On Monday June 20th we will be experiencing some powerful lunar activity! not only is the beautiful full moon in the fiery sign of Sagittarius (for the second time!) making her a "blue moon" she also lands smack dab on the summer solstice (Litha)which is a rare occurring event considering it has not taken place in over 70 years! Th Algonquin tribes of North America referred to this moon as the strawberry moon, a time when the berries were ripe for picking.

This moon has many names "Rose moon" "strawberry moon", and of course,  Honey moon. This Moon is helpful in matters of:

  • Understanding
  • Adventures; both mental and physical.
  • Travel that broadens the mind.
  • Expanding conceptual horizons.
  • Long-term planning

The restless and and enthusiastic energy of this second Sagittarius moon pushes us in the direction of seeking change, and motion. The Full moon in this sign is a time for philosophy, metaphysics, traveling, studying, and freedom from responsibility. This moon's energy brings the need to feel free of restrictions, and to be spontaneous. The restless and independentnature of the moon's energyis to offer us the gift of exploration and illumination.

Monday’s full moon is the only night in the month when the moon will be present in the sky all evening long. Normally, throughout the month of June the moon shares some time with the daytime sky.

The spiritual and psychic forces are very evident now and the desire to connect with others on the healing path is strong.

Full moon in Sag mantram by K. Johannsen

  • Throughout this day I am mindful that I carry within me the energies of aspiration, direction, and dedication. My desire is to see the highest possible version of myself and humanity. I radiate my hope for humanity to all I meet.

Moon Magic: June's Rose moon, strawberry moon, and mead moon is a time for casting spells offering protection, making decisions, personal stregnth, love and fertility.

Ritual: Honoring the full moon can be integrated into parties/groupsby meditating together with silent witness to the moon being our center. Ritualized touching/laying on of hands for healing. chant together using syllables or sounds of power.



The Month Of June received its name from Juno, Goddess and protector of women and marriage. This is where the custom of June bride originates. This month has many flower festivals, weddings, rose parades, and dances. Midsummer night is a major international holiday for lovers, for diving the future, for making bonfires, and also jumping them for luck.

Healing properties: To make strong, to cleanse, prevention and protection

Emotional mode: Bonding, Loyalty

Appropriate spells: Celebrations of woman power, hexes against murderers and rapist, blessings on upcoming endeavors, money spells, love spells, protection spells 

Color: Purple, Indigo


Gem: Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite



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