaying your past, lover.



April 20-May 20

There’s going to be an especially emotional Full Moon on the 12th that might have you taking everything personally, even the stuff that has nothing to do with you. Don’t be so diplomatic that you let things get out of hand. Say what you need to so that you aren’t secretly freaking out this week. When your friends are acting strange, it’s important that you don’t take it to mean that they’re being weird towards you. Be forthright, even if you wanna hide under the covers, Taurus.



May 21-June 21

We have a funny way of seeing what we want to see. This week is great for scheming and dreaming, but you run the risk of imagining that your fantasies are real. If you’re dreaming about roses and buttercups, that’s not too bad, but if you’re stuck thinking you’re the worst or that you’ll never get what you truly want, your magical thinking will backfire bigly. Cultivate healthy boundaries in your own thinking, Twin Star.




June 22-July 22

Get ready for a super emo week, Moonchild. It’s the one time of year that your ruling planet, the Moon, is full in your sign, and that means that the feels will be strong within you. If you allow yourself to get caught up in the story of your feelings, you’re likely to feel like a victim, but it’s very rare that a person doesn’t have options. Take stock of how you’re choosing to participate and whether you’re making mountains of molehills. There doesn’t need to be a reason for your feelings – sometimes you’re just full.




July 23-Aug. 22

This is an excellent week to get in touch with repressed feelings and to release old wounds. You’re likely to want to rush impetuously ahead and tend to your life, but you risk missing details and taking on more than you can handle. Do some emo work on yourself inspired by the Full Moon on the 12th by taking a slightly belated look back at 2016. You went through a lot and it changed you; let go of your attachments to the suffering you endured last year so that you don’t unintentionally bring it with you into ’17.



Aug. 23-Sept. 22

It’s either you or the other person, but someone for sure is overreacting this week. The problem is that feelings don’t always follow reason. Don’t try to make sense of feeling off-kilter before first regaining balance. This week you can try to change how you feel, but if it’s coming from a cray place within you, you’re likely to go about the shift in a cray way. Seek balance when you feel off, and don’t let people or circumstances push you into dealing with them before you’re good and ready.



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Lady Luck is a fickle friend. One minute you’re on high, and the next you’re stuck in a ditch calling out for Mommy. This week it may be tempting to take a spontaneous risk, but it’s unwise, my friend. If you’re all of a sudden gripped by a brand new urge that seems like the realest thing you know, wait 72 hours; then if you’re still into it, make your move. If you can tolerate sitting with your feelings, you’ll have more choices. Don’t act on your feels before you know what’s driving them, Libra.




Oct. 23-Nov. 21

There are so many ways to express love, but none of them should require you to abandon discretion, Scorpio. There’s such intense emo energy this week that you may find yourself feeling devotion to a song, a memory, or your crush. The thing about emotions is that they’re just like the movements of the Moon itself – they wax and wane. Don’t let yourself get so caught up that you attach permanence to something that’s still flowing this week.




Nov. 22-Dec. 21

This is a great week to spend quality time alone in your house or on a deserted beach somewhere. You’re in a deep and fertile place for coming into greater emo clarity about your personal life. Are there patterns that you keep finding yourself in that you’d really rather be done with? How are you unconsciously doing the same things on repeat, and what can you do to change them? You can write and rewrite the story, but by bringing your emotional intelligence to the fore, you’ll actually change the outcome.



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

What you say matters, Cappy, and if you speak out of turn this week, you can expect people to clap back. With the Moon full in your relationship house, emotions will be running high, and if you don’t sensitize yourself to the feels and needs of others, there’ll be consequences. Let go of your attachments to how you think things or people “should” be, and accept them as they are. You don’t need to consent to BS, but how can you even make a choice when you’re in denial, my love?



Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Be ready for insights and revelations that rest deep in your belly, Aquarius. Did you know that your digestive system has as many nerves in it as your spine does? Your gut is like your second brain and your gut instincts are a real thing. Listen to your body and what it’s telling you about your situation. If you manage the relationship between your physical self and your instincts, you’ll be able to move forward with greater confidence. Invest in all of your senses this week.



Feb. 19-March 20

Beauty and creativity have the power to heal your soul when channeled with intention, or they can just distract you from what you came here to do. Not all light is flattering, and not all ideas are equal. Clarify your goals and needs so that you can align yourself with the most effective tools this week. If you run yourself ragged or check out, you won’t be able to discern the gold from the pyrite, Pisces. Don’t miss out on this week’s opportunity for healing by having your head in the clouds.