Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse In Pisces

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Escapism "getting away from it all"


Healing the feet

Focusing on balancing bodily fluids

Our beautiful Moon floats high in the sky tonight  shining in all of her bountiful glory. This is The Harvest moon, a time of revelation and illumination. The Harvest moon is the first moon before the Autumn Equinox, which will take place September 22nd, and will take us directly into the fall season the cycle of transformation into the underworld. Our lovely harvest moon falls into the watery sign of Pisces which makes this a very emotionally  powerful and  spiritual full moon + Lunar Eclipse. The potent energy of this lunation offers us a great opportunity to delve deeply into our divination work: reading tarot and interpreting astrology. Author and Witch Elisabeth Brooke says, "Water full moons are the most witchy, and can feel the most disorienting." During these transits our vulnerability, and fears are heightened and there is great emotional intensity.  However, Pisces is an inner energy, so a solitary ritual would be the most appropriate, or a small, closely knit group of good friends, rather than a large gathering. Our Intuition is at it's peak in this sign and realization of life's lessons or truths often become unveiled. It's easy to swim around and lose yourself in emotions now, or to escape in books, or other entertainment but please take note and check in on how you are handling what arises to the surface. Be gentle and nurturing with yourself much like the silver rays of the Moon's ethereal glow, she sheds her light to guide us through the darkness. Removing all disillusionment and reminding us not  to shy away from our feelings. Luna invites us during this time to allow her light in for completion, balance, and letting go of worn-out things, ideas, and emotions. As the moon starts to float towards Aries October 16th, the mood lifts and becomes more cheerful and outward.

Brooke recommends during this transit that we “Hang loose, save humanity”  by participating in rituals focused on healing not only ourselves but for the greater good of our planet. When we shift and raise the energetic frequencies and vibrations within our own bodies  we are better able to serve our communities and all of the inhabitants of Earth itself. We invite all of you this September 21st to join us of The Hoodwitch, The Numinous, and Tribe De Mama for a worldwide meditation & webinar in honor of World Peace Day. You can learn more information on how tojoin in and participate with this event HERE.


The effect of the full moon has been said to last 2 1/2 days before the exact full moon and 2 1/2 days afterwards. Full moons are the most powerful for you if they come within two degrees of any planet you have in your natal chart, and their effects can last up to several weeks. Integrate yourself with this potent energy by opening up your windows, pulling  back your curtains and allowing the rays of the moon to beam down and kiss your skin. If you are able to do this outdoors, even better.  Place your ritual tools, tarot decks, wands, and crystals in the moonlight to charge in an area where they will receive the most direct moonlight.

Pisces Moon Visualization

By K. Johannsen

Sitting in silence, I invite the energies of Pisces into my being and place it into my heart center. Opening to that deep love and compassion for the suffering of the world. I dedicate myself to service. I seek to become the light that can illuminate the darkness. Allow the color of indigo blue to surround you.


Amethyst Meditation

Amethyst quartz clusters amplify the soothing purple ray of the divine light spectrum that enables mankind to calm the conscious mind so that wisdom and guidance of the intuitive self can surface.

Amethyst quartz clusters amplify the soothing purple ray of the divine light spectrum that enables mankind to calm the conscious mind so that wisdom and guidance of the intuitive self can surface.

Read the Full Amethyst Meditation HERE


Lunar eclipses are very powerful catalysts for change and they can create powerful shifts and unpredictable energy. Grounding/ protection stones as well as psychic and intuition enhancing herbal blends can be beneficial during this transit.  

Essential oils: Sandalwood, Frankincense, Vetiver, Clary sage.

Crystals & Minerals: Black tourmaline, Labradorite, Hematite, Obsidian, Selenite, Amethyst.